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4641 dotnet-chrome-native-messaging

Chrome Native Messaging Host libraries in .NET

https://github.com/ba32107/dotnet-chrome-native-messaging MIT Balazs Gyurak 16% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4641 ist 16%
4642 TabFloater

TabFloater is a cross-browser extension that allows you to multitask by moving browser tabs into floating windows, similar to the “Picture-in-Picture”...

https://www.tabfloater.io Apache-2.0 Balazs Gyurak 54% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4642 ist 54%
4643 continual

A repository to get started with Codemagic CI/CD

https://github.com/uskancbjs/continual uskancbjs 10% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4643 ist 10%
4644 che-operator https://github.com/eclipse/che-operator EPL-2.0 Flavius Lacatusu 13% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4644 ist 13%
4645 stix-shifter

This project consists of an open source library allowing software to connect to data repositories using STIX Patterning, and return results as STIX...

https://github.com/opencybersecurityalliance/stix-shifter Apache-2.0 Jason Keirstead 27% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4645 ist 27%
4646 hosh-shell https://hosh-shell.github.io MIT Davide Angelocola 2021-08-14 13:11:00 105% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4646 ist 105%
4647 hosh

Human Oriented SHell

https://hosh-shell.github.io MIT Davide Angelocola 19% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4647 ist 19%
4648 crj

Lojinha da Coruja Feliz

https://github.com/gaby-ribeiro/crj MIT Mauro Ribeiro 15% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4648 ist 15%
4649 angular-tree-table

Expandable and Collapsible Table structure in Angular Way

https://anjnkmr.github.io/angular-tree-table MIT Anjan Kumar 21% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4649 ist 21%
4650 ike-core https://github.com/ilkilab/ike-core pierre 3% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4650 ist 3%
4651 natural

general natural language facilities for node

https://github.com/NaturalNode/natural MIT Hugo ter Doest 73% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4651 ist 73%
4652 cpp_vk_lib

C++ library to facilitate work with Vkontakte API

https://github.com/fragmichwarum/cpp_vk_lib fragmichwarum 24% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4652 ist 24%
4653 flytectl https://github.com/flyteorg/flytectl Yuvraj 3% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4653 ist 3%

This project develops xApps to support the OSC e2e use cases as well as demo xApps to demonstrate the use of the nearRT RIC platform and xApp SDK. ORAN-SC...

https://wiki.o-ran-sc.org/x/DgAS Apache-2.0 Trishan de Lanerolle 2021-06-01 21:30:47 113% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4654 ist 113%
4655 ORAN-SC: Simulation (SIM)

The SIM project aims to provide simulators for any kind of interface needed in the O-RAN SC: A1, E1, E2, F1, FH, O1, to be used by other projects for...

https://wiki.o-ran-sc.org/x/IgCS Apache-2.0 Trishan de Lanerolle 2021-05-05 14:17:52 113% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4655 ist 113%
4656 ORAN-SC: O-DU High ( Distributed Unit High)

The O-DU High project implements the functionality of L2 layers of a 5G Protocol stack in Stand Alone (SA) mode. The L2 Layers include the 5G NR RLC, 5G NR...

https://wiki.o-ran-sc.org/x/WQCS Apache-2.0 Trishan de Lanerolle 2021-06-30 10:56:35 115% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4656 ist 115%
4657 O-RAN-SC: Operation and Maintenance (OAM)

According to the O-RAN-SC-OAM-Architecture document all ManagedElements (near-real-time-RIC, O-CU-CP, O-CU-UP, O-DU and O-RU) implement the...

https://wiki.o-ran-sc.org/x/jwI3 Apache-2.0 Trishan de Lanerolle 2021-05-30 08:13:31 111% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4657 ist 111%
4658 ORAN SC: Infrastructure (INF)

The INF(infrastructure) project provides open source reference implementation of Edge Cloud infrastructure according to the O-RAN WG6 specification to be...

https://wiki.o-ran-sc.org/x/TgAS Apache-2.0 Trishan de Lanerolle 2021-06-01 07:34:39 111% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4658 ist 111%
4659 ike-core

Ilki Kubernetes Engine Core (IKE-Core) is an open-source Kubernetes lightweight Distribution built on top of CNCF ecosystem that provides an enterprise grade...

https://github.com/ilkilabs/ike-core Apache-2.0 pierre 90% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4659 ist 90%
4660 CanisMajor https://github.com/FIWARE-Blockchain/CanisMajor Har Preet Singh 3% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4660 ist 3%
4661 CanisMajor

CanisMajor is a blockchain adaptor that supports various DLT, the adaptor aims to submit the data to DLT in Powered By FIWARE Architecture. The adaptor will...

https://github.com/fiware/CanisMajor MIT Har Preet Singh 2021-05-31 15:14:53 104% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4661 ist 104%
4662 tagsplorer

A quick and resource-efficient OS-independent tagging filetree extension tool and library

https://github.com/ArneBachmann/tagsplorer MPL-2.0 Arne Bachmann 15% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4662 ist 15%
4663 PowerDNS

PowerDNS Authoritative, PowerDNS Recursor, dnsdist

https://www.powerdns.com GPL-2.0 Remi Gacogne 2021-09-17 08:05:55 111% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4663 ist 111%
4664 FlightApi

Design and implement an application to reserve flights based on source, destination, and date.

https://mukeshpilaniya.github.io/blog/Udaan_Flight_Ticket_Reservation Mukesh Pilaniya 13% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4664 ist 13%
4666 MiniProject_Template https://github.com/stepin654321/MiniProject_Template CC0-1.0 Bharathgopal 13% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4666 ist 13%
4667 Geoip2 Update

Update GeoIP2/GeoLite2 databases from your script, program or via Composer.

https://github.com/tronovav/geoip2-update MIT tronovav 2021-05-14 10:37:30 105% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4667 ist 105%
4668 cb-operator

The Operator for Cloud-Barista system

https://github.com/cloud-barista/cb-operator Apache-2.0 Jihoon Seo 16% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4668 ist 16%
4670 flyte

Accelerate your ML and Data workflows to production. Flyte is a production grade orchestration system for your Data and ML workloads. It has been battle...

https://flyte.org Apache-2.0 Ketan Umare 94% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4670 ist 94%
4671 FIWARE IoT Agent Node.js Library

This project aims to provide a Node.js module to enable IoT Agent developers to build custom agents for their devices that can easily connect to NGSI Context...

https://github.com/telefonicaid/iotagent-node-lib AGPL-3.0 mapedraza 2021-02-26 10:34:55 115% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4671 ist 115%
4672 gonzales

Rendering Disney's Moana in Swift

https://github.com/gonsolo/gonzales GPL-3.0 Gonsolo 15% Badge-Level für das Projekt 4672 ist 15%

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