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3134 verizon-support

Email communication is probably the central backbone of our communication framework also there are many features and issues in it. Mainly mobile email brings...

http://www.email-customer-care.com/verizon-support jons 0% Badge level for project 3134 is 0%
3135 Look_into_text

scene text parser

https://github.com/anish9/Look_into_text Anish 9% Badge level for project 3135 is 9%
3136 l-123hp

Are you in the hope of starting printing work regardless of brand name? If your answer is in imperative way, then you must be aware of learning art for HP...

https://l-123hp.com Robert Duvall 2% Badge level for project 3136 is 2%
3137 epsonprintersupportpro

I am Sophia Helt like to remain up to date with latest software technology. We are a reliable third party support company, offering technical support for...

https://www.epsonprintersupportpro.us sophia helt 2% Badge level for project 3137 is 2%
3138 smo-services https://www.tangensys.com/smo-services abhi kumar 2% Badge level for project 3138 is 2%
3139 seo-services

Professional SEO Services can lift your site above your competitors and top on every search engine results by any keyword when users types. According to SEO...

https://www.tangensys.com/seo-services abhi kumar 2% Badge level for project 3139 is 2%
3140 applesupportphonenumber

Hi ‘my name is Martinlutharz, I have been working with the team of experts, who are providing optimum solutions to the needy customers like you. If you are...

https://www.applesupportphonenumber.co Martin lutharz 2% Badge level for project 3140 is 2%
3141 mymcafeecomactivate

McAfee is one of the renowned antivirus companies which are recognized to offer various products for the use of common people. It provides the best possible...

https://mymcafeecomactivate.com Carry Adverd 2% Badge level for project 3141 is 2%
3142 Containerized_Spark

Containerized Spark on Kubernetes and Docker

https://github.com/sshakeri/Containerized_Spark Shahin Shakeri 9% Badge level for project 3142 is 9%
3143 rest-api-framework

Simple REST API framework for Node.js

https://github.com/roshangade/rest-api-framework MIT Roshan Gade 91% Badge level for project 3143 is 91%
3144 nailclipper

It's just a nailclipper project :D

https://github.com/tianbaodada/nailclipper tianbaodada 2% Badge level for project 3144 is 2%
3145 domino-ui


https://github.com/DominoKit/domino-ui Apache-2.0 Ahmad K. Bawaneh 83% Badge level for project 3145 is 83%
3146 aws-lambda-basic https://github.com/jobycxa/aws-lambda-basic jobycxa 9% Badge level for project 3146 is 9%
3147 votebot https://votebot.wtf Michael Rittmeister 2% Badge level for project 3147 is 2%
3148 dcd-api-http

A NodeJS REST API for the Data-Centric Design Hub

https://github.com/datacentricdesign/dcd-api-http MIT Jacky Bourgeois 15% Badge level for project 3148 is 15%
3149 blaziken https://gitlab.com/panama-jsc/blaziken Nguyen Quoc Anh 2% Badge level for project 3149 is 2%
3150 web-development-services

Digital marketing filed in many departments and every department is very important role-playing promoting business also one of them its web development...

https://www.tangensys.com/web-development-services abhi kumar 2% Badge level for project 3150 is 2%
3151 KrakenD

Ultra performant API Gateway with middlewares

https://www.krakend.io Apache-2.0 A. Lombarte 2019-09-03 22:59:18 104% Badge level for project 3151 is 104%
3152 MMM-WeeklySchedule

Module for MagicMirror which shows a weekly timetable. Might be helpful for students/teachers/parents to show class schedules, weekly gym courses, sports...

https://github.com/pinsdorf/MMM-WeeklySchedule MIT pinsdorf 20% Badge level for project 3152 is 20%
3153 base-images https://gitlab.com/characato/base-images Ethan 2% Badge level for project 3153 is 2%
3154 appsec_spell_checker

CS-GY9163: Application Security Fall 2019 Unit Assignment 1

https://github.com/shrowner/appsec_spell_checker shrowner 9% Badge level for project 3154 is 9%
3155 Lely core libraries

The Lely core libraries are a collection of libraries designed to support the implementation robot control applications, on Linux, Windows or bare metal...

https://gitlab.com/lely_industries/lely-core Apache-2.0 Jos Seldenthuis 97% Badge level for project 3155 is 97%
3156 Hyperactive

A hyperparameter optimization and meta-learning toolbox for convenient and fast prototyping of machine-/deep-learning models.

https://github.com/SimonBlanke/Hyperactive MIT Simon Blanke 14% Badge level for project 3156 is 14%
3157 ghdl

Open-source analyzer, compiler and simulator for VHDL 2008/93/87

https://github.com/ghdl/ghdl GPL-2.0-or-later CC-BY-SA-4.0 1138-4EB 2019-09-14 00:05:04 149% Badge level for project 3157 is 149%
3158 microsoft-outlook-support

Outlook emailing interface is considered to be second to none as web mail client features give the suitable way to transverse your communication. As soon as...

https://www.microsoft-supportnumber.com/microsoft-outlook-support Thilde Carlsson 2% Badge level for project 3158 is 2%
3159 appsecurity9163

Learn Secure coding and application development techniques

https://github.com/zacisgr8/appsecurity9163 zacisgr8 9% Badge level for project 3159 is 9%
3160 DymamicAuthProviders

Store and manage Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication providers dynamicaly

https://github.com/aguacongas/DymamicAuthProviders MIT Olivier Lefebvre 15% Badge level for project 3160 is 15%
3161 .github

Organization-wide GitHub configuration files

https://github.com/mu-box/.github Dan Hunsaker 9% Badge level for project 3161 is 9%
3162 Microbox

Microbox (aka µbox, mu-box, or mi-box, depending on who you talk to) is an open-source "fork" of Nanobox (https://nanobox.io), focusing initially on...

https://github.com/mu-box MIT Dan Hunsaker 85% Badge level for project 3162 is 85%
3163 Elastic Deep Learning

Elastic Deep Learning using PaddlePaddle and Kubernetes

https://github.com/PaddlePaddle/edl Apache-2.0 Dong Daxiang 70% Badge level for project 3163 is 70%

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