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3286 skaffold

Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development

https://skaffold.dev Apache-2.0 Balint Pato 32% Badge level for project 3286 is 32%
3287 PSP

PSP-UFU (Power Systems Platform of Federal University of Uberlândia) is a cross-platform, multilingual, Free and Open-Source Software with advanced GUI...

https://thales1330.github.io/PSP GPL-2.0 Thales Lima Oliveira 2019-10-15 12:31:17 109% Badge level for project 3287 is 109%
3288 butler-graphql

An opinionated GraphQL package for Laravel.

https://github.com/glesys/butler-graphql MIT Martin Bagge / brother 2019-10-23 06:34:50 176% Badge level for project 3288 is 176%
3289 AWX-HA-InstanceGroup

Build AWX clustering on Docker Standalone Installation

https://github.com/sujiar37/AWX-HA-InstanceGroup MIT Sujith 14% Badge level for project 3289 is 14%
3291 vinyldns-cli

A Go-based CLI to vinyldns

https://github.com/vinyldns/vinyldns-cli Apache-2.0 Mike Ball 17% Badge level for project 3291 is 17%
3292 semver-maven-plugin

Semantic versioning maven plugin

https://github.com/canmogol/semver-maven-plugin MIT Can MOGOL 17% Badge level for project 3292 is 17%
3295 setup-php

GitHub action to setup PHP with required extensions, php.ini configuration, code-coverage support and composer

https://github.com/marketplace/actions/setup-php-action MIT Shivam Mathur 2019-10-16 13:48:06 115% Badge level for project 3295 is 115%
3296 novy-api


https://github.com/Neptius/novy-api GPL-3.0 Neptius 14% Badge level for project 3296 is 14%
3297 iotjs-express

Basic reimplementation of Express.js for IoT.js or Node

https://github.com/SamsungInternet/iotjs-express MIT Philippe Coval 17% Badge level for project 3297 is 17%
3298 unifrost

A go module that makes it easier to stream pubsub messages to the web by relaying them via Server Sent Events (EventSource).

https://github.com/rajveermalviya/unifrost Apache-2.0 Rajveer Malviya 47% Badge level for project 3298 is 47%
3300 drone-datadog

Drone plugin to send metrics and events to Datadog

http://plugins.drone.io/masci/drone-datadog BSD-2-Clause Massimiliano Pippi 14% Badge level for project 3300 is 14%
3303 Secure Production Identity Framework for Everyone Runtime Enviroment

The SPIFFE Runtime Environment

https://spiffe.io Apache-2.0 Andres Vega 2019-12-13 06:40:44 198% Badge level for project 3303 is 198%
3304 original-ui https://github.com/JakeAdmire/original-ui Jake Admire 11% Badge level for project 3304 is 11%
3306 NPTEL-The-Joy-of-Computing-using-Python https://github.com/gunjanmimo/NPTEL-The-Joy-of-Computing-using-Python MIT Gunjan Paul 14% Badge level for project 3306 is 14%
3307 kudo

Kubernetes Universal Declarative Operator (KUDO)

https://kudo.dev Apache-2.0 Gerred Dillon 77% Badge level for project 3307 is 77%
3308 TinkoffInvestNetSdk

Unofficial Tinkoff Invest OpenApi .Net/C# SDK

https://github.com/InsightAppDev/TinkoffInvestNetSdk Apache-2.0 Sergey Nazarov 14% Badge level for project 3308 is 14%
3310 klingo

Terminal SSH Connection Manager written in Go

https://github.com/marco2704/klingo MIT Marco Davalos 17% Badge level for project 3310 is 17%
3311 dbparser

Source code for the R package, "dbparser" (i.e. DrugBank Parser)

https://dainanahan.github.io/dbparser/index.html MIT Mohammed Ali 2020-03-23 06:47:09 109% Badge level for project 3311 is 109%
3312 product-microgateway

A cloud native, developer centric and decentralized API gateway for microservices

https://wso2.com/api-management/api-microgateway Apache-2.0 Rajith Roshan 86% Badge level for project 3312 is 86%
3313 ONNX

Open Neural Network Exchange - an open format for machine learning and deep learning models

https://onnx.ai MIT Prasanth Pulavarthi 89% Badge level for project 3313 is 89%
3314 Enum https://github.com/grachevko/Enum MIT Konstantin Grachev 17% Badge level for project 3314 is 17%
3315 bestpractices https://bestpractices.coreinfrastructure.org Sirinart Khongyadee 2% Badge level for project 3315 is 2%
3316 slf4j-cdi

SLF4J CDI injection providers

https://github.com/reinhapa/slf4j-cdi MIT Patrick Reinhart 42% Badge level for project 3316 is 42%
3317 malina


https://github.com/cyniu88/malina cyniu88 9% Badge level for project 3317 is 9%
3318 horovod

Distributed training framework for TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and Apache MXNet.

http://horovod.ai OTHER Travis Addair 12% Badge level for project 3318 is 12%
3319 libremetaverse

An fork of the libopenmetaverse library striving for performance improvements and up-to-date compatibility with SL/OS/Halcyon

https://github.com/cinderblocks/libremetaverse BSD-3-Clause ¡Cinder! ㊝ 85% Badge level for project 3319 is 85%
3320 backend-api https://github.com/maxifjaved/backend-api Muhammad Asif Javed 9% Badge level for project 3320 is 9%
3321 tools https://github.com/jaelsvd/tools Jael 9% Badge level for project 3321 is 9%
3322 rancher-go

Rancher Go Client

https://github.com/canhnt/rancher-go Apache-2.0 Canh Ngo 14% Badge level for project 3322 is 14%
3323 Hyperledger Avalon

Hyperledger Avalon enables privacy in blockchain transactions, moving intensive processing from a main blockchain to improve scalability and latency, and to...

https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/avalon/Hyperledger+Avalon Apache-2.0 Dan Anderson 21% Badge level for project 3323 is 21%

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