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4959 hypertrons-crx

Hypertrons chrome extension

https://github.com/hypertrons/hypertrons-crx Apache-2.0 Esther 15% Badge level for project 4959 is 15%
4960 fabric-smart-client

The Fabric Smart Client (FSC, for short) is a new Fabric client-side component whose objective is twofold. On one side, FSC aims to simplify the development...

https://github.com/hyperledger-labs/fabric-smart-client Apache-2.0 Angelo De Caro 18% Badge level for project 4960 is 18%
4961 Heimdall-Apps

Apps for Heimdall

https://github.com/Hotdogszbg/Heimdall-Apps MIT Hotdogszbg 15% Badge level for project 4961 is 15%
4962 10026 https://bestpractices.coreinfrastructure.org/en/users/10026 Manasi 3% Badge level for project 4962 is 3%
4963 testCoverityAnkit

To test coverity

https://github.com/ankitbarve/testCoverityAnkit ankitbarve 90% Badge level for project 4963 is 90%
4964 Business-API-Ecosystem

The FIWARE/TMForum Business API Ecosystem allows the monetization of different kind of assets (both digital and physical) during the whole service life...

https://business-api-ecosystem.rtfd.io AGPL-3.0 Francisco de la Vega 2021-06-08 14:27:52 104% Badge level for project 4964 is 104%
4965 toolbox

Tool for containerized command line environments on Linux

https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora-silverblue/toolbox Apache-2.0 Ondřej Míchal 18% Badge level for project 4965 is 18%
4966 sind

A simple, interactive, list-friendly dialog for Bash 4+.

https://github.com/l3laze/sind Unlicense Tom 16% Badge level for project 4966 is 16%
4967 ncpty

An NCurses pseudoterminal library

https://gitlab.com/bracketttc/ncpty MIT Timothy Brackett 90% Badge level for project 4967 is 90%
4968 pills_counter

ML at the edge for pills counting using ESP32.

https://github.com/Vladislavo/pills_counter Vladislav Rykov 10% Badge level for project 4968 is 10%
4969 fhir-server-exporter

FHIR Server resource count exporter for Prometheus.

https://github.com/chgl/fhir-server-exporter Apache-2.0 chgl 15% Badge level for project 4969 is 15%
4970 movie-db https://github.com/romangitlab/movie-db romangitlab 13% Badge level for project 4970 is 13%
4972 kubernetes

Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management

https://kubernetes.io Apache-2.0 Harish Yayi 19% Badge level for project 4972 is 19%
4973 NGSI Go

The NGSI Go is a command-line interface supporting FIWARE Open APIs for FIWARE developers.

https://ngsi-go.letsfiware.jp MIT Kazuhito Suda 2021-12-11 23:15:43 104% Badge level for project 4973 is 104%
4975 Data Stewardship Wizard

Data Stewards capture and combine their knowledge and expertise with respect to the specific needs of a domain or an organisation. Researchers are truly...

https://ds-wizard.org Apache-2.0 Marek Suchánek 2021-09-17 18:23:49 113% Badge level for project 4975 is 113%
4976 Fruit-Fly-Optimization-Algorithm

Performance Evaluation of Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm on Classical Test Problem Set

https://github.com/atulkamble/Fruit-Fly-Optimization-Algorithm MIT Atul Kamble 15% Badge level for project 4976 is 15%
4977 WrikeIntegration

Connexion entre Wrike et Zabbix

https://github.com/Nirdeo/WrikeIntegration MIT Victor De Domenico 15% Badge level for project 4977 is 15%

The official FIWARE Python NGSI V2 Context Broker. Developed by Asociación de Investigacion en Inteligencia Artificial Para la Leucemia Peter Moss.

https://github.com/AIIAL/FIWARE-HIASCDI MIT Leukemia AI Research 15% Badge level for project 4978 is 15%
4979 kratos

Next-gen identity server (think Auth0, Okta, Firebase) with Ory-hardened authentication, MFA, FIDO2, profile management, identity schemas, social sign in,...

https://www.ory.sh/kratos Apache-2.0 Vincent 2021-06-18 12:23:48 105% Badge level for project 4979 is 105%
4980 HIASBCH-MQTT-Blockchain-Agent

The HIASBCH Agent processes data sent from HIAS devices that support the MQTT protocol and stores immutable hashes of the data that can be used for data...

https://www.leukemiaairesearch.com/research/project/peter-moss-medtech-research-project/hiasbch-mqtt-iot-agent MIT Leukemia AI Research 82% Badge level for project 4980 is 82%
4981 HelmCharts https://github.com/mccj/HelmCharts Apache-2.0 mccj 16% Badge level for project 4981 is 16%
4982 Code Server Boilerplates Starter Pack GitHub Template

An starter repo contains the base Dokerfile from https://github.com/cdr/deploy-code-server, on-push and on-release image builds

https://github.com/code-server-boilerplates/starter-pack MIT Andrei Jiroh Eugenio Halili 96% Badge level for project 4982 is 96%
4983 HIAS-Bluetooth-IoT-Agent

The HIAS Bluetooth IoT Agent is a bridge between HIAS devices that support Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy protocol and the HIASCDI Context Broker.

https://www.leukemiaairesearch.com/research/project/peter-moss-medtech-research-project/hias-bluetooth-ble-iot-agent MIT Leukemia AI Research 28% Badge level for project 4983 is 28%

HIASHDI (HIAS Historical Data Interface) is an implementation of a REST API Server that stores HIAS network historical data and serves it to authenticated...

https://www.leukemiaairesearch.com/research/project/peter-moss-medtech-research-project/hiascdi-hias-historical-data-interface MIT Leukemia AI Research 76% Badge level for project 4984 is 76%
4985 sparkypandy

It's not spark, it's now pandas, it's just awkward...

https://github.com/tpvasconcelos/sparkypandy Apache-2.0 Tomas Pereira de Vasconcelos 18% Badge level for project 4985 is 18%
4986 fission

Fast and Simple Serverless Functions for Kubernetes

https://fission.io Apache-2.0 Sanket Sudake 58% Badge level for project 4986 is 58%
4987 rustdesk

Yet another remote desktop software

https://rustdesk.com GPL-3.0 RustDesk 37% Badge level for project 4987 is 37%
4988 Capact

Simple way to manage applications and infrastructure.

https://staging.capact.io Apache-2.0 Damian Czaja 34% Badge level for project 4988 is 34%
4990 gbc https://github.com/scaat/gbc Scaat Feng 3% Badge level for project 4990 is 3%
4991 emissary

open source Kubernetes-native API gateway for microservices built on the Envoy Proxy

https://www.getambassador.io Apache-2.0 Richard Li 19% Badge level for project 4991 is 19%

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