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5719 Confidential Containers

Confidential Containers is an open source community working to leverage Trusted Execution Environments to protect containers and data and to deliver cloud...

https://github.com/confidential-containers Apache-2.0 Dan 64% Badge level for project 5719 is 64%
5720 crypki

A simple service for interacting with an HSM or other PKCS#11 device.

https://github.com/theparanoids/crypki Apache-2.0 Hemil K 87% Badge level for project 5720 is 87%
5721 dnd

Beautiful and accessible drag and drop for lists with React.

https://react-forked-dnd.netlify.app Apache-2.0 Gab 52% Badge level for project 5721 is 52%
5722 hidra

Hidra is a tool to monitor all of your services without making a mess.

https://hidra.cloud GPL-3.0 José Carlos 2022-03-20 11:17:35 105% Badge level for project 5722 is 105%
5723 github-branch-metrics

A .NET C# library which fetches and aggregates feature branch metrics based on the github.com api.

https://github.com/markus-codechefs/github-branch-metrics MIT Markus Trachsel 99% Badge level for project 5723 is 99%
5724 Shapeshifter

Shapeshifter implements the Universal Smart Energy Framework for flexibility forecasting, offering, ordering, and settlement processes. Additionally,...

https://github.com/shapeshifter Apache-2.0 JelleWijnja 48% Badge level for project 5724 is 48%
5725 Ortelius

Ortelius is a unified microservice catalog that versions and tracks microservices, their consuming applications, ownership, blast radius and where they have...

https://ortelius.io TheVestedLeopard 12% Badge level for project 5725 is 12%
5726 wradlib

weather radar data processing - python package

https://wradlib.org MIT Kai Mühlbauer 73% Badge level for project 5726 is 73%
5727 battle-service

Data in service

https://github.com/battlebit-org/battle-service Sergio Canales 13% Badge level for project 5727 is 13%
5728 lkfff1313534

A comprehensive, up-to-date collection of information about several thousands (!) of crypto tokens.

https://developer.trustwallet.com/assets/new-asset MIT 白白 18% Badge level for project 5728 is 18%
5729 tips

TRON Improvement Proposals

https://github.com/liu1313534/tips 白白 10% Badge level for project 5729 is 10%
5730 mimetype

A fast Golang library for media type and file extension detection, based on magic numbers

https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/gabriel-vasile/mimetype#pkg-overview MIT Gabriel Vasile 2022-03-24 09:04:35 109% Badge level for project 5730 is 109%
5731 argocd-vault-plugin

An Argo CD plugin to retrieve secrets from Secret Management tools and inject them into Kubernetes secrets

https://github.com/argoproj-labs/argocd-vault-plugin Apache-2.0 Jacob Wernette 19% Badge level for project 5731 is 19%
5732 octocat https://github.com/lamjay2704/octocat Octocat 10% Badge level for project 5732 is 10%
5733 package-analysis

Open Source Package Analysis

Apache-2.0 Caleb Brown 15% Badge level for project 5733 is 15%
5734 oss-fuzz

OSS-Fuzz - continuous fuzzing for open source software.

https://oss-fuzz.com Apache-2.0 Oliver Chang 63% Badge level for project 5734 is 63%
5735 ClusterFuzz

Scalable fuzzing infrastructure.

https://clusterfuzz.com Apache-2.0 Oliver Chang 88% Badge level for project 5735 is 88%
5736 code https://github.com/rawatProgrammer/code shekhar_rawat 16% Badge level for project 5736 is 16%
5737 test https://github.com/jiawulin001/test 50 10% Badge level for project 5737 is 10%
5738 k8svault-controller

Sync kubernetes secrets with hashicorp vault and mirror vault to vault

https://github.com/DoodleScheduling/k8svault-controller Apache-2.0 raffis 19% Badge level for project 5738 is 19%
5739 ldddns

Local Docker Development DNS

https://ldddns.arnested.dk MIT Arne Jørgensen 97% Badge level for project 5739 is 97%
5740 cloud-native-python-example-app

A simple app to help play and demo Cloud Native things

OTHER JJ Asghar 12% Badge level for project 5740 is 12%
5741 vin

vin is the Vinyl Linux package manager

https://github.com/vinyl-linux/vin BSD-3-Clause jspc 18% Badge level for project 5741 is 18%
5742 eBPF for Windows

eBPF runtime implementation that runs on top of Windows

https://github.com/microsoft/ebpf-for-windows MIT Dave Thaler 2022-07-09 14:08:45 175% Badge level for project 5742 is 175%
5743 projects https://bestpractices.coreinfrastructure.org/ru/projects YVS37 3% Badge level for project 5743 is 3%
5744 orderpage-frontend


https://github.com/BigeYoung/orderpage-frontend BigeYoung 10% Badge level for project 5744 is 10%
5746 conventional-commits

Gradle plugin to check is commits are Conventional Commits compliant

https://github.com/nicolasfara/conventional-commits Apache-2.0 Nicolas Farabegoli 18% Badge level for project 5746 is 18%
5747 GitLab Releaser

GitLab Releaser takes a JSON file with details for a release and generates a shell script to leverage GitLab's release-cli application to create the release....

https://gitlab.com/gitlab-ci-utils/gitlab-releaser MIT Aaron Goldenthal 2022-03-27 17:40:06 115% Badge level for project 5747 is 115%
5748 sayiwont65

Take it as it comes

https://github.com/sayiwont65/sayiwont65 MPL-2.0 sayiwont65 15% Badge level for project 5748 is 15%
5749 APE (Automated Pipeline Explorer)

APE is a command line tool and Java API for the automated exploration of possible computational pipelines (scientific workflows) from large collections of...

https://github.com/sanctuuary/APE Apache-2.0 Vedran Kasalica 93% Badge level for project 5749 is 93%

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