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2586 echoes https://gitlab.com/iii-lidi/echoes gcaseres 2% Badge level for project 2586 is 2%
2587 AwesomeRoadTrip

School Game project.

Develop a 2D game for functions of 2nd or 3rd degree

https://gitlab.rainbowlabs.org/roadtrip/awesomeroadtrip MIT Christoph Pelzer 38% Badge level for project 2587 is 38%
2588 Matterpoll

Poll plugin for Mattermost

https://github.com/matterpoll/matterpoll MIT - 64% Badge level for project 2588 is 64%
2589 challenges

Coding challenges for section meetings

https://github.com/stevenliu216/challenges OTHER Steven Liu 24% Badge level for project 2589 is 24%
2590 mattermost-plugin-aws-SNS

Plugin that receives SNS notification from Alerts created by AWS CloudWatch and sent via AWS SNS

https://github.com/cpanato/mattermost-plugin-aws-SNS Apache-2.0 Carlos Tadeu Panato Junior 17% Badge level for project 2590 is 17%
2591 laravel-coinbase

Laravel wrapper for the Coinbase Commerce API

https://github.com/shakurov/laravel-coinbase MIT antimech 14% Badge level for project 2591 is 14%
2592 text-fabric

File format, model, API, and apps for manipulating text and its annotated features

https://github.com/annotation/text-fabric UNLICENSE Dirk Roorda 79% Badge level for project 2592 is 79%
2593 blogsite

GitHub repository for AWS CodeStar Go web application blogsite.

https://github.com/mcsec/blogsite Matthew Cascio 9% Badge level for project 2593 is 9%
2594 Data Flow Facilitator for Machine Learning

Library for reproducible dataset generation, storage, and management. As well as wrappers around machine learning models for plug an play of different...

https://github.com/intel/dffml MIT John Andersen 83% Badge level for project 2594 is 83%
2595 SIML

Schema Inference and Machine Learning

https://github.com/karhunenloeve/SIML OTHER root 12% Badge level for project 2595 is 12%
2596 updog

What's up dog?

https://github.com/benclapp/updog Apache-2.0 Ben Clapp 14% Badge level for project 2596 is 14%
2597 riskParityPortfolio

Fast design of risk parity portfolios

http://mirca.github.io/riskParityPortfolio GPL-3.0 Zé Vinícius 18% Badge level for project 2597 is 18%
2598 goArgonPass

goArgonPass is a Argon2 Password utility package for Go using the crypto library package Argon2. Argon2 was the winner of the most recent Password Hashing...

https://github.com/dwin/goArgonPass MIT Darwin 14% Badge level for project 2598 is 14%
2599 express-gateway

A microservices API Gateway built on top of ExpressJS

https://www.express-gateway.io Apache-2.0 Bill Denk 14% Badge level for project 2599 is 14%
2600 python-intervals

Python library for interval arithmetic

https://github.com/AlexandreDecan/python-intervals LGPL-3.0 Alexandre Decan 26% Badge level for project 2600 is 26%
2602 java-html-sanitizer

Takes third-party HTML and produces HTML that is safe to embed in your web application. Fast and easy to configure.

https://github.com/OWASP/java-html-sanitizer Apache-2.0 Mike Samuel 95% Badge level for project 2602 is 95%
2603 lfdl-landscape

Open Source AI Landscape: The goal is to build an interactive landscape similar to that of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (https://l.cncf.io/) that...

https://l.lfdl.io Apache-2.0 Ibrahim Haddad 14% Badge level for project 2603 is 14%
2605 Vulnerability assessment tool

Analyses Java and Python applications for open-source dependencies with known vulnerabilities, using both static analysis and testing to determine code...

https://github.com/SAP/vulnerability-assessment-tool Apache-2.0 Alessandro Pezzè 98% Badge level for project 2605 is 98%
2606 qt https://qt.io Kai Koehne 2% Badge level for project 2606 is 2%
2607 Subsurface

Subsurface can plan and track single- and multi-tank dives using air, Nitrox or TriMix. It allows tracking of dive locations including GPS coordinates (which...

https://subsurface-divelog.org GPL-2.0 Dirk Hohndel 98% Badge level for project 2607 is 98%
2608 php-newrelic

PHP Library for New Relic Agent

https://github.com/SobanVuex/php-newrelic MIT Alex Soban 14% Badge level for project 2608 is 14%
2609 lumen-bin-cli https://github.com/SobanVuex/lumen-bin-cli MIT Alex Soban 14% Badge level for project 2609 is 14%
2610 spongemockify

An npm package to spongemockify any English text

https://www.npmjs.com/package/spongemockify GPL-3.0 Md. Abdul Ahad Chowdhury 17% Badge level for project 2610 is 17%
2611 imageproxy

A caching, resizing image proxy written in Go

https://willnorris.com/go/imageproxy Apache-2.0 Will Norris 14% Badge level for project 2611 is 14%
2612 OpenColorIO

A color management framework for visual effects and animation.

http://opencolorio.org BSD-3-Clause Michael Dolan 77% Badge level for project 2612 is 77%
2613 fieldengineer

Managed Service Providers Outsourcing is getting to be a standout amongst the most ideal courses for bosses to discover ability and for occupation searchers...

https://www.fieldengineer.com harika 30% Badge level for project 2613 is 30%
2614 cacti http://cacti.net Mark Brugnoli-Vinten 5% Badge level for project 2614 is 5%
2615 reliabilly MIT Jared Blouse 70% Badge level for project 2615 is 70%
2616 DCSCMSApp

An app to allow you to create CMS and weapon profiles in DCS

https://github.com/cow-co/DCSCMSApp MIT Cow-Co 24% Badge level for project 2616 is 24%
2617 udemy---python-django-dev-to-deployment https://gitlab.com/welserjr/udemy---python-django-dev-to-deployment Welser Munoz 2% Badge level for project 2617 is 2%

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