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3898 skywalking-cli https://github.com/apache/skywalking-cli kezhenxu94 2% Badge level for project 3898 is 2%
3899 https-fivem.net-

سرفر شباب القصيم - && - الحياة الواقعية

https://github.com/ali2030ksa2/https-fivem.net- ali2030ksa 9% Badge level for project 3899 is 9%
3900 velero-plugin

Velero plugin for backup/restore of OpenEBS cStor volumes

https://github.com/openebs/velero-plugin Apache-2.0 Mayank 20% Badge level for project 3900 is 20%
3901 fivem

سيرفر شباب القصيم - للحياة الواقعية

https://fivem.net/ OTHER ali2030ksa 12% Badge level for project 3901 is 12%
3902 GMDB

GMDB is the ultra-simple, cross-platform Movie Library with Features (Search, Take Note, Watch Later, Like, Import, Learn, Instantly Torrent Magnet Watch)

https://github.com/Dentrax/GMDB GPL-3.0 Furkan Türkal 18% Badge level for project 3902 is 18%
3903 Rboxlo

Roblox private server

https://github.com/lighterlightbulb/Rboxlo MIT 1002 58% Badge level for project 3903 is 58%
3904 channels

Channels in Typescript

https://github.com/arjsin/channels MIT Arjun 14% Badge level for project 3904 is 14%
3905 gin-jwt-cognito

Gin Cognito JWT Authentication Middleware

https://github.com/akhettar/gin-jwt-cognito MIT akhettar 14% Badge level for project 3905 is 14%
3906 Modul-183

For school

https://github.com/SirMorsel/Modul-183 SirMorsel 9% Badge level for project 3906 is 9%
3907 php-template-151

Project-Template for GIBZ subject 151

https://github.com/SirMorsel/php-template-151 SirMorsel 9% Badge level for project 3907 is 9%
3908 OpenSC

Open source smart card tools and middleware. PKCS#11/MiniDriver/Tokend

https://github.com/OpenSC/OpenSC LGPL-2.1 Jakuje 2020-07-07 10:35:30 109% Badge level for project 3908 is 109%
3909 king-kubectl https://github.com/open-kingfisher/king-kubectl Apache-2.0 Echo 8% Badge level for project 3909 is 8%
3910 fellowjerry311 https://github.com/fellowjerry/keed fellowjerry 9% Badge level for project 3910 is 9%
3911 RimWorld-Prepare-Moderately

This mod is intended as a balanced replacement for EdB Prepare Carefully. Allows the player to set minimum specifications for colonists; colonists that do...

https://github.com/T3rrabyte/RimWorld-Prepare-Moderately AGPL-3.0 Travis Martin 14% Badge level for project 3911 is 14%
3912 OpenRCA

Root Cause Analysis for Kubernetes

https://openrca.io Apache-2.0 Bartosz Zurkowski 48% Badge level for project 3912 is 48%
3914 may

CLI tool to easily list and manage git repositories all across your system.

https://github.com/robin-mbg/may GPL-3.0 Robin M 45% Badge level for project 3914 is 45%
3915 disjoint-set

header-only, generic and dependency-free C++17 implementation of Disjoint Sets

https://github.com/jkomyno/disjoint-set MIT Alberto Schiabel 14% Badge level for project 3915 is 14%
3916 MetaStalk https://gitlab.com/Cyb3r-Jak3/MetaStalk MPL-2.0 Cyb3r Jak3 86% Badge level for project 3916 is 86%
3917 comichub https://github.com/sagrath23/comichub MIT Steven Augusto Villegas 14% Badge level for project 3917 is 14%
3918 doppel-cli

Test framework for comparing the consistency of library APIs

https://doppel-cli.readthedocs.io/en/latest BSD-3-Clause James Lamb 94% Badge level for project 3918 is 94%
3919 BA https://github.com/yadavdeepak95/hbbft_go/tree/develop/honeybadgerbft/BA Deepak Yadav 2% Badge level for project 3919 is 2%
3920 cli

A CLI for interacting with the Fastly platform

https://github.com/fastly/cli Apache-2.0 Patrick Hamann 18% Badge level for project 3920 is 18%
3921 symmetrical-happiness https://github.com/danghh-1998/symmetrical-happiness Hoàng Hải Đăng 9% Badge level for project 3921 is 9%
3922 spamassassin-parser

Spamassassin-parser is a service that parses spam filter reports into json.

https://github.com/oleg-balunenko/spamassassin-parser MIT Oleg Balunenko 50% Badge level for project 3922 is 50%
3923 galaxy, A modern C++17 game programming framework.

Game programming framework using C++17, OpenGL 4.5, Lua and JSON, built in modularized projects.

https://domre.github.io/galaxy Apache-2.0 DomRe 79% Badge level for project 3923 is 79%
3924 ommpfritt

semantic, procedural, non-destructive vector modelling

https://github.com/pasbi/ommpfritt GPL-3.0 pasbi 17% Badge level for project 3924 is 17%
3925 Garden Linux

Garden Linux is a Debian Linux derivative specifically designed for Gardener managed Kubernetes clusters.

https://gardenlinux.io Frederik Thormaehlen 2% Badge level for project 3925 is 2%
3926 Karydia

Karydia is a security add-on for Kubernetes, which helps you follow good security practices by inverting insecure default settings in Kubernetes. Kubernetes...

https://github.com/karydia Christian 6% Badge level for project 3926 is 6%
3928 api-mock

A software to mock third-party responses (Mostly used for automated testing).

https://github.com/surplex/api-mock Apache-2.0 Daniel Schischkin 38% Badge level for project 3928 is 38%

Más que nada es contribución acerca de los usuarios y sus repositorios más que nada el cómo conectar con ellos

https://curl.haxx.se/dev/contribute.html AGPL-3.0-only Victor Hugo Sánchez Gracida 18% Badge level for project 3929 is 18%

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