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1450 cluster-registry

Cluster Registry API

https://github.com/kubernetes/cluster-registry Apache-2.0 Jonathan MacMillan 15% Badge level for project 1450 is 15%
1313 cmd Harsh Vardhan 9% Badge level for project 1313 is 9%
1168 cnn-marketing-toolkit-api

CNN Marketing Toolkit API - API trafficking content for the Marketing Toolkit datastore

https://github.com/jamsyoung/cnn-marketing-toolkit-api Apache-2.0 YungJames 14% Badge level for project 1168 is 14%
711 cobweb

Web crawler with very flexible crawling options. Can either use standalone or can be used with resque to perform clustered crawls.

https://github.com/stewartmckee/cobweb MIT Stewart McKee 71% Badge level for project 711 is 71%
681 Code coverage tool for Bash https://github.com/infertux/bashcov MIT Cédric Félizard 27% Badge level for project 681 is 27%
673 code_lister

List/filter files based on simple concept like 'find' command in Linux/Unix based system

https://github.com/agilecreativity/code_lister MIT Burin Choomnuan 18% Badge level for project 673 is 18%
122 Coderbounty website http://www.coderbounty.com AGPL-3.0 Sean Auriti 14% Badge level for project 122 is 14%
638 coffeescript-mockable-http-proxy

Very simple http server, that is steerable (until some point) from remote.

https://github.com/pegasystems/coffeescript-mockable-http-proxy Apache-2.0 Tomasz Sieprawski 48% Badge level for project 638 is 48%
693 CoFreezer

A freezer with ESP8266 inside

https://github.com/Cocoonshu/CoFreezer Cocoonshu 11% Badge level for project 693 is 11%
312 collectd

The system statistics collection daemon

https://collectd.org GPL-2.0 Dagobert Michelsen 2017-03-18 15:20:46 100% Badge level for project 312 is 100%
758 collection of minimalistic standalone C++14 utilities https://github.com/dapirian/m UNLICENSE David Apirian 12% Badge level for project 758 is 12%
187 Collection of scripts I created and used at least once. https://github.com/elacheche/myScripts El Acheche ANIS 11% Badge level for project 187 is 11%
1617 CollectionViewSlantedLayout

UICollectionViewLayout subclass to display slanted content

https://github.com/yacir/CollectionViewSlantedLayout MIT Yassir Barchi 67% Badge level for project 1617 is 67%
768 Combined MCEdit & Pymclevel repository. http://khroki.github.io/MCEdit-Unified ISC Naor Volkovich 12% Badge level for project 768 is 12%
1207 Command line tool for Rung https://app.rung.com.br MIT Marcelo Camargo 14% Badge level for project 1207 is 14%
354 CommandPalette.js

A pure JavaScript client side implementation of Sublime's and Atom's command palette tool.

https://github.com/OwlTechnology/CommandPalette.js MIT Ivan Mattie 74% Badge level for project 354 is 74%
1473 commons

various utility code

https://github.com/javathought/commons Apache-2.0 ☕️ Thoughts 17% Badge level for project 1473 is 17%
947 Complete open source web conferencing system. https://www.bigbluebutton.org Ghazi Triki 12% Badge level for project 947 is 12%
1659 Component-3

Happy and Joyful? Yes very

https://github.com/BrandonBirchallUK/Component-3-New Brandon Birchall 9% Badge level for project 1659 is 9%
526 composer-parallel-docker

Docker image for running Composer in parallel (https://github.com/hirak/prestissimo)

https://github.com/emirb/composer-parallel-docker GPL-3.0 Emir Beganović 14% Badge level for project 526 is 14%
815 Computator.NET

Computator.NET is a special kind of numerical software that is fast and easy to use but not worse than others feature-wise. It's features include: - Real...

https://github.com/PawelTroka/Computator.NET GPL-3.0 Pawel Troka 15% Badge level for project 815 is 15%
1429 ComputerServiceSheets https://github.com/MySolace/ComputerServiceSheets Casker 12% Badge level for project 1429 is 12%
128 ~/.conf https://github.com/unixdotfiles/dotfiles Eitan Adler 11% Badge level for project 128 is 11%
502 Config files (bash, vim..) https://github.com/bymathias/dotfiles MIT Mathias Brouilly 14% Badge level for project 502 is 14%
238 Connbeat

Connectionbeat is an open source agent that monitors TCP connection metadata and ships the data to Kafka or Elasticsearch.

The main distinction from...

https://github.com/raboof/connbeat Apache-2.0 Arnout Engelen 68% Badge level for project 238 is 68%
1217 ConnectFour a simple board game https://github.com/chandanch/ConnectFour GPL-2.0 Chandan CH 14% Badge level for project 1217 is 14%
317 connect-ready

express middleware that indicates whether a service is ready or not

https://github.com/dcolens/connect-ready MIT Did 23% Badge level for project 317 is 23%
155 ConnId

ConnId (Connectors for Identity Management) is built to help drive development of Connectors.

http://connid.tirasa.net CDDL 1.0 Francesco Chicchiriccò 65% Badge level for project 155 is 65%
1052 container https://github.com/burraq/container MIT Javed Ahmadzai 14% Badge level for project 1052 is 14%
1271 containerd

containerd provides primitives for building container platforms. It provides runtime, storage, distribution, and monitoring of containers and images so...

https://containerd.io Apache-2.0 Michael Crosby 2018-01-09 15:11:14 100% Badge level for project 1271 is 100%

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