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3264 tqdm

A Fast, Extensible Progress Bar for Python and CLI

https://tqdm.github.io OTHER Casper da Costa-Luis 2019-10-11 15:52:20 109% Badge level for project 3264 is 109%
3265 techsquids https://github.com/reethified/techsquids Rahul Sharma 9% Badge level for project 3265 is 9%
3266 ipf

Open eHealth Integration Platform

http://oehf.github.io/ipf-docs Apache-2.0 Thomas Papke 15% Badge level for project 3266 is 15%
3267 pp

PushPanel CLI Framework

https://github.com/spagu/pp BSD-3-Clause spagu 70% Badge level for project 3267 is 70%
3269 wordpress-sqrl-login

SQRL Login WordPress plugin

https://wordpress.org/plugins/sqrl-login MIT Daniel Persson 2019-11-01 09:37:16 105% Badge level for project 3269 is 105%
3270 secure-quick-reliable-login

This repository is an implementation for SQRL (Secure Quick Reliable Login) on Android.

https://github.com/kalaspuffar/secure-quick-reliable-login MIT Daniel Persson 74% Badge level for project 3270 is 74%
3271 Noob Docs

Noob Docs is a complete Git Powered Documentation System meaning it is a place where all documentations that have ever seemed make no sense become a...

https://github.com/th3n00bc0d3r/noobdocs GPL-3.0-or-later Muhammad Bilal 98% Badge level for project 3271 is 98%
3272 ghctl

Github CLI management tool

https://github.com/amirashad/ghctl MIT Rashad Amirjanov 15% Badge level for project 3272 is 15%
3273 Textile Language Features

Full featured document preview for the Textile markup language for VSCode IDE.

https://github.com/GehDoc/vscode-textile-preview MIT Gérald Hameau 92% Badge level for project 3273 is 92%
3274 pyrx https://sourceforge.net/projects/pyrx Sarkis Dallakian 2% Badge level for project 3274 is 2%
3275 s3-proxy

S3 Proxy

https://github.com/oxyno-zeta/s3-proxy Apache-2.0 Havrileck Alexandre 20% Badge level for project 3275 is 20%
3276 tillerless-helm-release-exporter

Helm exporter which collects information directly from storage backend without tiller.

https://github.com/bergerx/tillerless-helm-release-exporter Apache-2.0 Bekir Dogan 73% Badge level for project 3276 is 73%
3277 akka-serial

Reactive serial communication library for Akka and Scala.

https://jodersky.github.io/akka-serial BSD-3-Clause Jakob Odersky 20% Badge level for project 3277 is 20%
3278 program_options

a simple program options parser in C++

https://github.com/liu0hy/program_options MIT liu0hy 17% Badge level for project 3278 is 17%
3279 fiware-aiakos

Server with public API to manage ssh/gpg keys for the support user.

Apache-2.0 Fernando López Aguilar 15% Badge level for project 3279 is 15%
3280 hanabi http://hanabi.fosslab.uk Joseph Walton-Rivers 0% Badge level for project 3280 is 0%
3281 j2static https://git.fossgalaxy.com/open-source/j2static Joseph Walton-Rivers 2% Badge level for project 3281 is 2%
3282 Comet https://git.fossgalaxy.com/iggi/Comet Joseph Walton-Rivers 2% Badge level for project 3282 is 2%
3284 OpenAPI-Specification

The OpenAPI Specification Repository

https://openapis.org Apache-2.0 AS 29% Badge level for project 3284 is 29%
3285 crawl

Simple web crawler with a single domain scope

https://github.com/bytemare/crawl MIT Bytemare 2019-10-15 14:14:41 104% Badge level for project 3285 is 104%
3286 skaffold

Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development

https://skaffold.dev Apache-2.0 Balint Pato 32% Badge level for project 3286 is 32%
3287 PSP

PSP-UFU (Power Systems Platform of Federal University of Uberlândia) is a cross-platform, multilingual, Free and Open-Source Software with advanced GUI...

https://thales1330.github.io/PSP GPL-2.0 Thales Lima Oliveira 2019-10-15 12:31:17 109% Badge level for project 3287 is 109%
3288 butler-graphql

An opinionated GraphQL package for Laravel.

https://github.com/glesys/butler-graphql MIT Martin Bagge / brother 2019-10-23 06:34:50 178% Badge level for project 3288 is 178%
3289 AWX-HA-InstanceGroup

Build AWX clustering on Docker Standalone Installation

https://github.com/sujiar37/AWX-HA-InstanceGroup MIT Sujith 14% Badge level for project 3289 is 14%
3291 vinyldns-cli

A Go-based CLI to vinyldns

https://github.com/vinyldns/vinyldns-cli Apache-2.0 Mike Ball 17% Badge level for project 3291 is 17%
3292 semver-maven-plugin

Semantic versioning maven plugin

https://github.com/canmogol/semver-maven-plugin MIT Can MOGOL 17% Badge level for project 3292 is 17%
3295 setup-php

GitHub action to setup PHP with required extensions, php.ini configuration, code-coverage support and composer

https://github.com/marketplace/actions/setup-php-action MIT Shivam Mathur 2019-10-16 13:48:06 115% Badge level for project 3295 is 115%
3296 novy-api


https://github.com/Neptius/novy-api GPL-3.0 Neptius 14% Badge level for project 3296 is 14%
3297 iotjs-express

Basic reimplementation of Express.js for IoT.js or Node

https://github.com/SamsungInternet/iotjs-express MIT Philippe Coval 17% Badge level for project 3297 is 17%
3298 unifrost

A go module that makes it easier to stream pubsub messages to the web by relaying them via Server Sent Events (EventSource).

https://github.com/rajveermalviya/unifrost Apache-2.0 Rajveer Malviya 47% Badge level for project 3298 is 47%

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