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4103 lightmeter https://lightmeter.io Leandro Santiago 2% Badge level for project 4103 is 2%
4104 Grid eXchange Fabric (GXF): formerly known as the Open Smart Grid Platform

Grid eXchange Fabric (GXF) allows to monitor and control hardware in the public space. It's an open, generic, scalable and independent IoT platform!

https://www.lfenergy.org/projects/gxf Apache-2.0 Jonas van den Bogaard 98% Badge level for project 4104 is 98%
4105 ownershit https://github.com/klauern/ownershit Nick Klauer 9% Badge level for project 4105 is 9%
4106 Artifact Hub

Artifact Hub is a web-based application that enables finding, installing, and publishing packages and configurations for CNCF projects.

https://artifacthub.io Apache-2.0 Sergio C. Arteaga 2020-06-30 14:50:09 107% Badge level for project 4106 is 107%
4107 joan.io


https://github.com/joan-serra/joan.io Apache-2.0 Joan Serra 14% Badge level for project 4107 is 14%
4108 PDS Interop

Interoperability between Personal Data Stores

https://pdsinterop.org MIT Ben Peachey 5% Badge level for project 4108 is 5%
4111 victoria

Victoria is the SRE toolbelt—a single command with multiple pluggable subcommands for automating any number of 'toil' tasks that inhibit SRE productivity.

https://sre.glasswallsolutions.com/victoria/index.html MIT Sam Gibson 2020-07-02 09:25:56 115% Badge level for project 4111 is 115%
4112 JRedisJSON

A Java client (wrapper) for Redis RedisJSON

https://redisjson.io BSD-2-Clause Guy Korland 17% Badge level for project 4112 is 17%
4113 Webcirque Extensible Bridgeable Scripting Framework

A multi-usage JavaScript Framework, as extensible as possible. Focus on compatibility, specification support, and more.

https://github.com/webcirque/websf Apache-2.0 Ediel Chedlyramber 24% Badge level for project 4113 is 24%
4114 Backdrop CMS

More than just the Drupal fork: The Free and Open Source CMS that helps you build comprehensive websites for businesses and non-profits.

https://www.backdropcms.org GPL-2.0-or-later Jen Lampton 2020-07-02 21:19:51 124% Badge level for project 4114 is 124%
4115 lexical_parser

Simple Lexical Parser as an assignment I was thrown at for an interview

https://github.com/geekvikas/lexical_parser Vikas 9% Badge level for project 4115 is 9%
4116 esp8266-iot-device

This is my playground code for ESP8266. The attempt was to make a simple Arduino / ESP8266 based IoT device which receive the Over the air updates and...

https://github.com/geekvikas/esp8266-iot-device MIT Vikas 14% Badge level for project 4116 is 14%
4117 base

Base is a basic template for create web pages with Typescript + Next + Linaria + Framer stack

https://github.com/minskylab/base MIT Bregy Malpartida Ramos 15% Badge level for project 4117 is 15%
4118 alpine-37

Docker image with Alpine Linux 3.7 set up to mount a directory on the host computer and run commands as your own UID instead of root

https://github.com/cliwrap/alpine-37 GPL-3.0 Wesley Tanaka 29% Badge level for project 4118 is 29%
4119 Mon journal

Blog personnel

https://sulian.gitlab.io/docs Sulian Lanteri 2% Badge level for project 4119 is 2%
4120 protura https://github.com/mkilgore/protura GPL-2.0 Matt Kilgore 20% Badge level for project 4120 is 20%
4121 DirichletReg https://github.com/maiermarco/DirichletReg maiermarco 11% Badge level for project 4121 is 11%
4122 bitmaelum-suite

BitMaelum software suite

https://bitmaelum.com MIT Joshua Thijssen 15% Badge level for project 4122 is 15%
4123 biurad-caching

[In progress] A library that provides additional functionality doctrine/cache with easy-to-use API for quick caching.

https://github.com/biurad/biurad-caching BSD-3-Clause Divine Niiquaye Ibok 15% Badge level for project 4123 is 15%
4124 gaos

HTTP mocking to test API services for chaos scenarios

Apache-2.0 Furkan Türkal 17% Badge level for project 4124 is 17%
4125 thallalokesh

Mr Thalla Lokesh is a SEO Expert in Tirupati.7 years experience in Digital Marketing Hyderabad, SEO, Web Design and Provides Best service as a consultant.

https://www.thallalokesh.com akil 2% Badge level for project 4125 is 2%
4126 paas-codimd

CodiMD - Realtime collaborative markdown notes on all platforms. Deployable for free testing on https://cloud.gov sandbox

https://github.com/18f/paas-codimd CC0-1.0 John Jediny 14% Badge level for project 4126 is 14%
4127 Space_Game

Game in Space

NukaComodore 2% Badge level for project 4127 is 2%
4128 simple-db-rust

A simple database writing in rust, inspired from mit 6.830

https://github.com/XiaochenCui/simple-db-rust BSD-3-Clause Xiaochen Cui 20% Badge level for project 4128 is 20%
4129 przepisowo

page with recipes and shopping lists

https://github.com/Grzegorz-Wit/przepisowo Grzegorz-Wit 9% Badge level for project 4129 is 9%
4130 Alertmanager Telegram Bot

A Telegram bot that receives alerts from Prometheus' Alertmanager and sends messages to enrolled users. Resolved alerts edit past firing messages to reduce...

http://wwmoraes.github.io/alertmanager-telegram-bot Apache-2.0 William Artero 98% Badge level for project 4130 is 98%
4131 fetch-project https://github.com/vladyslavnUA/fetch-project vladyslav nykoliuk 9% Badge level for project 4131 is 9%
4132 terraform-provider-harbor

Harbor Terraform Provider

https://nolte.github.io/terraform-provider-harbor MPL-2.0 nolte 18% Badge level for project 4132 is 18%
4133 pypi-scan

Scan pypi for typosquatting

https://pypi-scan.readthedocs.io MIT John Speed Meyers 95% Badge level for project 4133 is 95%
4134 quarkboard

Quarkboard is an open-source smart mirror framework that provides enterprise-level service for professionals and home-enthusiasts alike.

https://quarkboard.dev MIT K.S. 14% Badge level for project 4134 is 14%

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