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Id Name Description Website License Owner Last achieved at Tiered % Badge
4456 helm-charts

My collection of Helm charts.

https://nicholaswilde.github.io/helm-charts Apache-2.0 Nicholas Wilde 14% Badge level for project 4456 is 14%
4457 libPointCloud

libPointCloud SDK is a cross-platform library for PointCloud.AI® DepthEye™ depth cameras.

https://github.com/pointcloudAI/libPointCloud pointcloudAI 14% Badge level for project 4457 is 14%
4459 cgru

CGRU - AFANASY. Render farm manager.

http://cgru.info LGPL-3.0+ Timur Hairulin 59% Badge level for project 4459 is 59%
4460 Algo-sports-api

Alog sports is online algorithm game platform.

https://github.com/Algo-Sports/Algo-sports-api Aqudi 2% Badge level for project 4460 is 2%
4461 Flutter_News_App

News app using flutter and News API.

https://github.com/SachinPremkumar/Flutter_News_App Sachin s p 9% Badge level for project 4461 is 9%
4462 portefaix

Kubernetes lab

https://github.com/nlamirault/portefaix Apache-2.0 Nicolas Lamirault 41% Badge level for project 4462 is 41%
4463 AUAR-server

Server for AUAR

https://github.com/shambu2k/AUAR-server Sidharth Shambu 9% Badge level for project 4463 is 9%
4464 arbor

The Arbor multi-compartment neural network simulation library.

https://github.com/thorstenhater/arbor BSD-3-Clause thorstenhater 18% Badge level for project 4464 is 18%
4465 SpiNNFrontEndCommon

Common support code for user-facing front end systems.

https://github.com/SpiNNakerManchester/SpiNNFrontEndCommon GPL-3.0-only Alan Stokes 80% Badge level for project 4465 is 80%

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