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1190 Waldur MasterMind is a hybrid cloud orchestrator. https://waldur.com MIT Ilja Livenson 17% Badge level for project 1190 is 17%
1191 Helpers for node-postgres for Lazy devs. 👽

A simple helper for using node-postgres

https://github.com/uniibu/pg-Lazy MIT uni 2018-03-17 20:27:20 100% Badge level for project 1191 is 100%
1192 Astrology module for MM2

Horoscopes for the MagicMirror2 project. Daily, weekly or monthly.

https://github.com/cowboysdude/MMM-Astrology John Wade 17% Badge level for project 1192 is 17%
1193 An R Package for Quick Uncertainty Intervals

ciTools is an R package that makes working with model uncertainty as easy as possible. It gives the user easy access to confidence or prediction intervals...

https://github.com/jthaman/ciTools GPL-3.0 matthewravery 79% Badge level for project 1193 is 79%
1194 cykdtree https://github.com/langmm/cykdtree Meagan Lang 12% Badge level for project 1194 is 12%
1196 OpenMotics (Gateway) Frontend

This is the (Gateway) frontend for the OpenMotics project, an open-source Home Automation platform.

https://www.openmotics.com AGPL-3.0 Kenneth Henderick 14% Badge level for project 1196 is 14%
1197 CLAMP (Closed Loop Automation Management Platform)

CLAMP is a platform for designing and managing control loops. It is used to design a closed loop, configure it with specific parameters for a particular...

https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/CLAMP+Project Apache-2.0 Xue 98% Badge level for project 1197 is 98%
1198 PHP port of esprima https://github.com/szaboferee/esprimaPHP Ferenc Szabó 9% Badge level for project 1198 is 9%
1200 Python Toolbox for Robotics https://github.com/nnadeau/pybotics MIT Nicholas Nadeau, P.Eng., AVS 17% Badge level for project 1200 is 17%
1201 hue-dash-switch

Node.js project turning your Amazon Dash button into a switch for your Philips Hue setup.

https://github.com/maxrugen/hue-dash-switch MIT Max Rugen 17% Badge level for project 1201 is 17%
1202 readme-edits https://github.com/chainoy/hello-world chainoy 20% Badge level for project 1202 is 20%
1203 Gramework

Fastest Go Web Framework

https://github.com/gramework/gramework Apache-2.0 Kirill Danshin 2018-04-27 18:19:38 100% Badge level for project 1203 is 100%
1204 jekyll-category-generator

Provides a simple category generator allowing filtering and easy configuration for Jekyll V3.x.

https://gitlab.com/al1_andre/jekyll-category-generator MIT Alain ANDRE 5% Badge level for project 1204 is 5%
1205 teamspeak-query https://github.com/ferrybig/teamspeak-query MIT Fernando van Loenhout 17% Badge level for project 1205 is 17%
1206 Express Vue Renderer

Rendering Engine to turn vue objects to javascript

https://github.com/express-vue/express-vue-renderer OTHER Daniel Cherubini 21% Badge level for project 1206 is 21%
1207 Command line tool for Rung https://app.rung.com.br MIT Marcelo Camargo 14% Badge level for project 1207 is 14%
1208 gpm-stats

A simple tool to pull a playing song information from Google Play Music Desktop Player

https://github.com/alexsadliak/gpm-stats GPL-3.0 Oleksiy Sadliak 14% Badge level for project 1208 is 14%
1209 FicheroMedico https://gitlab.com/aaivan28/FicheroMedico aaivan28 6% Badge level for project 1209 is 6%
1210 SPARQL Model Transformation https://github.com/markusgraube/smt Markus Graube 14% Badge level for project 1210 is 14%
1211 FinestDice https://www.FinestDice.com Band1to 2% Badge level for project 1211 is 2%
1212 Runtime for enacting stream processing topologies

VISP represents a set of different prototypes, which are designed to create an ecosystem for elastic stream processing applications, which consist of...

https://visp-streaming.github.io Apache-2.0 Christoph Hochreiner 26% Badge level for project 1212 is 26%
1213 postgres-xl https://www.postgres-xl.org Owais 2% Badge level for project 1213 is 2%
1214 The OpenCA's Online Certificate Status Protocol Daemon

The OpenCA OCSPD project is aimed to develop a robust and easy-to-install OCSP daemon. The server is developed as a stand-alone application and can be...

https://www.openca.org/projects/ocspd Apache-Style Dr. Massimiliano Pala 2017-08-24 16:24:32 98% Badge level for project 1214 is 98%
1215 xamarin-development https://github.com/marcovicente/xamarin-development Marco Vicente 9% Badge level for project 1215 is 9%
1216 libpki

Easy-to-use high-leve library for developing PKI-enabled applications

https://www.openca.org/projects/libpki Apache-Style Dr. Massimiliano Pala 2017-08-24 17:43:06 100% Badge level for project 1216 is 100%
1217 ConnectFour a simple board game https://github.com/chandanch/ConnectFour GPL-2.0 Chandan CH 14% Badge level for project 1217 is 14%
1218 Notes mobile app - Create notes easily https://github.com/chandanch/notes Chandan CH 9% Badge level for project 1218 is 9%
1219 Photos managing tool https://github.com/Kicer86/photobroom Michał Walenciak 14% Badge level for project 1219 is 14%
1220 Idempotent deployment provisioner for Compose https://github.com/benjdewan/pachelbel MIT ben dewan 17% Badge level for project 1220 is 17%
1221 PhpSpreadsheet

A pure PHP library for reading and writing spreadsheet files

http://phpspreadsheet.readthedocs.io OTHER Adrien Crivelli 68% Badge level for project 1221 is 68%

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