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2891 switcher_webapi

Switcher Boiler Unofficial Docker-based WebAPI

https://hub.docker.com/r/tomerfi/switcher_webapi MIT Tomer Figenblat 42% Badge level for project 2891 is 42%
2892 HttpMate

Non-invasive, flexible and ultra-extendable http framework that offers you 3 modes of handling http requests - UseCase driven, low-level http and...

https://github.com/envimate/httpmate Apache-2.0 Envimate Opensource 2019-06-12 17:46:07 111% Badge level for project 2892 is 111%
2893 MMM-News-QR

Show QR Code for default Newsfeed module

https://github.com/nischi/MMM-News-QR MIT Thierry Nischelwitzer 15% Badge level for project 2893 is 15%
2894 MapMate

Mapping, (de)serialization and validation of Custom Primitives and Serializable Objects in a clean and non-invasive way

https://github.com/envimate/mapmate Apache-2.0 Envimate Opensource 2019-06-12 14:14:31 113% Badge level for project 2894 is 113%
2895 catalogo_db https://iccorpiconstruye.visualstudio.com/catalogo/_git/catalogo_db pwoolvett 2% Badge level for project 2895 is 2%
2896 r4ss

files for r4ss package

https://github.com/r4ss/r4ss Christine Stawitz - NOAA 41% Badge level for project 2896 is 41%
2897 run-on-coal

Simple and light-weight 3D game engine

https://github.com/SDraw/run-on-coal MIT SDraw 14% Badge level for project 2897 is 14%
2898 roblox-dissector

Roblox UDP Protocol Dissector

https://github.com/Gskartwii/roblox-dissector OTHER Gskartwii 12% Badge level for project 2898 is 12%
2899 django-jet2

Next Generation of django-jet (Modern responsive template for the Django admin interface with improved functionality.)

https://github.com/tiktn/django-jet2 AGPL-3.0 Moez Bouhlel 39% Badge level for project 2899 is 39%
2901 HackMerced-V

HackMerced's 5th annual hackathon website

https://github.com/HackMerced/HackMerced-V MIT Adrian Darian 14% Badge level for project 2901 is 14%
2902 CallumBaston.github.io

This is the repo for my website

https://www.baston.uk OTHER Callum Baston 15% Badge level for project 2902 is 15%
2903 EinsteinPy

EinsteinPy is an open source pure Python package dedicated to problems arising in General Relativity and relativistic physics, such as goedesics plotting for...

https://einsteinpy.org MIT Shreyas Bapat 23% Badge level for project 2903 is 23%
2904 BowlerStudio

A Full-Stack Robotics Development Environment

http://commonwealthrobotics.com OTHER Kevin Harrington 61% Badge level for project 2904 is 61%
2905 magpylib

A simple, user friendly Python 3 toolbox for calculating magnetic fields from permanent magnets and current distributions.

https://magpylib.readthedocs.io/en/latest AGPL-3.0 Michael Ortner 95% Badge level for project 2905 is 95%
2906 dock

A custom C preprocessor

https://github.com/aszecsei/dock MIT Alic Szecsei 14% Badge level for project 2906 is 14%
2907 gwpy

Package for analysing and characterising gravitational wave data in python

https://gwpy.github.io GPL-3.0 Duncan Macleod 15% Badge level for project 2907 is 15%
2908 kruise

Automate application workloads management on Kubernetes

https://github.com/openkruise/kruise Apache-2.0 Allen Sun 18% Badge level for project 2908 is 18%
2909 estrutura-dados

Repositório da matéria de Estrutura de Dados

https://github.com/emanuelgsouza/estrutura-dados MIT Gustavo Veiga 14% Badge level for project 2909 is 14%

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