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3116 ja2-stracciatella

The continuation of the venerable JA2-Stracciatella project.

https://ja2-stracciatella.github.io Jaka Kranjc 95% Badge level for project 3116 is 95%
3117 friendica

Friendica Communications Platform

https://friendi.ca OTHER Philipp 18% Badge level for project 3117 is 18%
3118 cdmn

perl extension for urxvt

https://github.com/Jeansen/cdmn GPL-3.0 Jeansen 95% Badge level for project 3118 is 95%
3119 mattermost-plugin-remind

a mattermost plugin that sets reminders for users and channels.

https://github.com/scottleedavis/mattermost-plugin-remind Apache-2.0 scott lee davis 2019-08-25 04:41:26 104% Badge level for project 3119 is 104%
3120 LegendaryBot

coming soon...

https://gitlab.com/legendary-experience/legendarybot GPL-3.0-or-later Elron MacBong 9% Badge level for project 3120 is 9%
3122 tangensys https://www.tangensys.com Abhinav 2% Badge level for project 3122 is 2%
3123 octo-events https://gitlab.com/diguliu/octo-events Rodrigo 2% Badge level for project 3123 is 2%
3124 go-smsapi

smsapi go client

https://github.com/in-void/go-smsapi Apache-2.0 in-void 17% Badge level for project 3124 is 17%
3125 osquery

SQL powered operating system instrumentation, monitoring, and analytics.

https://osquery.io Apache-2.0 OR GPL-2.0-only seph 83% Badge level for project 3125 is 83%
3126 jowt

JOWT is a library for golang to generate and verify JWT Token

https://github.com/johansetia/jowt MIT Johan Setiawan 85% Badge level for project 3126 is 85%
3127 date_time

date_time is a high-level rust library for use in situations where precision beyond seconds is not necessary.

https://github.com/samueldple/date_time Apache-2.0 samueldple 2019-08-29 18:41:32 111% Badge level for project 3127 is 111%
3130 sprig

Useful template functions for Go templates.

http://masterminds.github.io/sprig OTHER Matt Butcher 17% Badge level for project 3130 is 17%
3131 helm

The Kubernetes Package Manager

https://helm.sh Apache-2.0 Matt Butcher 2019-08-29 23:49:37 198% Badge level for project 3131 is 198%
3132 thrive

Thrive is a highly opinionated infrastructure framework for Spring Boot/Cloud based microservices systems

https://github.com/thrive-framework/thrive Apache-2.0 Filip 14% Badge level for project 3132 is 14%
3133 roadrunner-support http://www.email-customer-care.com/roadrunner-support jons 0% Badge level for project 3133 is 0%
3134 verizon-support

Email communication is probably the central backbone of our communication framework also there are many features and issues in it. Mainly mobile email brings...

http://www.email-customer-care.com/verizon-support jons 0% Badge level for project 3134 is 0%
3135 Look_into_text

scene text parser

https://github.com/anish9/Look_into_text Anish 9% Badge level for project 3135 is 9%
3142 Containerized_Spark

Containerized Spark on Kubernetes and Docker

https://github.com/sshakeri/Containerized_Spark Shahin Shakeri 9% Badge level for project 3142 is 9%
3143 rest-api-framework

Simple REST API framework for Node.js

https://github.com/roshangade/rest-api-framework MIT Roshan Gade 91% Badge level for project 3143 is 91%
3144 nailclipper

It's just a nailclipper project :D

https://github.com/tianbaodada/nailclipper tianbaodada 2% Badge level for project 3144 is 2%
3145 domino-ui


https://github.com/DominoKit/domino-ui Apache-2.0 Ahmad K. Bawaneh 83% Badge level for project 3145 is 83%
3146 aws-lambda-basic https://github.com/jobycxa/aws-lambda-basic jobycxa 9% Badge level for project 3146 is 9%
3147 votebot https://votebot.wtf Michael Rittmeister 2% Badge level for project 3147 is 2%
3148 dcd-api-http

A NodeJS REST API for the Data-Centric Design Hub

https://github.com/datacentricdesign/dcd-api-http MIT Jacky Bourgeois 15% Badge level for project 3148 is 15%
3151 KrakenD

Ultra performant API Gateway with middlewares

https://www.krakend.io Apache-2.0 A. Lombarte 2019-09-03 22:59:18 104% Badge level for project 3151 is 104%
3152 MMM-WeeklySchedule

Module for MagicMirror which shows a weekly timetable. Might be helpful for students/teachers/parents to show class schedules, weekly gym courses, sports...

https://github.com/pinsdorf/MMM-WeeklySchedule MIT pinsdorf 20% Badge level for project 3152 is 20%
3153 base-images https://gitlab.com/characato/base-images Ethan 2% Badge level for project 3153 is 2%
3154 appsec_spell_checker

CS-GY9163: Application Security Fall 2019 Unit Assignment 1

https://github.com/shrowner/appsec_spell_checker shrowner 9% Badge level for project 3154 is 9%
3155 Lely core libraries

The Lely core libraries are a collection of libraries designed to support the implementation robot control applications, on Linux, Windows or bare metal...

https://opensource.lely.com/canopen Apache-2.0 Jos Seldenthuis 97% Badge level for project 3155 is 97%
3156 Hyperactive

A hyperparameter optimization and meta-learning toolbox for convenient and fast prototyping of machine-/deep-learning models.

https://github.com/SimonBlanke/Hyperactive MIT Simon Blanke 14% Badge level for project 3156 is 14%

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