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5097 EpiLink

Authenticate people on your Discord servers and give them roles automatically. All-in-one server back-end, Discord bot and front-end. Works with Google,...

https://epilink.zoroark.guru MPL-2.0-no-copyleft-exception Zoroark 96% Badge level for project 5097 is 96%
5098 atp https://github.com/hzingram/atp hzingram 10% Badge level for project 5098 is 10%
5131 vue

🖖 Vue.js is a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

https://vuejs.org MIT DaTebe 15% Badge level for project 5131 is 15%
5132 THMHO_lidar_node https://github.com/ramp-eu/THMHO_lidar_node Apache-2.0 Ragesh Ramachandran 78% Badge level for project 5132 is 78%
5133 idena.py

A python client for Idena node

https://idenapy.readthedocs.io Arash Fatahzade 12% Badge level for project 5133 is 12%
5134 libzippp

C++ wrapper for libzip

https://github.com/ctabin/libzippp OTHER Cédric Tabin 15% Badge level for project 5134 is 15%
5136 docker-wazuh-agent

Wazuh Agent for Kubernetes. Deploying Wazuh agent to Kubernetes as DaemonSet

https://github.com/pyToshka/docker-wazuh-agent Yuriy Medvedev 24% Badge level for project 5136 is 24%
5137 flexi

Open Source High-Order Unstructured Discontinuous Galerkin Fluid Dynamics Solver

https://www.flexi-project.org GPL-3.0 Patrick Kopper 24% Badge level for project 5137 is 24%
5138 hi-friends

This repository contains the workflow used to find and characterize the HI sources in the data cube of the SKA Data Challenge 2. It was developed to process...

https://github.com/HI-FRIENDS-SDC2/hi-friends GPL-3.0 Javier Moldon 88% Badge level for project 5138 is 88%
5139 Ghostwriter

The SpecterOps project management and reporting engine

https://ghostwriter.wiki BSD-3-Clause Christopher Maddalena 2021-08-11 20:08:12 115% Badge level for project 5139 is 115%
5140 HIAS-Core

The Hospital Intelligent Automation Server (HIAS) Core is an open-source hub that powers a network of intelligent IoT connected devices and applications.

https://www.leukemiaairesearch.com/research/project/peter-moss-medtech-research-project/hias-hospital-intelligent-automation-server MIT Leukemia AI Research 70% Badge level for project 5140 is 70%
5142 sparklyr

R interface for Apache Spark

https://github.com/sparklyr/sparklyr Apache-2.0 Yitao Li 16% Badge level for project 5142 is 16%
5143 RxShell

Easy shell access for Android apps using RxJava.

https://github.com/Bitch-wife/RxShell Apache-2.0 xues76 15% Badge level for project 5143 is 15%
5144 Petrel

Code to streamline Pytorch EfficientDet applications

https://github.com/DanielMorton/Petrel Apache-2.0 Daniel Morton 15% Badge level for project 5144 is 15%
5145 GWAS Pipeline for H3Africa

GWAS Pipeline for H3Africa

https://github.com/h3abionet/h3agwas MIT Brandenburg Jean-Tristan 70% Badge level for project 5145 is 70%
5146 horusec

Horusec is an open-source tool that improves the identification of vulnerabilities in your project with just one command.

https://horusec.io Apache-2.0 iancardosozup 2022-01-19 15:54:32 109% Badge level for project 5146 is 109%
5147 MCPEventModeImageReconstruction

This repository contains Python based image reconstruction software that can reduce the raw data collected by multi-channel plate detector under event mode...

https://github.com/KedoKudo/MCPEventModeImageReconstruction MIT Chen Zhang 15% Badge level for project 5147 is 15%
5148 idpflex

Analysis of intrinsically disordered proteins by comparing MD simulations to Small Angle Scattering experiments

http://idpflex.readthedocs.io/en/latest MIT Jose Borreguero 18% Badge level for project 5148 is 18%
5149 extensions

wasm extensions basic-auth

https://github.com/clarechu/extensions Lei Chu 10% Badge level for project 5149 is 10%
5150 thtools

A library for the analysis of toehold switch riboregulators created by the iGEM team City of London UK 2021.

https://thtools.readthedocs.io MIT lkn849 85% Badge level for project 5150 is 85%
5151 LearnSpot

Main monorepo of LearnSpot ("Project Identity").

https://learnspot.app MIT Rifa Achrinza 16% Badge level for project 5151 is 16%
5152 Qitar

Domain Driven Design oriented application framework.

https://github.com/Bullabs/Qitar Apache-2.0 Habib Zaid 15% Badge level for project 5152 is 15%
5153 kubernetes-dbaas

A Kubernetes database as a service (DBaaS) operator for non-kubernetes managed database management systems.

https://github.com/criscola/kubernetes-dbaas Apache-2.0 Cristiano Colangelo 19% Badge level for project 5153 is 19%
5154 jrsonnet

Rust implementation of Jsonnet language

https://github.com/CertainLach/jrsonnet MIT Yaroslav Bolyukin 15% Badge level for project 5154 is 15%
5155 Mario-Kart-Stream-Analyzer

A program that watches twitch, records each Mario Kart 8 game given, and generates a graph of data over time.

https://github.com/Retkid/Mario-Kart-Stream-Analyzer MIT Retkid 25% Badge level for project 5155 is 25%
5156 pre-commit-hooks

Pre commit hooks

https://github.com/hadenlabs/pre-commit-hooks LGPL-3.0 Luis Mayta 27% Badge level for project 5156 is 27%
5158 dashboard-backend-todo https://github.com/noisersup/dashboard-backend-todo Patryk Kwiatek 10% Badge level for project 5158 is 10%
5159 charlescd

CharlesCD is an open source tool that makes deployments more agile, continuous and safe, which allows development teams to perform hypothesis validations...

https://charlescd.io Apache-2.0 thallesfreitaszup 76% Badge level for project 5159 is 76%
5160 marquez

Collect, aggregate, and visualize a data ecosystem's metadata

https://marquezproject.ai Apache-2.0 Willy Lulciuc 2021-09-07 23:34:24 198% Badge level for project 5160 is 198%
5161 ecom-service https://github.com/bhuvi11/ecom-service bhuvi11 13% Badge level for project 5161 is 13%

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