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2058 adapr

next gen ADAP

https://github.com/gelfondjal/adapr gelfondjal 9% Badge level for project 2058 is 9%

R Package - Dynamical Systems Approach to Infectious Disease Epidemiology

https://ahgroup.github.io/DSAIDE GPL-3.0-only Andreas Handel 53% Badge level for project 2059 is 53%
2060 BrailleR

An add-on package for R primarily aimed at improving access to R for blind users. The package contains tools and functions that will help get a student...

https://github.com/ajrgodfrey/BrailleR Jonathan Godfrey 83% Badge level for project 2060 is 83%
2061 CAISEr

CAISEr - Comparison of algorithms with Iterative Sample size Estimation in R

https://github.com/fcampelo/CAISEr Felipe Campelo 12% Badge level for project 2061 is 12%
2062 NUCOMBog

NUCOMBog R package

https://github.com/jeroenpullens/NUCOMBog Jeroen Pullens 24% Badge level for project 2062 is 24%
2063 RDaisy

R package to run the Daisy model

https://github.com/jeroenpullens/RDaisy GPL-3.0 Jeroen Pullens 14% Badge level for project 2063 is 14%
2064 algernon

Web server with built-in support for QUIC, HTTP/2, Lua, Markdown, Pongo2 and HyperApp

https://algernon.roboticoverlords.org MIT Alexander F. Rødseth 15% Badge level for project 2064 is 15%
2065 CrossClustering

CrossClustering: a partial clustering algorithm with automatic estimation of the number of clusters and identification of outliers.

https://github.com/CorradoLanera/CrossClustering GPL-3.0-or-later Corrado Lanera 33% Badge level for project 2065 is 33%
2066 MagicHelpR

R package for QTL mapping in multiparent intercross (MAGIC) lines

https://tavareshugo.github.io/MagicHelpR GPL-3.0-only Hugo Tavares 15% Badge level for project 2066 is 15%
2067 dockerhub-webhook

Docker hub webhook

https://github.com/rmsz005/dockerhub-webhook rmsz005 9% Badge level for project 2067 is 9%
2068 VIM

This package introduces new tools for the visualization of missing and/or imputed values, which can be used for exploring the data and the structure of the...

https://github.com/statistikat/VIM Alexander Kowarik 29% Badge level for project 2068 is 29%
2069 antaresRead

Import, manipulate and explore the results of an Antares simulation

https://github.com/rte-antares-rpackage/antaresRead Jalal Edine Zawam 12% Badge level for project 2069 is 12%
2070 OneR

This R package implements the One Rule (OneR) Machine Learning classification algorithm with enhancements for sophisticated handling of numeric data and...

https://github.com/vonjd/OneR OTHER vonjd 14% Badge level for project 2070 is 14%
2071 opensource.guide

Community guides for open source creators

https://opensource.guide CC-BY-4.0 Andi HARPIANTO 17% Badge level for project 2071 is 17%
2072 RoleOne webapp

An online plataform to play Table Top RPG. It provides severals RPG themes, option to create your custom classes, monsters, itens, and even RPG themes. Here...

https://gitlab.com/roleone/webapp lucas gomes 2% Badge level for project 2072 is 2%
2076 plater

Tools to make it easy to work with microtiter plate-shaped data

https://github.com/ropensci/plater GPL-3.0 Sean Hughes 94% Badge level for project 2076 is 94%
2077 rcosmo


https://github.com/olenko/rcosmo OTHER olenko 12% Badge level for project 2077 is 12%
2078 JavaProjectTemplate https://github.com/kiat/JavaProjectTemplate Apache-2.0 Kia Teymourian 17% Badge level for project 2078 is 17%
2079 fastify-oas https://gitlab.com/m03geek/fastify-oas m03geek 2% Badge level for project 2079 is 2%
2080 libxyo-core

XYO Core Library

https://github.com/g-stefan/libxyo-core MIT Grigore Stefan 14% Badge level for project 2080 is 14%
2081 tsibble

Tidy Temporal Data Frames and Tools in R

https://pkg.earo.me/tsibble GPL-3.0-or-later Earo Wang 97% Badge level for project 2081 is 97%
2082 rcosmo

Handling and Statistical analysis of Cosmic Microwave Background data on HEALPix sphere

https://github.com/VidaliLama/rcosmo OTHER Daniel Vidali Fryer 12% Badge level for project 2082 is 12%
2083 MortalityLaws

Fit and compare the most popular human mortality laws - R package

https://github.com/mpascariu/MortalityLaws GPL-3.0 Marius D. Pascariu 2018-08-06 08:35:09 138% Badge level for project 2083 is 138%
2084 rcpp_progress

RcppProgress R package: An interruptible progress bar with OpenMP support for c++ in R packages

https://github.com/kforner/rcpp_progress Karl Forner 14% Badge level for project 2084 is 14%
2085 friendica

Friendica Communications Platform

https://friendi.ca OTHER Philipp 18% Badge level for project 2085 is 18%
2086 open-o-formation https://github.com/mkdolan/open-o-formation Mike Dolan 12% Badge level for project 2086 is 12%
2088 natsctl

The simplest CLI, but one of the most useful ever! If you ever wanted to use NATS client within your bash :D

https://github.com/Horaddrim/natsctl Apache-2.0 Igor Franca 42% Badge level for project 2088 is 42%
2089 landscapemetrics

Landscape Metrics for Categorical Map Patterns 🗺️ in R

https://landscapeecology.github.io/landscapemetrics GPL-3.0-or-later Marco Sciaini 73% Badge level for project 2089 is 73%
2090 svconfound https://github.com/Keyeoh/svconfound MIT Keyeoh 14% Badge level for project 2090 is 14%
2091 HIBPwned

R Package 📦 for using the HaveIBeenPwned.com API

https://itsalocke.com/hibpwned MIT Maëlle Salmon 95% Badge level for project 2091 is 95%

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