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4992 nettapus

Yet another OS project.

https://github.com/haxala1r/nettapus GPL-3.0 haxala1r 87% Badge level for project 4992 is 87%
4993 tinkoffalerts https://gitlab.com/Sibiryakanton/tinkoffalerts Anton 3% Badge level for project 4993 is 3%
4994 HIAS MQTT IoT Agent

The HIAS MQTT IoT Agents are based on the FIWARE IoT Agents and bridge between HIAS devices that support the MQTT protocol and the HIASCDI Context Broker.

https://www.leukemiaairesearch.com/research/project/peter-moss-medtech-research-project/hias-mqtt-iot-agent MIT Leukemia AI Research 79% Badge level for project 4994 is 79%
4995 AML-Genomics-2021

An Acute Myeloid Leukemia diagnostics project based on the research outlined in Scalable Prediction of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Using High-Dimensional Machine...

https://www.leukemiaairesearch.com/research/project/aml-all-ai-research-project/acute-myeloid-leukemia-2021 MIT Leukemia AI Research 22% Badge level for project 4995 is 22%
4996 minetest

Minetest is an open source voxel game engine with easy modding and game creation

http://minetest.net OTHER Jean-Patrick Guerrero 16% Badge level for project 4996 is 16%
4997 ALL-PyTorch-Segmentation-2021

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia classification using segmentation and the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Image Database for Image Processing dataset. Programmed...

https://www.leukemiaairesearch.com/research/project/aml-all-ai-research-project/all-pytorch-segmentation-2021 MIT Leukemia AI Research 16% Badge level for project 4997 is 16%
4998 HIAS AMQP IoT Agent

The HIAS AMQP IoT Agent is a bridge between HIAS devices that support the AMQP protocol and the HIASCDI Context Broker.

https://www.leukemiaairesearch.com/research/project/peter-moss-medtech-research-project/hias-amqp-iot-agent MIT Leukemia AI Research 87% Badge level for project 4998 is 87%
4999 kubebuilder

Kubebuilder - SDK for building Kubernetes APIs using CRDs

http://book.kubebuilder.io Apache-2.0 Harish Yayi 18% Badge level for project 4999 is 18%
5000 HIAS TassAI Facial Recognition Agent

HIAS TassAI Facial Recognition Agent processes streams from local or remote cameras to identify known and unknown humans.

https://www.leukemiaairesearch.com/research/project/peter-moss-medtech-research-project/hias-tassai-facial-recognition-agent MIT Leukemia AI Research 88% Badge level for project 5000 is 88%
5001 k8s

My explorations with K8s and its related technologies

https://github.com/yharish991/k8s Harish Yayi 10% Badge level for project 5001 is 10%

HIASCDI is an implementation of a CEF Context Broker (NGSI v2). HIASCDI stores contextual data and serves it to authenticated HIAS devices & applications by...

https://www.leukemiaairesearch.com/research/project/leukemia-ai-research/hiascdi-hias-contextual-data-interface MIT Leukemia AI Research 88% Badge level for project 5002 is 88%
5003 seL4

The seL4 microkernel

https://sel4.systems GPL-2.0-only Gerwin Klein 2021-06-30 07:33:16 291% Badge level for project 5003 is 291%
5004 learn


https://github.com/dxas90/learn Apache-2.0 Daniel Ramirez 18% Badge level for project 5004 is 18%
5005 Farkle

LALR parser combinators for C# and F#.

https://teo-tsirpanis.github.io/Farkle MIT Theodore Tsirpanis 75% Badge level for project 5005 is 75%
5006 Accord Project

The Accord Project is an open ecosystem enabling anyone to build smart agreements and documents on a technology neutral platform

https://accordproject.org Apache-2.0 Dan Selman 85% Badge level for project 5006 is 85%
5007 my-DRP

Automatic provision of my workstation

https://github.com/arcones/my-DRP arcones 10% Badge level for project 5007 is 10%
5008 blackvault

The idea is create local reusable password secure storage

https://github.com/eddyv73/blackvault Apache-2.0 Eddy Wister 15% Badge level for project 5008 is 15%
5009 prysm

Go implementation of Ethereum proof of stake

https://prysmaticlabs.com GPL-3.0 Preston Van Loon 15% Badge level for project 5009 is 15%
5010 hestia-scripts-ansible https://github.com/parraletz/hestia-scripts-ansible Alex Parra 10% Badge level for project 5010 is 10%
5011 chaski-api https://github.com/wyracocha/chaski-api Miguel Augusto Aliaga Pantoja 3% Badge level for project 5011 is 3%
5012 CatLearnQt https://github.com/graycatya/CatLearnQt cat 3% Badge level for project 5012 is 3%
5013 k8s-image-swapper

:wheel_of_dharma: Mirror images into your own registry and swap image references automatically.

https://estahn.github.io/k8s-image-swapper MIT Enrico Stahn 18% Badge level for project 5013 is 18%

Orochi is an open source framework for collaborative forensic memory dump analysis. Using Orochi you and your collaborators can easily organize your memory...

https://github.com/ldo-cert/orochi MIT garanews 2021-09-24 13:30:45 135% Badge level for project 5014 is 135%
5015 minikube

minikube implements a local Kubernetes cluster on macOS, Linux, and Windows. minikube's primary goals are to be the best tool for local Kubernetes...

https://minikube.sigs.k8s.io Apache-2.0 Medya Ghazizadeh 48% Badge level for project 5015 is 48%
5016 MinecraftHQ

Minecraft Server Online Dashboard

https://github.com/dimaguy/MinecraftHQ GPL-3.0 dimaguy 21% Badge level for project 5016 is 21%
5017 jlibra

A Java library for building applications on Diem (previously known as Libra)

https://github.com/ketola/jlibra Apache-2.0 Sauli Ketola 19% Badge level for project 5017 is 19%
5018 ethermint

Ethermint is a scalable and interoperable Ethereum, built on Proof-of-Stake with fast-finality using the Cosmos SDK.

https://ethermint.zone Apache-2.0 Federico Kunze Küllmer 36% Badge level for project 5018 is 36%
5019 chainmetric-iot

Embedded IoT sensor system for harvesting environment data and publishing it onto the permissioned blockchain network

https://github.com/timoth-y/chainmetric-iot Apache-2.0 Timothy Yalugin 18% Badge level for project 5019 is 18%
5020 XiaoWinter.github.io https://github.com/XiaoWinter/XiaoWinter.github.io XiaoWinter 10% Badge level for project 5020 is 10%
5022 chaski-api

Mock http response

Miguel Augusto Aliaga Pantoja 10% Badge level for project 5022 is 10%

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