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6283 RokuDataDog https://github.com/bogdanterzea/RokuDataDog Apache-2.0 bogdanterzea 15% Badge level for project 6283 is 15%
6284 stratum

Library for the stratum protocol and it's many derivatives. Supports Stratum, Stratum V2, Websockets, and more

https://openpool.dev Apache-2.0 Sean Kilgarriff 2022-07-20 12:36:40 125% Badge level for project 6284 is 125%
6285 k8config https://github.com/mingosnunes/k8config GPL-3.0 Domingos Nunes 18% Badge level for project 6285 is 18%
6286 rdflib

RDFLib is a Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information.

https://github.com/RDFLib/rdflib BSD-3-Clause Iwan Aucamp 82% Badge level for project 6286 is 82%
6287 moonlink.js

MoonLink.Js is a sample Node.Js module that offers you to use Lavalink easily and quickly, we make it easier for you to learn and manipulate the code.

https://github.com/1Lucas1apk/moonlink.js Apache-2.0 1Lucas1apk 21% Badge level for project 6287 is 21%
6288 isarray

Array#isArray for older browsers.

https://github.com/juliangruber/isarray MIT Julian Gruber 45% Badge level for project 6288 is 45%
6289 tcfig

Link traefik to Cloudflare DNS

https://github.com/signed-log/tcfig GPL-3.0 Stig124 42% Badge level for project 6289 is 42%
6290 go-feature-flag

A simple and complete feature flag solution, without any complex backend system to install, all you need is a file as your backend. 🎛️

https://docs.gofeatureflag.org MIT Thomas Poignant 33% Badge level for project 6290 is 33%
6291 pg-index-health-test-starter

Spring Boot Starter for pg-index-health

https://github.com/mfvanek/pg-index-health-test-starter Apache-2.0 Ivan Vakhrushev 15% Badge level for project 6291 is 15%
6292 CodeCoverageSummary

A GitHub Action that reads Cobertura format code coverage files and outputs a text or markdown summary.

https://github.com/irongut/CodeCoverageSummary MIT irongut 2022-07-31 00:01:01 113% Badge level for project 6292 is 113%
6293 MUI X

Advanced and powerful React components for complex use-cases.

https://mui.com/x Olivier Tassinari 13% Badge level for project 6293 is 13%
6294 MUI Toolpad

Open source, Low-code admin builder.

https://mui.com/toolpad MIT Olivier Tassinari 18% Badge level for project 6294 is 18%
6295 configuration

Library for setting values to structs' fields from env, flags, files or default tag

https://github.com/BoRuDar/configuration MIT Bogdan Daragan 87% Badge level for project 6295 is 87%
6296 php-cs-fixer-action

Action to fix PHP Coding Standards

https://github.com/ale94lko/php-cs-fixer-action MIT Fidel Alejandro Fernández Arias 87% Badge level for project 6296 is 87%
6297 async https://github.com/maratori/async MIT Marat Reymers 18% Badge level for project 6297 is 18%
6298 testpackage

Golang linter that encourages you to use a separate _test package

https://github.com/maratori/testpackage MIT Marat Reymers 18% Badge level for project 6298 is 18%
6299 advanced-security-compliance

GitHub Advance Security Compliance Action

https://geekmasher.github.io/advanced-security-compliance MIT Mathew Payne 16% Badge level for project 6299 is 16%
6300 Morphir

A set of tools for integrating technologies. Morphir is composed of a library of tools that facilitate the digitisation of business logic into multiple...

https://morphir.finos.org Apache-2.0 FINOS Administrator 22% Badge level for project 6300 is 22%
6301 cloudtty

A Friendly Kubernetes CloudShell (Web Terminal) !

https://github.com/cloudtty/cloudtty MIT yun-s-h 30% Badge level for project 6301 is 30%
6302 GlatnahHapa

Config files for my GitHub profile.

https://github.com/GlatnahHapa GlatnahHapa 13% Badge level for project 6302 is 13%
6303 electron-fdc3

Open implementation of the FDC3 standard using Electron and an integrated App Directory.

https://github.com/finos/electron-fdc3 Apache-2.0 Seb Ben M'Barek 15% Badge level for project 6303 is 15%
6304 yuri-ita

Create powerful interfaces for filtering, searching, and sorting collections of items.

https://github.com/thoughtbot/yuri-ita MIT Sally Hall 21% Badge level for project 6304 is 21%
6305 terraform-vault-github-oidc

Terraform module to configure Vault for GitHub OIDC authentication from Action runners.

https://registry.terraform.io/modules/digitalocean/github-oidc/vault/latest Apache-2.0 Ari Kalfus 99% Badge level for project 6305 is 99%
6306 doctl

The official command line interface for the DigitalOcean API.

https://docs.digitalocean.com/reference/doctl Apache-2.0 Andrew Starr-Bochicchio 19% Badge level for project 6306 is 19%
6307 molecule

A lightweight Web IDE UI framework.

https://dtstack.github.io/molecule MIT Ziv 87% Badge level for project 6307 is 87%
6308 FATE

An Industrial Grade Federated Learning Framework

https://www.fedai.org Apache-2.0 Layne Peng 99% Badge level for project 6308 is 99%
6309 LPVS

License Pre-Validation Service analyzes which open source components and licenses are used in every patch. It returns the list of restricted licenses and the...

https://github.com/Samsung/LPVS MIT Oleg Kopysov 52% Badge level for project 6309 is 52%
6310 joda-time

Joda-Time is the widely used replacement for the Java date and time classes prior to Java SE 8.

https://www.joda.org/joda-time Apache-2.0 Stephen Colebourne 88% Badge level for project 6310 is 88%
6311 Collatz

Functions related to the Collatz/Syracuse/3N+1 problem.

https://github.com/Skenvy/Collatz Apache-2.0 Nathan Levett 69% Badge level for project 6311 is 69%
6312 ansible-role-tailscale

Ansible role to install and enable a Tailscale node.

https://galaxy.ansible.com/artis3n/tailscale MIT Ari Kalfus 94% Badge level for project 6312 is 94%

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