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Id Name Description Website License Owner Last achieved at Tiered % Badge
1797 techfantasm http://techfantasm.cf techfantasm 0% Badge level for project 1797 is 0%
1798 gan-hattra-api https://github.com/rayandrews/gan-hattra-api Ray Andrew 9% Badge level for project 1798 is 9%
1799 ONAP AAI Rest Client

This library provides a single client implementation to be used by AAI micro services for communicating via its REST API.

https://gerrit.onap.org/r/#/admin/projects/aai/rest-client Apache-2.0 Ben Wong 2018-04-30 14:20:50 176% Badge level for project 1799 is 176%
1800 dastardly

A roguelike where you play the supervillian, written using C++ and SFML.

https://github.com/chaos-dev/dastardly MIT chaos-dev 21% Badge level for project 1800 is 21%
1801 csvparser

Simple csv parser

https://packagist.org/packages/kuzik/csvparser Andrij 9% Badge level for project 1801 is 9%
1802 python-mdc https://github.com/vente-privee/python-mdc Damien Plénard 2% Badge level for project 1802 is 2%
1803 commons-text

Mirror of Apache Commons Text

https://github.com/chtompki/commons-text OTHER Rob Tompkins 15% Badge level for project 1803 is 15%
1804 dummyDoll

just a dummy doll

https://github.com/mohamedmahmoud97/dummyDoll MIT Mohamed Mahmoud 14% Badge level for project 1804 is 14%
1805 bottle-cork

Authentication module for the Bottle and Flask web frameworks

http://cork.firelet.net LGPL-3.0 Federico Ceratto 47% Badge level for project 1805 is 47%
1806 LightTSDB

Class for a light time series database

https://github.com/FragJage/LightTSDB GPL-3.0 François JARRIER-GELLEZ 17% Badge level for project 1806 is 17%
1807 vinnie

VIN decoder

https://github.com/clpo13/vinnie MIT Cody Logan 2018-04-27 23:43:20 109% Badge level for project 1807 is 109%
1808 dotemacs

My .emacs.el file.

https://github.com/bzg/dotemacs Bastien 9% Badge level for project 1808 is 9%
1809 TinyLanding

Your landing page and leads manager out-of-the-box with Node.js+Express

https://www.tinylanding.site MIT Pasqualino de Simone 17% Badge level for project 1809 is 17%
1810 prometheus-msteams https://github.com/bzon/prometheus-msteams MIT Bryan Sazon 17% Badge level for project 1810 is 17%
1811 cff-converter-python

read CFF formatted CITATION file from a GitHub url and convert it to BibTex and other formats

https://github.com/citation-file-format/cff-converter-python Apache-2.0 Jurriaan H. Spaaks 82% Badge level for project 1811 is 82%
1812 framework https://github.com/amarteleto/framework Apache-2.0 Anderson A. Marteleto 18% Badge level for project 1812 is 18%
1813 locadora https://github.com/amarteleto/locadora Apache-2.0 Anderson A. Marteleto 18% Badge level for project 1813 is 18%
1814 libPOSIX

Posix .1b OS abstraction API for OS, Events, Timers, syscalls, file systems, ... more to come

https://github.com/DevNaga/libPOSIX MIT MADMAX 35% Badge level for project 1814 is 35%
1816 myci


https://github.com/sighttviewliu/myci michael 23% Badge level for project 1816 is 23%
1817 datamap

Collaborative web tool to build simple data tables

https://github.com/bzg/datamap EPL-2.0 Bastien 12% Badge level for project 1817 is 12%
1818 JGit

JGit is an EDL (new-style BSD) licensed, lightweight, pure Java library implementing the Git version control system: - repository access routines - network...

https://www.eclipse.org/jgit Eclipse Distribution License v1.0 Matthias Sohn 94% Badge level for project 1818 is 94%
1819 neo-scan-api-tests https://github.com/drptbl/neo-scan-api-tests Jakub Mucha 9% Badge level for project 1819 is 9%
1820 ONAP Champ

ONAP Champ is an abstraction from underlying graph storage systems that A&AI would otherwise interface with.

https://gerrit.onap.org/r/#/admin/projects/aai/champ Apache-2.0 Gabriel Sanchez 95% Badge level for project 1820 is 95%
1821 ONAP Gizmo

CRUD Rest API endpoint for resources and relationships, delivering atomic interactions with the graph for improved scalability.

https://gerrit.onap.org/r/aai/gizmo Apache-2.0 Michael Reece 97% Badge level for project 1821 is 97%
1822 Gardener

Gardener is a Kubernetes API server extension and controller manager providing conformant Kubernetes clusters (Shoots) as a service on AWS, Azure, GCP, and...

https://gardener.cloud Apache-2.0 Thormaehlen 2019-02-25 15:44:59 195% Badge level for project 1822 is 195%
1823 SinhalaOombi

This repository contains the original source of the Sinhala Oombi game for Windows.

https://github.com/hamparawa/SinhalaOombi MIT Saliya Hamparawa 15% Badge level for project 1823 is 15%
1824 domain-expiry

Gets the expiry date for a domain

https://gh.jrtapsell.co.uk/domain-expiry ISC jrtapsell 2018-05-05 19:26:20 158% Badge level for project 1824 is 158%
1825 previsao-tempo

api para informações sobre o clima nos próximos 7 dias

https://github.com/alexNeto/previsao-tempo MIT Alexandre Neto 17% Badge level for project 1825 is 17%
1826 pdcli

PagerDuty command line interface with auto-ack mode.

https://github.com/mhmoudgmal/pdcli MIT Mahmoud Gamal 14% Badge level for project 1826 is 14%
1827 sql-backup

Backup your MySQL/MariaDB server ( structure, data, users, grants, views, triggers, routines, events )

https://github.com/williamdes/sql-backup Unlicense William Desportes 82% Badge level for project 1827 is 82%

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