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3633 BareboyBTTM https://github.com/BareboyKev/BareboyBTTM Apache-2.0 BareboyKev 14% Badge level for project 3633 is 14%
3634 app

IronPHP 1.0 application template

https://github.com/ironphp/app MIT Gaurang Kumar 14% Badge level for project 3634 is 14%
3636 learn1


https://github.com/gyoganandhan/learn1 gyoganandhan 9% Badge level for project 3636 is 9%
3639 Map2Check

Map2Check: Finding Software Vulnerabilities

https://map2check.github.io GPL-2.0 Herbert 88% Badge level for project 3639 is 88%
3643 Aion-blockchain-docker https://github.com/girish979/Aion-blockchain-docker Girish 9% Badge level for project 3643 is 9%
3645 stdgpu

stdgpu: Efficient STL-like Data Structures on the GPU

https://github.com/stotko/stdgpu Apache-2.0 Patrick Stotko 2020-01-25 13:01:35 149% Badge level for project 3645 is 149%
3646 kodi-controller

The code for interfacing with kodi Docs:

https://cmp2804m-group3.github.io/kodi-controller GPL-3.0 Joseph Pitts 15% Badge level for project 3646 is 15%
3647 xsrv

Run your own network services, on a server you control.

This ansible playbook lets you quickly and reliably install and manage various network services...

https://gitlab.com/nodiscc/xsrv GPL-3.0-only nodiscc 86% Badge level for project 3647 is 86%
3648 test-project.git trnvo 2% Badge level for project 3648 is 2%
3649 sqmgr-api

Backend API for SqMGR

https://sqmgr.com Apache-2.0 Thomas Peters 17% Badge level for project 3649 is 17%
3650 isomer

Isomer base system - the decentralized application framework

https://www.isomer.eu AGPL-3.0 riot 92% Badge level for project 3650 is 92%
3651 selective_copy

Simple command line application that copies all files with given extension from a directory and its subfolders to another directory.

https://github.com/pltnk/selective_copy MIT Kirill Plotnikov 14% Badge level for project 3651 is 14%
3652 BitWanga


https://github.com/nc1BitW/BitWanga-public UNLICENSE nc1BitW 17% Badge level for project 3652 is 17%
3653 swan

Screening Workflows And statistical models to predict new materials

https://github.com/nlesc-nano/swan Apache-2.0 felipe zapata 17% Badge level for project 3653 is 17%
3654 Acumos AI

Acumos AI is a platform and open source framework that makes it easy to build, share, and deploy AI apps. Acumos standardizes the infrastructure stack and...

https://wiki.acumos.org Apache-2.0 Murali 95% Badge level for project 3654 is 95%
3655 botsiah.github.io https://github.com/botsiah/botsiah.github.io Haist Saraiva 9% Badge level for project 3655 is 9%
3658 EpicMorg: Docker Scripts

A collection of different docker containers for production use.

https://hub.docker.com/r/epicmorg MIT STAM 97% Badge level for project 3658 is 97%
3659 LyricsFetcher
  • A terminal based app to fetch lyrics of song by means of web scraping
  • Usage $python lyricsFetch.py artist_name song_name
https://github.com/jeevanshu/LyricsFetcher GPL-3.0-or-later Jeevanshu Malhotra 20% Badge level for project 3659 is 20%
3662 verificarlo

A tool for automatic Montecarlo Arithmetic analysis.

https://github.com/yohanchatelain/verificarlo GPL-3.0 yohanchatelain 15% Badge level for project 3662 is 15%
3663 wolfpacs

WolfPACS is an open-source Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) solution written in Erlang.

https://wolfpacs.github.io Apache-2.0 Niklas Johansson 73% Badge level for project 3663 is 73%
3664 zinc

ZincECS is an entity-component-system library for golang

https://github.com/SirMetathyst/zinc MIT Alexander Hunt 74% Badge level for project 3664 is 74%
3665 toolinghq

Neatly organized database of great libraries, projects and information.

https://github.com/viktorbezdek/toolinghq MIT Viktor Bezdek 14% Badge level for project 3665 is 14%
3666 branch-cleaner

🚯 Delete unused branches on Slack

https://github.com/prodigyeducation/branch-cleaner MIT Joshua Purcell 94% Badge level for project 3666 is 94%
3667 modmail https://samstep.net/bots/modmail Samstep 15% Badge level for project 3667 is 15%
3669 httpretty

Go package httpretty prints your HTTP requests pretty for logging.

https://github.com/henvic/httpretty MIT Henrique Vicente 2020-02-08 12:37:04 113% Badge level for project 3669 is 113%
3671 otus-go-telnet

Learning go with Otus

https://github.com/Lefthander/otus-go-telnet Sergey Olisov 12% Badge level for project 3671 is 12%
3672 ElasticsearchDSL

Query DSL library for Elasticsearch

https://github.com/ongr-io/ElasticsearchDSL MIT Simonas Šerlinskas 2020-02-04 10:11:11 105% Badge level for project 3672 is 105%
3673 Hussar

A small toy programming language.

https://hussar.io MIT kscarlett 92% Badge level for project 3673 is 92%
3674 scaleway-sdk-go

(BETA) Integrate Scaleway with your Go application

https://godoc.org/github.com/scaleway/scaleway-sdk-go Apache-2.0 Rémy Léone 15% Badge level for project 3674 is 15%
3675 netschoolapi

Полностью асинхронный API клиент для "Сетевой Город. Образование" написанный на Python

https://netschoolapi.readthedocs.io/ru/latest MIT Даниил Николаев 89% Badge level for project 3675 is 89%

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