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1822 Gardener

Gardener is a Kubernetes API server extension and controller manager providing conformant Kubernetes clusters (Shoots) as a service on AWS, Azure, GCP, and...

https://gardener.cloud Apache-2.0 Frederik Thormaehlen 2019-02-25 15:44:59 198% Badge level for project 1822 is 198%
1823 SinhalaOombi

This repository contains the original source of the Sinhala Oombi game for Windows.

https://github.com/hamparawa/SinhalaOombi MIT Saliya Hamparawa 15% Badge level for project 1823 is 15%
1824 domain-expiry

Gets the expiry date for a domain

https://gh.jrtapsell.co.uk/domain-expiry ISC jrtapsell 2018-05-05 19:26:20 158% Badge level for project 1824 is 158%
1825 previsao-tempo

api para informações sobre o clima nos próximos 7 dias

https://github.com/alexNeto/previsao-tempo MIT Alexandre Neto 17% Badge level for project 1825 is 17%
1826 pdcli

PagerDuty command line interface with auto-ack mode.

https://github.com/mhmoudgmal/pdcli MIT Mahmoud Gamal 14% Badge level for project 1826 is 14%
1827 sql-backup

Backup your MySQL/MariaDB server ( structure, data, users, grants, views, triggers, routines, events )

https://github.com/williamdes/sql-backup Unlicense William Desportes 82% Badge level for project 1827 is 82%
1828 terrastate

Terraform HTTP remote state storage

https://webhippie.github.io/terrastate Apache-2.0 Thomas Boerger 47% Badge level for project 1828 is 47%
1829 redirects

Simple pattern-based redirect server

https://webhippie.github.io/redirects Apache-2.0 Thomas Boerger 47% Badge level for project 1829 is 47%
1830 errors

Default backend for Kubernetes Ingress

https://webhippie.github.io/errors Apache-2.0 Thomas Boerger 47% Badge level for project 1830 is 47%
1831 oauth2-proxy

Proxy to authenticate any application via OAuth2

https://webhippie.github.io/oauth2-proxy Apache-2.0 Thomas Boerger 47% Badge level for project 1831 is 47%
1832 ldap-proxy

Proxy to authenticate any application via LDAP

https://webhippie.github.io/ldap-proxy Apache-2.0 Thomas Boerger 47% Badge level for project 1832 is 47%
1833 StackStorm

StackStorm (aka "IFTTT for Ops") is event-driven automation for auto-remediation, security responses, troubleshooting, deployments, and more. Includes rules...

https://www.stackstorm.com Apache-2.0 Dmitri Zimin(e) 2018-05-08 03:02:37 111% Badge level for project 1833 is 111%
1834 Progressive-Web-App https://github.com/AazibGandhi/Progressive-Web-App AazibGandhi 9% Badge level for project 1834 is 9%
1835 agro https://github.com/tomaszbawor/agro Tomasz Bawor 12% Badge level for project 1835 is 12%
1836 M7M1_MuEukaron

An capability-based microkernel RTOS focusing on scalability, predictability, mixed-criticality and recoverability

https://github.com/EDI-Systems/M7M1_MuEukaron LGPL-3.0 EDI Systems 94% Badge level for project 1836 is 94%
1837 kwaeri-ux https://gitlab.com/mmod/kwaeri-ux Apache-2.0 Richard Winters 68% Badge level for project 1837 is 68%
1840 immutapy

Immutable python data structures inspired by immutable.js

https://github.com/emman27/immutapy MIT Emmanuel Goh 17% Badge level for project 1840 is 17%
1841 Farbfeld Utilities

Used to manipulate pictures and to convert file formats.

http://zzo38computer.org/fossil/farbfeld.ui Unlicense zzo38 71% Badge level for project 1841 is 71%
1842 FreeUHS

Free software for viewing and writing Universal Hint System files.

http://zzo38computer.org/fossil/freeuhs.ui Unlicense zzo38 67% Badge level for project 1842 is 67%
1843 my-easy-cheats

An application to keep your notes as Cheat Sheets easily.

https://ngkonstantinidis.github.io/my-easy-cheats ngkonstantinidis 15% Badge level for project 1843 is 15%
1844 celery-pubsub

Publish and Subscribe with Celery

https://github.com/Mulugruntz/celery-pubsub MIT Samuel GIFFARD 14% Badge level for project 1844 is 14%
1845 simgrid

Framework for the simulation of distributed applications (Clouds, HPC, Grids, IoT and others)

https://simgrid.org LGPL-2.1+ Martin Quinson 2018-08-04 20:33:44 167% Badge level for project 1845 is 167%
1846 v1x1 https://v1x1.tv GPL-3.0 Cobi 94% Badge level for project 1846 is 94%
1847 icaro

Easy and simple HotSpot for small and medium hotels

https://github.com/Amygos/icaro AGPL-3.0 Matteo Valentini 15% Badge level for project 1847 is 15%
1848 walk-go

learning Golang. Walk directories

https://github.com/asg1612/walk-go Andrés Sánchez García 9% Badge level for project 1848 is 9%
1849 ansible-role-docker

Install Docker system

https://github.com/asg1612/ansible-role-docker GPL-3.0 Andrés Sánchez García 14% Badge level for project 1849 is 14%
1850 infinitestreams

Implementation of infinite sequences as REST services.

https://github.com/kishaningithub/infinitestreams MIT Kishan B 14% Badge level for project 1850 is 14%
1851 Project_ComputerVision

Computer Vision

https://github.com/vinaykumar2491/Project_ComputerVision Vinay Kumar 9% Badge level for project 1851 is 9%
1852 ambassador

open source Kubernetes-native API gateway for microservices built on the Envoy Proxy

https://www.getambassador.io Apache-2.0 Richard Li 92% Badge level for project 1852 is 92%
1853 indybay https://www.indybay.org mfb 2% Badge level for project 1853 is 2%

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