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Id Name Description Website License Owner Last achieved at Tiered % Badge
7402 cloud-provider-azure https://github.com/kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure MartinForReal 3% Badge level for project 7402 is 3%
7403 cloud-provider-azure

Cloud provider for Azure

Apache-2.0 MartinForReal 19% Badge level for project 7403 is 19%
7404 network.telemetry

An Ansible Collection for managing telemetry configuration on network devices and integrating with Event-Driven Ansible (EDA).

https://github.com/ansible-network/network.telemetry Nilashish Chakraborty 10% Badge level for project 7404 is 10%
7405 effmass

Calculates various definitions of effective mass from the electronic bandstructure of a semiconductor.

https://github.com/lucydot/effmass MIT Lucy Whalley 42% Badge level for project 7405 is 42%
7406 candyland https://github.com/AliSajid/candyland Apache-2.0 Ali Sajid Imami 13% Badge level for project 7406 is 13%
7407 shuttle-set-secrets

A github action to generate Secrets.toml from Github Secrets

https://github.com/AliSajid/shuttle-set-secrets MIT Ali Sajid Imami 15% Badge level for project 7407 is 15%
7408 django-permission2

An simple permission system which support object permission in Django

http://pypi.python.org/pypi/django-permission2 MIT Jan Malte Gerth 45% Badge level for project 7408 is 45%

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