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The present repository holds the FIREFIT ROSE-AP components proposed by Introsys which aim to easily integrate generic cameras and image classification...

https://github.com/Introsys/FIREFIT.ROSE-AP AGPL-3.0-or-later magnoguedes 76% Badge level for project 4832 is 76%
4833 Redis

Redis is an in-memory database that persists on disk. The data model is key-value, but many different kind of values are supported: Strings, Lists, Sets,...

https://redis.io BSD-3-Clause Guy Korland 94% Badge level for project 4833 is 94%
4834 kompute

General purpose GPU compute framework for cross vendor graphics cards (AMD, Qualcomm, NVIDIA & friends). Blazing fast, mobile-enabled, asynchronous and...

https://kompute.cc Apache-2.0 Alejandro Saucedo 2021-07-21 20:44:11 109% Badge level for project 4834 is 109%
4835 grlc

Builds Web APIs using SPARQL queries stored in GitHub repositories

http://grlc.io MIT Carlos Martinez 13% Badge level for project 4835 is 13%
4836 PioneerWatchfulWaiting

This study is part of the joint PIONEER - EHDEN - OHDSI studyathon in March 2021, and aims to advance understanding of clinical management and outcomes of...

Apache-2.0 Kees van Bochove 33% Badge level for project 4836 is 33%
4837 machine-learning

Python scripts for tweet retrieval and machine learning in the eScience project Automated Analysis of Online Behaviour on Social Media

https://github.com/online-behaviour/machine-learning Apache-2.0 Erik Tjong Kim Sang 18% Badge level for project 4837 is 18%
4838 penguin-datalayer-collect

A data layer quality monitoring and validation module, this solution is part of the Raft Suite ecosystem.

https://dp6.github.io/penguin-datalayer-collect Apache-2.0 Joaquim Neto 15% Badge level for project 4838 is 15%
4839 TriBITS Core

The Tribal Build, Integrate, and Test System (TriBITS) is a framework designed to handle large software development projects involving multiple independent...

https://tribits.org BSD-3-Clause Roscoe A. Bartlett 99% Badge level for project 4839 is 99%
4840 k8s-proxy-pass

K8S Tool to proxy-pass services from kubernetes cluster if you don't have a vpn to this cluster

https://github.com/avchu/k8s-proxy-pass Apache-2.0 Anton V Chunikhin 15% Badge level for project 4840 is 15%
4841 weissbernd https://inf-git.fh-rosenheim.de/vv-inf-sose21/weissbernd x-Antares-x 3% Badge level for project 4841 is 3%
4842 FEATS

Fiware-Enabled Autonomous Transport System (FEATS) is a project whose scope is automated material transport within a production facility using an Autonomous...

https://github.com/Dalma-Systems/FEATS Apache-2.0 davidteixeira 48% Badge level for project 4842 is 48%
4843 coffee

The CoFFEE component of the FEATS project.

https://github.com/Dalma-Systems/coffee Apache-2.0 davidteixeira 22% Badge level for project 4843 is 22%
4844 FI-BREW

The FI-BREW component of the FEATS project.

https://github.com/Dalma-Systems/fi-brew Apache-2.0 davidteixeira 22% Badge level for project 4844 is 22%
4845 opaque

Go implementation of the OPAQUE asymmetric password-authenticated key exchange protocol.

https://github.com/bytemare/opaque MIT Bytemare 93% Badge level for project 4845 is 93%
4846 msquic

Cross-platform, C implementation of the IETF QUIC protocol.

https://github.com/microsoft/msquic MIT Nick Banks 2021-05-03 22:06:29 178% Badge level for project 4846 is 178%
4847 automatic-potato https://github.com/telolet347/automatic-potato MIT telolet347 15% Badge level for project 4847 is 15%
4848 cv-generator-fe

CV generator front end

https://github.com/Yrkki/cv-generator-fe MIT Jorich 2021-09-08 19:04:23 198% Badge level for project 4848 is 198%
4849 repro-fair-neuro-ds-template

Neuro-Intensive-Care DataScience Research Project Template

https://g4challenge.github.io/repro-fair-neuro-ds-template/index.html GPL-3.0-or-later Lukas 48% Badge level for project 4849 is 48%
4851 FIWARE Cygnus

A connector in charge of persisting context data sources into other third-party databases and storage systems, creating a historical view of the context

https://github.com/telefonicaid/fiware-cygnus AGPL-3.0 mapedraza 2021-05-05 17:57:06 111% Badge level for project 4851 is 111%
4852 openebsctl

Mayactl is a plugin for kubectl. It allows users to fetch details of their OpenEBS storage components.

https://github.com/openebs/openebsctl Apache-2.0 Harsh Vardhan 18% Badge level for project 4852 is 18%
4853 reva

IOP (Inter Operability Platform)

https://reva.link OTHER Samuel Alfageme 19% Badge level for project 4853 is 19%
4854 comses.net

comses.net wagtail site

https://www.comses.net GPL-3.0 A Lee 16% Badge level for project 4854 is 16%
4855 Serverless Workflow Java SDK

Java SDK for Serverless Workflow Project

http://serverlessworkflow.io Apache-2.0 Tihomir Surdilovic 25% Badge level for project 4855 is 25%
4856 parsec

Platform AbstRaction for SECurity service

https://github.com/parallaxsecond/parsec Apache-2.0 Ionuț Mihalcea 2021-05-12 16:08:07 115% Badge level for project 4856 is 115%
4857 mcuboot

Secure boot for 32-bit Microcontrollers!

https://github.com/mcu-tools/mcuboot Apache-2.0 David Brown 88% Badge level for project 4857 is 88%
4858 WinPopup Protocol

inPopup Protocol is a protocol plugin for Miranda IM. It allows to send and receive messages from computer to computer without using dedicated servers over...

https://sourceforge.net/projects/winpopup-proto GPL-2.0-or-later Nikolay Raspopov 43% Badge level for project 4858 is 43%
4859 fission https://github.com/fission/fission Vishal 3% Badge level for project 4859 is 3%
4860 thamos

A CLI tool and library for communicating with Thoth

http://thoth-station.ninja GPL-3.0 Christoph Görn 52% Badge level for project 4860 is 52%
4861 go-atlassian

✨ Golang Client Library for Atlassian Cloud.

https://github.com/ctreminiom/go-atlassian MIT Carlos Treminio 2021-05-11 06:16:12 111% Badge level for project 4861 is 111%
4862 Machine Learning Exchange

Machine Learning Exchange (MLX) is a Data and AI Assets Catalog and Execution Engine powered by Kubeflow Pipelines on Tekton

https://github.com/machine-learning-exchange/mlx Apache-2.0 Animesh Singh 2021-05-20 18:34:04 111% Badge level for project 4862 is 111%

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