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2980 eShopOnContainers

Easy to get started sample reference microservice and container based application. Cross-platform on Linux and Windows Docker Containers, powered by .NET...

https://github.com/PoolCamacho92/eShopOnContainers MIT Pool Camacho 14% Badge level for project 2980 is 14%
2982 Library.NCL-Full https://github.com/NxSys/Library.NCL-Full Chris 12% Badge level for project 2982 is 12%
2983 uber-poet

Creates mock swift projects to test & benchmark various build configurations.

https://github.com/uber-common/uber-poet Apache-2.0 Mac McDonald 2019-07-15 23:10:16 107% Badge level for project 2983 is 107%
2984 bp-angular Bois Arnaud 2% Badge level for project 2984 is 2%
2985 NEXT Directory

NEXT Directory - Powered by Hyperledger Sawtooth. NEXT is a role based access control system that supports multiple identity providers and leverages an...

https://github.com/tmobile/sawtooth-next-directory Apache-2.0 Patrick Lammers 2019-09-12 22:05:12 115% Badge level for project 2985 is 115%
2986 slides https://github.com/tao12345666333/slides Apache-2.0 Jintao Zhang 14% Badge level for project 2986 is 14%
2987 vim http://moelove.info/vim Jintao Zhang 2% Badge level for project 2987 is 2%
2988 HashidsBundle

Integrates hashids/hashids in a Symfony project

https://github.com/roukmoute/HashidsBundle MIT Mathias STRASSER 14% Badge level for project 2988 is 14%
2989 corefile-migration

Library and tools for migrating the CoreDNS corefile

https://github.com/coredns/corefile-migration Apache-2.0 Sandeep Rajan 17% Badge level for project 2989 is 17%
2990 CDEK


https://github.com/vseinstrumentiru/CDEK MIT Molodkovets Bohdan 2019-07-22 09:29:45 135% Badge level for project 2990 is 135%
2991 RTD-Build

Make Ubuntu or Debian Based Distributions Truly Useful

https://github.com/vonschutter/RTD-Build The Untouchables 9% Badge level for project 2991 is 9%
2992 Lite Byte Capsule

A solution to capsulate byte data in a shell to provide security and validity while sending byte arrays. (for sockets etc.)

https://github.com/skywarth/LiteByteCapsule MIT skywarth 2019-07-21 14:34:51 104% Badge level for project 2992 is 104%
2993 nodeselector-enforcer

Google Cloud Function, which acts as a Mutating Admission Controller to enforce pods to be started on specific nodes

https://github.com/csabakollar/nodeselector-enforcer MIT Csaba Kollar 14% Badge level for project 2993 is 14%
2994 Tract

An API for managing documentation at scale

https://github.com/lucperkins/tract Luc Perkins 12% Badge level for project 2994 is 12%
2995 AliceVision

Photogrammetric Computer Vision Framework

https://alicevision.org MPL-2.0 Simone Gasparini 98% Badge level for project 2995 is 98%
2996 yatos

Yet another tiny OS

https://github.com/RayHuangCN/yatos RayHuang 12% Badge level for project 2996 is 12%
2997 Meshroom

3D Reconstruction Software

https://alicevision.org MPL-2.0 Simone Gasparini 2020-05-30 21:07:06 107% Badge level for project 2997 is 107%
2998 go-news-aggregator https://github.com/daniilperestoronin/go-news-aggregator MIT Danil Perestoronin 14% Badge level for project 2998 is 14%
2999 node-pack

List of NodeJs packages,frameworks, libraries & modules

https://node-pack.herokuapp.com Haikel Fazzani 9% Badge level for project 2999 is 9%
3000 SimpleStore

Simple yet performant asynchronous file storage for Android

https://github.com/uber/simple-store Apache-2.0 Kurt Nelson 2019-08-05 20:31:01 107% Badge level for project 3000 is 107%
3001 cca

A command line tool for cloud.ca services

https://cloud.ca Apache-2.0 Khosrow Moossavi 17% Badge level for project 3001 is 17%
3002 KonSchool

FAHP-based recommendation system for secondary schools in Bangladesh 🏫 🇧🇩

https://konschool.azurewebsites.net OTHER Md. Abdul Ahad Chowdhury 12% Badge level for project 3002 is 12%
3004 ahao-common-utils


https://github.com/Ahaochan/ahao-common-utils Apache-2.0 Ahaochan 26% Badge level for project 3004 is 26%
3005 I-Simpa

An Open Source software for 3D sound propagation modelling

http://i-simpa.ifsttar.fr GPL-3.0 nicolas-f 23% Badge level for project 3005 is 23%
3007 helm-whatup

A Helm plugin to help users determine if there's an update available for their installed charts.

https://github.com/fabmation-gmbh/helm-whatup MIT Emanuel Bennici 95% Badge level for project 3007 is 95%
3008 mkDataTest

Teste realizado para contratação na empresa MkData

https://github.com/MarcioCamara/mkDataTest MIT Marcio Câmara 14% Badge level for project 3008 is 14%
3009 simpleRL

A simple Roguelike engine, using Python and the libtcod library. Based on the Roguelike TCOD tutorial.

https://github.com/cariosecus/simpleRL AGPL-3.0 Cariosecus 14% Badge level for project 3009 is 14%
3010 Runium

Clean and simple task concurrency, scheduling and repetition for Python.

https://github.com/AGTGreg/runium MIT Grigoris Chatzinikolaou 52% Badge level for project 3010 is 52%
3011 volcano

A Kubernetes native system for high performance workload, e.g. AI/ML, BigData, HPC

http://volcano.sh Apache-2.0 Mohammad Asif Siddiqui 17% Badge level for project 3011 is 17%
3012 volcano

A Kubernetes Native Batch System

https://volcano.sh Apache-2.0 Mohammad Asif Siddiqui 2019-07-26 12:49:16 107% Badge level for project 3012 is 107%

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