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401 my-application https://github.com/bb-drummer/my-application Apache-2.0 Björn Bartels 15% Badge level for project 401 is 15%
398 phpagstract https://github.com/bb-drummer/phpagstract Apache-2.0 Björn Bartels 89% Badge level for project 398 is 89%
1552 uxr

A set of JavaScript utilities for selecting and modifying elements

https://github.com/bcinarli/uxr MIT Bilal Çınarlı 59% Badge level for project 1552 is 59%
150 rssgrab

Open source Python script to manage video podcasts with no user interaction. Designed for media servers and the like.

https://github.com/bengosney/rssgrab GPL-3.0+ Ben Gosney 18% Badge level for project 150 is 18%
1220 Idempotent deployment provisioner for Compose https://github.com/benjdewan/pachelbel MIT ben dewan 17% Badge level for project 1220 is 17%
973 Hello-world


https://github.com/benyfeter/hello-world beni feter 11% Badge level for project 973 is 11%
523 checkbleed

Java command-line utility for batch URL checking for Heartbleed vulnerability

https://github.com/berezovskyi/checkbleed Andrew Berezovskyi 12% Badge level for project 523 is 12%
802 moviescore

A cli tool to get movie ratings and reviews directly to your terminal!

https://github.com/BharatKalluri/moviescore MIT Bharat 14% Badge level for project 802 is 14%
819 3D-Bitcoin


https://github.com/biesmard/3D-Bitcoin GPL-2.0 biesmard 14% Badge level for project 819 is 14%
870 Remarker https://github.com/bigfish-hu/remarker Adam Naday 9% Badge level for project 870 is 9%
981 Web SSH Client

Web SSH Client using ssh2, socket.io, term.js, and express

https://github.com/billchurch/WebSSH2 GPL-3.0 Bill Church 55% Badge level for project 981 is 55%
368 Scraps

Useful scraps of C++.

https://github.com/bittorrent/scraps Apache-2.0 Chris 2016-09-12 19:15:17 100% Badge level for project 368 is 100%
231 dotenv

Loads environment variables from .env.

https://github.com/bkeepers/dotenv MIT Brandon Keepers 92% Badge level for project 231 is 92%
133 Security Knowledge Framework (SKF) Python Flask project

The OWASP Security Knowledge Framework is intended to be a tool that is used as a guide for building and verifying secure software. It can also be used to...

https://github.com/blabla1337/skf-flask AGPL-3.0 blabla1337 82% Badge level for project 133 is 82%
139 Jenkins Hub Plugin https://github.com/blackducksoftware/hub-jenkins GPL-2.0 Ari Kamen 21% Badge level for project 139 is 21%
691 LinkedTreeMap-CPP

A simple, header-only C++ implementation of an insertion-order sorted associative container, inspired by Java. It is header-only (in fact, a single file),...

https://github.com/Blacklands/LinkedTreeMap-CPP MIT Jannik Zuther 20% Badge level for project 691 is 20%
1056 Symfony Project for LiBio

LISem is an ERP specialized for seeds producers and craftsmen.

https://github.com/BlastCI/LISemSymfonyProject GPL-3.0 BlastCI 38% Badge level for project 1056 is 38%
553 mutator

A C code mutator,Misra-C checker and when possible, a Misra-C implementer using the Clang frontend written mostly in C++ and some bash.

https://github.com/bloodstalker/mutator LGPL-3.0 Farzad Sadeghi 2017-01-15 14:47:57 100% Badge level for project 553 is 100%
1485 Brayns

Interactive raytracing of neuroscience data

https://github.com/BlueBrain/Brayns OTHER Daniel Nachbaur 17% Badge level for project 1485 is 17%
641 C++11 and SDL2 lightweight 2d game framework https://github.com/boldtempleGaming/Engine OTHER WinPooh32 15% Badge level for project 641 is 15%
855 Ruby port of some Scala's monads

Either, Option and Try monads implemented on Ruby.

https://github.com/bolshakov/fear MIT Tema Bolshakov 24% Badge level for project 855 is 24%
1223 bolt

Bolt is a simple CMS written in PHP. It is based on Silex and Symfony components, uses Twig and either SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL.

https://github.com/bolt/bolt MIT Gawain Lynch 2017-09-01 20:15:38 100% Badge level for project 1223 is 100%
224 herosinatra v.2.0

Main repository for the herosheet project in ruby on sinatra

https://github.com/borja/herobravo MIT Borja Martín Fernández 56% Badge level for project 224 is 56%
84 Bart

Bart is a PHP project. It originally began its life as a collection of Build and Release Tools used internally at Box. Over time, it's grown into a...

https://github.com/box/bart Apache-2.0 Benjamin VanEvery 39% Badge level for project 84 is 39%
1643 boxrec

retrieve information from Boxrec

https://github.com/boxing/boxrec MIT Mike DiDomizio 26% Badge level for project 1643 is 26%
1222 hapi-route-logging

A simple plugin to print on screen the routes consulted, ideal during development.

https://github.com/box-maker/hapi-route-logging MPL-2.0 Alejandro Alvarez 36% Badge level for project 1222 is 36%
290 crucible

AWS CloudFormation templates built with Clojure

https://github.com/brabster/crucible EPL-1.0 Paul Brabban 70% Badge level for project 290 is 70%
1659 Component-3

Happy and Joyful? Yes very

https://github.com/BrandonBirchallUK/Component-3-New Brandon Birchall 9% Badge level for project 1659 is 9%
1174 Javascript library for the Bands in Town API https://github.com/breadadams/bit_js Brad Adams 9% Badge level for project 1174 is 9%
207 Breaking_Pitt Dockerfile learning repository. https://github.com/BreakingPitt/dockerfiles Pedro Garcia Rodriguez 11% Badge level for project 207 is 11%

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