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7110 Bump Gem Version

BumpGemVersion is a gem that will simplify the way you build gems.

https://github.com/thejus-paul/bump_gem_version MIT Thejus Paul 28% Badge level for project 7110 is 28%
7111 frp

A fast reverse proxy to help you expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet.

https://github.com/fatedier/frp Apache-2.0 fatedier 19% Badge level for project 7111 is 19%
7112 chainloop

Chainloop Core is an open source software supply chain control plane, a single source of truth for artifacts plus a declarative attestation crafting process.

https://docs.chainloop.dev Apache-2.0 Miguel Martinez Trivino 30% Badge level for project 7112 is 30%
7113 test-badges

Test Repo for github badges

https://github.com/PJ-cs/test-badges MIT PJ-cs 15% Badge level for project 7113 is 15%
7114 omega-triage-portal https://github.com/ossf/alpha-omega MIT Cyber JiuJiteira 15% Badge level for project 7114 is 15%
7115 alpha-omega

Protect society by improving the security of open source software through direct maintainer engagement and expert analysis.

https://github.com/ossf/alpha-omega Apache-2.0 Cyber JiuJiteira 18% Badge level for project 7115 is 18%
7116 db-cluster


https://github.com/tobias-z/db-cluster Apache-2.0 Tobias Zimmermann 16% Badge level for project 7116 is 16%
7117 openyurt

OpenYurt - Extending your native Kubernetes to edge(project under CNCF)

https://openyurt.io Apache-2.0 rambohe 99% Badge level for project 7117 is 99%
7118 osm-edge

osm-edge is a lightweight service mesh for the edge-computing. It's forked from openservicemesh/osm and use pipy as sidecar proxy.

https://flomesh.io/osm-edge Apache-2.0 Ali Naqvi 19% Badge level for project 7118 is 19%
7119 pipy

Pipy is a programmable proxy for the cloud, edge and IoT.

https://flomesh.io/pipy OTHER Ali Naqvi 99% Badge level for project 7119 is 99%
7120 IntelOwl

Intel Owl: analyze files, domains, IPs in multiple ways from a single API at scale

https://github.com/intelowlproject/IntelOwl AGPL-3.0 Matteo Lodi 2023-03-09 14:57:12 111% Badge level for project 7120 is 111%
7121 INPMT

Impact of National Parks on Malaria Transmission

https://github.com/pierre-manchon/INPMT GPL-3.0 Pierre 16% Badge level for project 7121 is 16%
7122 Pynteny

Query sequence database by HMMs arranged in predefined synteny structure

https://robaina.github.io/Pynteny Apache-2.0 Semidán Robaina, Ph.D. 16% Badge level for project 7122 is 16%
7123 pipe21

simple functional pipes

https://tandav.github.io/pipe21 Alexander Rodionov 15% Badge level for project 7123 is 15%
7124 PowerShell-FeatureFlags

PowerShell module containing a Feature Flags implementation based on a local config file.

MIT Andrea Spadaccini 13% Badge level for project 7124 is 13%
7125 OWASP Cornucopia

OWASP Cornucopia is a mechanism in the form of a card game to assist software development teams identify security requirements in Agile, conventional and...

https://owasp.org/www-project-cornucopia CC-BY-3.0 Grant Ongers 2023-03-16 12:55:23 111% Badge level for project 7125 is 111%
7126 data-platform

Core Repo for Data Platform • This repository is defined and managed in Terraform

https://technical-documentation.data-platform.service.justice.gov.uk MIT Jacob Woffenden 16% Badge level for project 7126 is 16%
7127 www.kamesuta.com


https://www.kamesuta.com MIT Neko7sora 43% Badge level for project 7127 is 43%
7128 Authelia

The Single Sign-On Multi-Factor portal for web apps

https://www.authelia.com Apache-2.0 James Elliott 2023-03-15 08:12:14 195% Badge level for project 7128 is 195%
7129 Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry is an open source, multi-cloud application platform as a service governed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation, a 501 organization. The software was...

https://www.cloudfoundry.org Ruben Koster 6% Badge level for project 7129 is 6%
7130 clean-ts-node-api https://github.com/Bentolila1001/clean-ts-node-api Daniel Bentolila 10% Badge level for project 7130 is 10%
7131 FairRoot

C++ simulation, reconstruction and analysis framework for particle physics experiments

https://github.com/FairRootGroup/FairRoot LGPLv3 Radoslaw Karabowicz 2023-03-16 16:03:21 109% Badge level for project 7131 is 109%
7132 architecture-templates https://github.com/Bentolila1001/architecture-templates Daniel Bentolila 10% Badge level for project 7132 is 10%
7133 docs

The open-source repo for docs.github.com

https://docs.github.com CC-BY-4.0 Juan diego Jacobo hernandez 13% Badge level for project 7133 is 13%
7134 swift-llvm-statistics-comparison

This repository contains microbenchmarks written in Swift and C++.

https://github.com/janniclas/swift-llvm-statistics-comparison MIT Jan-Niclas Strüwer 13% Badge level for project 7134 is 13%
7135 ng-whiteboard

angular whiteboard component

https://mostafazke.github.io/ng-whiteboard MIT Moustafa Zaki 19% Badge level for project 7135 is 19%
7136 referee-coordinator https://github.com/janniclas/referee-coordinator Jan-Niclas Strüwer 10% Badge level for project 7136 is 10%
7137 bitcoin

Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

https://bitcoincore.org/en/download MIT slumericanBx 27% Badge level for project 7137 is 27%
7138 FoPro https://github.com/janniclas/FoPro Jan-Niclas Strüwer 10% Badge level for project 7138 is 10%
7139 migaloo-chain

Migaloo is a cosmwasm-powered, permissionless blockchain for building decentralized applications.

https://migaloo.zone MIT Jacob Gadikian 93% Badge level for project 7139 is 93%

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