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6088 binextractor

extract binaries from container images

https://github.com/rjbrown57/binextractor Apache-2.0 rjbrown57 15% Badge level for project 6088 is 15%
6089 binman

Github Binary Release manager

https://github.com/rjbrown57/binman rjbrown57 12% Badge level for project 6089 is 12%
6090 BetonQuest

An advanced and powerful quest scripting plugin for Minecraft. Features built-in RPG style conversations and integration for over 30+ other plugins.

https://docs.betonquest.org/2.0.0-DEV GPL-3.0 SaltyAimbOtter 49% Badge level for project 6090 is 49%
6091 svector

Compact SVO optimized vector C++17 or higher

https://github.com/martinus/svector MIT Martin Ankerl 2022-06-01 16:39:40 120% Badge level for project 6091 is 120%
6092 kong-elastic-apm

This plugin enable the open telemetry feature on the Kong gateway to feed the Elastic Application Performance Monitoring solution. This plugin written in Go,...

https://github.com/matthyx/kong-elastic-apm Apache-2.0 Matthias Bertschy 42% Badge level for project 6092 is 42%
6093 HPX

The C++ Standard Library for Parallelism and Concurrency

https://hpx.stellar-group.org BSL-1.0 Hartmut Kaiser 2022-06-01 17:53:19 169% Badge level for project 6093 is 169%
6094 nativefier

Make any web page a desktop application

https://github.com/nativefier/nativefier MIT Matthew Ruzzi 46% Badge level for project 6094 is 46%
6095 FlexMeasures

The intelligent & developer-friendly EMS to support real-time energy flexibility apps, rapidly and scalable.

https://flexmeasures.io Apache-2.0 Felix Claessen 2022-06-02 09:10:39 109% Badge level for project 6095 is 109%
6096 GNU libmicrohttpd

GNU libmicrohttpd is a small C library that is supposed to make it easy to run an HTTP server as part of another application.

https://gnu.org/s/libmicrohttpd LGPL-2.1-or-later OR GPL-2.0-or-later WITH eCos-exception-2.0 Karlson2k 96% Badge level for project 6096 is 96%
6097 A4963

Allegro MicroSystems A4963 Driver Software for MCP2210 and Atmega32u4

https://github.com/SetZero/A4963 MIT Sebastian 18% Badge level for project 6097 is 18%
6098 GATAV_REMAKE https://github.com/SetZero/GATAV_REMAKE Sebastian 10% Badge level for project 6098 is 10%
6099 lkars

Linux Kernel to Access Record Sensor data

https://github.com/Tearran/lkars GPL-2.0 Joseph Turner 15% Badge level for project 6099 is 15%
6100 KillerX-Music

Telegram Group Calls Streaming bot with some useful features, written in Python with Pyrogram and Py-Tgcalls. Supporting platforms like Youtube, Spotify,...

https://github.com/Randi356/KillerX-Music Cute Inspire 24% Badge level for project 6100 is 24%
6101 kepubify

Fast, standalone EPUB to Kobo EPUB conversion tool.

https://pgaskin.net/kepubify MIT Patrick Gaskin 78% Badge level for project 6101 is 78%
6102 koanf https://github.com/knadh/koanf Amar Prakash Pandey 3% Badge level for project 6102 is 3%
6103 utftp

A trivial implementation of TFTP.

https://github.com/yogo1212/utftp UNLICENSE Leon George 16% Badge level for project 6103 is 16%
6104 PeriHPX

Implementation of finite element and finite difference approximation of Nonlocal models

https://perihpx.stellar-group.org BSL-1.0 Patrick Diehl 78% Badge level for project 6104 is 78%
6105 Virtual_Integration_Platform_

The open-source repo for docs.github.com

https://docs.github.com OTHER DavidAllenArteaga 13% Badge level for project 6105 is 13%
6106 ee https://www.ee.holyghost.app DavidAllenArteaga 3% Badge level for project 6106 is 3%
6107 gau

Go ArchUnit Test Framework

https://github.com/datosh/gau MIT Fabian Kammel 16% Badge level for project 6107 is 16%
6108 mTower

mTower is Trusted Execution Environment specially designed to be used on MicroController Units (MCUs) supporting ARM TrustZone technology (e.g.,...

https://github.com/Samsung/mTower Apache-2.0 Taras Drozdovskyi 22% Badge level for project 6108 is 22%
6109 EKS Anywhere

Run Amazon EKS on your own infrastructure 🚀

https://github.com/aws/eks-anywhere Apache-2.0 Terry Howe 2022-06-07 20:40:53 109% Badge level for project 6109 is 109%
6110 colorshelll https://github.com/turbocolor/colorshelll#readme GPL-3.0 Daniel Lu 15% Badge level for project 6110 is 15%
6111 eks-distro

Amazon EKS Distro (EKS-D) is a Kubernetes distribution based on and used by Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to create reliable and secure Kubernetes...

https://github.com/aws/eks-distro Apache-2.0 Terry Howe 2022-06-08 15:02:33 105% Badge level for project 6111 is 105%
6112 probehost2

an http endpoint to query network diagnosis tools from remote hosts

https://github.com/byReqz/probehost2 MIT Nils 15% Badge level for project 6112 is 15%
6113 fiware-orion-pyspark-connector

Bidirectional Orion/Orion-LD <--> PySpark Connector

https://github.com/Engineering-Research-and-Development/fiware-orion-pyspark-connector AGPL-3.0 Gabriele De Luca 2022-06-13 08:13:24 105% Badge level for project 6113 is 105%
6114 opencage

:globe_with_meridians: R package for the OpenCage API -- both forward and reverse geocoding :globe_with_meridians:

https://docs.ropensci.org/opencage GPL-2.0+ Daniel Possenriede 96% Badge level for project 6114 is 96%
6115 TheQuoter

Backend for TheQuoter project

https://github.com/MaximMaximS/TheQuoter MIT MaximMaximS 15% Badge level for project 6115 is 15%
6116 scikit-surgeryarucotracker

SciKit-SurgeryArUcoTracker is an interface to OpenCV's ArUco tag tracking routines, that follows the same interface as other SciKit-Surgery trackers.

https://github.com/SciKit-Surgery/scikit-surgeryarucotracker BSD-2-Clause-FreeBSD Stephen Thompson 84% Badge level for project 6116 is 84%
6117 mvleshkov

Config files for my GitHub profile.

https://github.com/mvleshkov mvleshkov 21% Badge level for project 6117 is 21%

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