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2515 BLDND

Blockchain Developer Nanodegree - Udacity

https://github.com/yazeedalrubyli/BLDND MIT Yazeed Alrubyli 14% Badge level for project 2515 is 14%
2517 faq

Format Agnostic jQ

https://github.com/jzelinskie/faq Apache-2.0 Jimmy Zelinskie 18% Badge level for project 2517 is 18%
2518 trickster

Trickster - Open Source Dashboard Accelerator for Prometheus

https://github.com/Comcast/trickster Apache-2.0 James Ranson 2019-02-12 02:05:14 111% Badge level for project 2518 is 111%
2519 Dotfiles

A collection of Miles B Huff's GNU/Linux configuration files.

https://github.com/MilesBHuff/Dotfiles LGPL-3.0-or-later Miles B Huff 89% Badge level for project 2519 is 89%
2520 Revolve

Robot evolution framework for the Triangle of Life project

https://evosphere.eu Apache-2.0 Milan Jelisavcic 68% Badge level for project 2520 is 68%
2521 Jastacry

Java Stacked Encryption

https://jastacry.org MIT Kai Kretschmann 2019-02-12 14:07:53 125% Badge level for project 2521 is 125%
2522 hawktracer

HawkTracer is a highly portable, low-overhead, configurable profiling tool built in Amazon Video for getting performance metrics from low-end devices.

https://github.com/loganek/hawktracer MIT Marcin Kolny 32% Badge level for project 2522 is 32%
2523 HadoopHADeploymentScript

Hadoop 2.8.0 HA Automatic Deployment Script has achieved the installation of hadoop high available version automatic deployment scripts. scripts writting by...

https://github.com/Fa1c0nSec/HadoopHADeploymentScript GPL-2.0 Fa1c0nSec 24% Badge level for project 2523 is 24%
2524 lta-datamall-caller

A well-tested, object-oriented, promise-based LTA Datamall API caller written in Typescript with built-in definitions.

https://github.com/achrinza/lta-datamall-caller MIT Rifa Achrinza 94% Badge level for project 2524 is 94%
2525 Screeps

Miles B Huff's Screeps scripts. (Screeps is an MMORTS for programmers; it's played entirely in JavaScript.)

https://github.com/MilesBHuff/Screeps AGPL-3.0-or-later with LGPL-3.0-or-later exceptions Miles B Huff 92% Badge level for project 2525 is 92%
2526 hire-freelance-network-technicians

Are you looking for network technicians but you don’t want to hire a team on a full time basis? If that is the case, then Field Engineer has the solution for...

https://www.fieldengineer.com/c1/hire-freelance-network-technicians silsila 2% Badge level for project 2526 is 2%
2527 jtools

R package for summarizing/visualizing regressions and other helpful tools.

https://jtools.jacob-long.com MIT Jacob Long 2019-02-16 02:58:49 131% Badge level for project 2527 is 131%
2528 medvision

python library for medical computer vision

https://github.com/kyle0x54/medvision Apache-2.0 Kyle 14% Badge level for project 2528 is 14%
2529 Birmingham Auto Detail

This project is about using computer technology to improve this car detailing business.

https://birminghamautodetail.com FLOSS license Susan 6% Badge level for project 2529 is 6%
2530 Limo Service Glendale

Glendale limo service serves the Glendale AZ area and we are trying to design a better site that's better.

https://limoserviceglendale.com FLOSS license Susan 3% Badge level for project 2530 is 3%
2531 Hattiesburg Towing Service

To design a site that can allow a caller to track their tow truck from the minute of the call to the arrival.

https://hattiesburgtowingservice.com FLOSS License Susan 3% Badge level for project 2531 is 3%
2532 Greenville MS Towing https://greenvillemstowing.com Susan 2% Badge level for project 2532 is 2%
2533 leavenworthcleaningservice

Essentially a basic but simple certain description of the main primary use in the meantime.

https://leavenworthcleaningservice.com Susan 2% Badge level for project 2533 is 2%
2534 springfieldohcleaningservice

This description is descriptive of a greater problem. We're looking to design a system in python.

https://springfieldohcleaningservice.com Susan 2% Badge level for project 2534 is 2%
2535 gulfporthandymanservices https://gulfporthandymanservices.com Susan 2% Badge level for project 2535 is 2%
2536 rentonhandyman https://rentonhandyman.com Susan 2% Badge level for project 2536 is 2%
2537 gulfporttowingservices https://gulfporttowingservices.com Susan 2% Badge level for project 2537 is 2%
2538 fallrivertowingservice https://fallrivertowingservice.com Susan 2% Badge level for project 2538 is 2%
2539 Comparison of Towing Methods Using PYthon https://sandyspringstowingservice.com Susan 2% Badge level for project 2539 is 2%
2540 unioncitytowingservice https://unioncitytowingservice.com Susan 2% Badge level for project 2540 is 2%
2541 snowremovalbrockton https://snowremovalbrockton.com Susan 2% Badge level for project 2541 is 2%
2542 jerseycityfenceinstallation https://jerseycityfenceinstallation.com Susan 2% Badge level for project 2542 is 2%
2543 patersonfenceinstallation https://patersonfenceinstallation.com Susan 2% Badge level for project 2543 is 2%
2544 TossingCoins

Tossing coins without tossing coins!

https://harens.me/TossingCoins GPL-3.0 harens 14% Badge level for project 2544 is 14%
2545 MEAN

Full MEAN Application

https://github.com/DetaElectPro/MEAN MIT ELTAYEB ALI 14% Badge level for project 2545 is 14%

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