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2458 ticketguardian-python

Python library for the TicketGuardian API.

https://ticketguardian.net MIT Patrick Zhang 2019-01-15 23:36:27 107% Badge level for project 2458 is 107%
2459 bitfun

http://bitfun.co/?ref= 88F295A5B694

https://github.com/artur5555/bitfun AGPL-3.0-or-later artur 15% Badge level for project 2459 is 15%
2461 skipper

An HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition, including use cases like Kubernetes Ingress

https://opensource.zalando.com/skipper Apache-2.0 Sandor Szücs 2019-01-16 13:36:35 187% Badge level for project 2461 is 187%
2462 bank-vaults

A Vault swiss-army knife: Go client with automatic token renewal, Kubernetes support, dynamic secrets, multiple unseal options and more. A CLI tool to init,...

https://banzaicloud.com/bank-vaults Apache-2.0 Nándor István Krácser 23% Badge level for project 2462 is 23%
2463 sikb-api

Attempt to build an Information System for Kin-ball® purpose

https://github.com/alexeil/sikb-api Apache-2.0 alexeil 27% Badge level for project 2463 is 27%
2464 docker

Docker implementation with MCFP

https://github.com/aku163/docker Arvind Kumar 9% Badge level for project 2464 is 9%
2465 lorekeeper

Very fast logging library in JSON format

https://github.com/JordiPolo/lorekeeper MIT Jordi Polo 18% Badge level for project 2465 is 18%
2466 movie-rental

Movie Rental Refactor

https://github.com/temesxgn/movie-rental temesxgn 9% Badge level for project 2466 is 9%
2467 posiepots-stripe https://github.com/temesxgn/posiepots-stripe temesxgn 2% Badge level for project 2467 is 2%
2468 busdater

Business dates for R

https://github.com/mickmioduszewski/busdater MIT Mick Mioduszewski 2019-01-20 06:44:03 115% Badge level for project 2468 is 115%
2469 BFuzz

Fuzzing Browsers

https://github.com/RootUp/BFuzz Dhiraj Mishra 9% Badge level for project 2469 is 9%

GRASS GIS, commonly referred to as GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System), is a free and open source Geographic Information System (GIS)...

https://grass.osgeo.org GPL-2.0-or-later Markus Neteler 83% Badge level for project 2470 is 83%
2471 AABBTree

Pure Python implementation of d-dimensional AABB tree.

https://aabbtree.readthedocs.io MIT Kip Hart 79% Badge level for project 2471 is 79%
2472 lxd

Daemon based on liblxc offering a REST API to manage containers

https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd Apache-2.0 Paul Newell 18% Badge level for project 2472 is 18%
2473 neon https://github.com/kenkit/neon MIT ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ Sage 33% Badge level for project 2473 is 33%
2474 chip8rebirth

So, chip8, my old emulator I never finished. Let's try to finish it now. But revamp it with a proper gui (Imgui & SFML), and C++17. Dirty work.

https://github.com/enatheme/chip8rebirth enatheme 12% Badge level for project 2474 is 12%
2475 snakecase

A systematic approach to parse strings and automate the conversion to snake_case, UpperCamelCase or any other case.

https://tazinho.github.io/snakecase GPL-3.0-only Tazinho 2019-05-25 14:38:17 113% Badge level for project 2475 is 113%
2476 drogon

Drogon: A C++11 based HTTP web application framework running on Linux

https://github.com/an-tao/drogon OTHER An Tao 15% Badge level for project 2476 is 15%
2477 rmqctl

kubectl like command line tool for rabbitmq

https://github.com/vsdmars/rmqctl MIT vsdmars 14% Badge level for project 2477 is 14%
2478 air-voice

Air voice app.

https://github.com/renanberto/air-voice Renan Berto 9% Badge level for project 2478 is 9%
2479 fantom-pay https://github.com/fantom-foundation-private/fantom-pay Michael Kong 2% Badge level for project 2479 is 2%
2480 desktop-wallet

Desktop wallet implementation using ElectronJS

https://github.com/Fantom-foundation/desktop-wallet MIT Michael Kong 15% Badge level for project 2480 is 15%
2481 CarND-LaneLines-P1

Lane Finding Project for Self-Driving Car ND

https://github.com/mkram/CarND-LaneLines-P1 mac81 9% Badge level for project 2481 is 9%
2482 gitlab-ci-pipelines-exporter

Export gitlab-ci pipeline status for prometheus (/metrics)

https://github.com/Labbs/gitlab-ci-pipelines-exporter MIT Jeremy Mouton 32% Badge level for project 2482 is 32%
2485 cloudengine

CloudEngine is an easy way to create a social web site for discussing & aggregating ideas & resources. It is ideal for running events & fostering discussion....

https://cloudworks.ac.uk GPL-2.0 Nick Freear 15% Badge level for project 2485 is 15%
2486 our-journey

Our Journey: A student journey representation tool

https://iet-ou.github.io/our-journey GPL-3.0 Nick Freear 17% Badge level for project 2486 is 17%
2487 Fafa https://gitlab.com/PtiBzh/fafa MIT Buraka 18% Badge level for project 2487 is 18%
2488 aspect

A parallel, extensible finite element code to simulate convection in both 2D and 3D models.

https://aspect.geodynamics.org GPL-3.0-or-later Rene Gassmoeller 35% Badge level for project 2488 is 35%
2489 Octave Bundle

Octave CMS Bundle

https://gitlab.com/octv/octave-bundle StanJansen 2% Badge level for project 2489 is 2%
2490 MyLittleProject

A Simple Way To Share Your Projects

https://github.com/Dantcho-BG/MyLittleProject Yordan Hristov 12% Badge level for project 2490 is 12%

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