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Id Name Description Website License Owner Last achieved at Tiered % Badge
625 nyx-fhj https://github.com/fridayy/nyx-fhj Benjamin 9% Badge level for project 625 is 9%
626 C++ Finite Element Analysis Program https://github.com/pbtrung/enjolras BSD-3-Clause Trung Pham 17% Badge level for project 626 is 17%
628 dpkg

Debian package management system.

Dpkg provides the low-level infrastructure for handling the installation and removal of Debian software packages.

https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg GPL-2.0+ AND GPL-2.0 AND BSD-3-Clause Guillem Jover 2017-01-22 17:33:31 164% Badge level for project 628 is 164%
629 webera

a handy static website generator

https://github.com/andamira/webera MIT José Luis Cruz 2017-02-04 11:26:39 120% Badge level for project 629 is 120%
630 Sportiic https://sportiic.com - 67% Badge level for project 630 is 67%
631 PHPDevShell

Framework and administration GUI for PHP rapid application development.

http://www.phpdevshell.org LGPL-3.0+ - 26% Badge level for project 631 is 26%
632 privacyIDEA

multi factor authentication system (2FA, OTP)

https://www.privacyidea.org AGPL-3.0 Cornelius Kölbel 65% Badge level for project 632 is 65%
633 eda.git - 2% Badge level for project 633 is 2%
634 TSP Solver and Generator http://tspsg.info GPL-2.0 Oleksii Serdiuk 14% Badge level for project 634 is 14%
637 babel

Babel is a community-driven tool that helps you when your supported environments don't support certain JavaScript features natively by compiling it down to a...

http://babeljs.io MIT Henry Zhu 26% Badge level for project 637 is 26%
638 coffeescript-mockable-http-proxy

Very simple http server, that is steerable (until some point) from remote.

https://github.com/pegasystems/coffeescript-mockable-http-proxy Apache-2.0 Tomasz Sieprawski 48% Badge level for project 638 is 48%
639 Extracts a key from a json and logs it https://github.com/maxcbc/extract-json Max Clark 9% Badge level for project 639 is 9%
641 C++11 and SDL2 lightweight 2d game framework https://github.com/boldtempleGaming/Engine OTHER - 15% Badge level for project 641 is 15%
642 croodle

Croodle is a web application to schedule a date or to do a poll on a general topics.

https://github.com/jelhan/croodle MIT jelhan 68% Badge level for project 642 is 68%
643 Fanorona-Tsivy Board Game Implementation... https://nitinkaveriappa.pro/fanorona GPL-3.0 Nitin Kaveriappa Udiyanda Muthanna 14% Badge level for project 643 is 14%
644 Simple, powerful JavaScript analytics https://github.com/redtachyons/ahoy.js Aboobacker MK 12% Badge level for project 644 is 12%
645 Sabato Luca Guadagno's resume https://github.com/wskn/resume Sabato Luca Guadagno 9% Badge level for project 645 is 9%
646 Instagram filters with math (?) http://fsck.com.ar/imgexpr Roger 8% Badge level for project 646 is 8%
647 SudokuGroup2 https://github.com/J4BB3R/SudokuGroup2 J4BB3R 12% Badge level for project 647 is 12%
648 moto https://github.com/shreyas-a/moto Shreyas Agarkar 9% Badge level for project 648 is 9%
649 lda

Topic modeling with latent Dirichlet allocation using Gibbs sampling

https://github.com/ariddell/lda MPL-2.0 Allen Riddell 17% Badge level for project 649 is 17%
650 PHPWebSockets

A PHP 7.0+ library to accept and create websocket connections

https://github.com/WarriorXK/PHPWebSockets MIT Kevin Meijer 14% Badge level for project 650 is 14%
651 Jenkins Tray https://github.com/zionyx/jenkins-tray EPL-1.0 Tuk 14% Badge level for project 651 is 14%
652 A systems language implemented in a flow graph using LLVM

A beginner's programming language that is an intuitive flow graph. It's fast, easy, safe, and even fun!

It's developed in modern C++ and uses LLVM for...

https://github.com/chigraph/chigraph Apache-2.0 Russell Greene 38% Badge level for project 652 is 38%
653 GSSIPU extractor implemented using C++ https://github.com/akshit-sharma/ggsipuExtractor Akshit Sharma 14% Badge level for project 653 is 14%
654 Embedded Multicore Building Blocks (EMB²)

C/C++ library for parallel programming of embedded systems

https://embb.io BSD-2-Clause Tobias Schuele 2017-02-22 21:20:19 122% Badge level for project 654 is 122%
655 A better way to use HTML.

A simple HTML framework.

https://custommarkup.ml MIT Talon Bragg 23% Badge level for project 655 is 23%
656 A web publishing system written in Ruby http://nanoc.ws MIT Denis Defreyne 94% Badge level for project 656 is 94%
657 The OpenNES project. https://github.com/panda-emu/OpenNES GPL-2.0 John Dengis 17% Badge level for project 657 is 17%
658 :doughnut: Mainly doughnut emojis & a few OS related stuff https://github.com/klauscfhq/os-x-ntua MIT Klaus Sinani 14% Badge level for project 658 is 14%

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