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1363 coo-homeless-api

Coo Homeless API - The API Server for the mobile app Coo Homeless

https://github.com/tiaghoalves/coo-homeless-api Tiago Alves 9% Badge level for project 1363 is 9%
1250 CoreDNS

CoreDNS is a cloud-native, authoritative DNS server written in Go. It provides dynamic service discovery backed by different data sources, including etcd and...

https://coredns.io Apache-2.0 John Belamaric 2017-09-12 13:33:53 100% Badge level for project 1250 is 100%
341 CoreFramework

PHP framework based on plugin system.

The CoreFramework is built around a 300 lines single file that architect all other components as independent...

https://cf.nfet.net LGPL-2.1 David PHAM-VAN 71% Badge level for project 341 is 71%
1147 Corporate-Consumer-Contact-API-Documentation https://github.com/imhomos1984/Corporate-Consumer-Contact-API-Documentation Darrall.Joseph Lee 9% Badge level for project 1147 is 9%
440 coursenta Andrew Dabich 2% Badge level for project 440 is 2%
1612 cpp_chip8

CHIP-8/SuperChip/XO-Chip Emulator written in C++ using SDL

https://github.com/MoleskiCoder/cpp_chip8 GPL-2.0 Adrian Conlon 83% Badge level for project 1612 is 83%
436 CPPWebFramework

The C++ Web Framework is a framework created in C++ with Qt for use in developing applications for the Web.

https://github.com/HerikLyma/CPPWebFramework Herik Lima 11% Badge level for project 436 is 11%
530 Craftr -- Meta build system based on Ninja and Python

Craftr is a cross-platform meta build system that aims to be "write once, compile anywhere". It's still in the early stages

https://craftr.net GPL-3.0 Niklas Rosenstein 85% Badge level for project 530 is 85%
570 Crate Robot

Code for the 2014 FRC 4571 Robot. Reimagined.

https://github.com/frc4571/CrateRobot MIT admin4571 24% Badge level for project 570 is 24%
969 Crawler for leboncoin.fr https://github.com/rfussien/leboncoin-crawler MIT Remi 77% Badge level for project 969 is 77%
590 crc-js https://github.com/PowerPan/crc-js MIT Johannes Rudolph 14% Badge level for project 590 is 14%
659 Create new files from templates interactively. https://github.com/haavard/templateman ISC Håvard Pettersson 14% Badge level for project 659 is 14%
315 create-tx-configuration https://pagure.io/create-tx-configuration AGPL-3.0 Eric Christensen 56% Badge level for project 315 is 56%
1430 CrisisTrends

Crisis Text Line's public-facing trend site

https://mysolace.github.io/CrisisTrends Apache-2.0 Casker 15% Badge level for project 1430 is 15%
958 criteria_operator

This gem provides classes to create arbitrary complex conditions, by building an expression tree.

https://github.com/TheFlow0360/criteria_operator MIT Florian Koch 73% Badge level for project 958 is 73%
642 croodle

Croodle is a web application to schedule a date or to do a poll on a general topics.

https://github.com/jelhan/croodle MIT jelhan 65% Badge level for project 642 is 65%
290 crucible

AWS CloudFormation templates built with Clojure

https://github.com/brabster/crucible EPL-1.0 Paul Brabban 70% Badge level for project 290 is 70%
1389 cryptor

Privacy, Anonymity, Freedom

https://github.com/thee-engineer/cryptor GPL-3.0 Alexandru-Paul Copil 73% Badge level for project 1389 is 73%
1412 crypto-tk

Cryptographic toolkit for searchable encryption.

https://opensse.github.io AGPL-3.0 Raphael Bost 2017-12-21 12:29:21 100% Badge level for project 1412 is 100%
1542 csso-rails

CSS Optimizer(csso) ruby wrapper for Rails Asset pipeline

https://github.com/Vasfed/csso-rails Vasily Fedoseyev 12% Badge level for project 1542 is 12%
541 cs-studio

Control System Studio is an Eclipse-based collections of tools to monitor and operate large scale control systems, such as the ones in the accelerator...

http://controlsystemstudio.github.com EPL Eric Berryman 44% Badge level for project 541 is 44%
567 cszcms

Open Source CMS (Content Management System) with Codeigniter and Bootstrap.

https://www.cszcms.com OTHER Cskaza Bassist 12% Badge level for project 567 is 12%

Cszcms is a content manager and web application builder or web services. It is developed in PHP based on the CodeIgniter framework and other useful libraries.

http://astian.org ADPL-1.0 Astian Foundation 98% Badge level for project 566 is 98%
968 ctnorth

CTNorth "Customize The North" is a modding framework and an online multiplayer modification for old Rockstar North games, such as GTA San Andreas, in an...

https://github.com/ctnorth/ctnorth MIT iFarbod 15% Badge level for project 968 is 15%
687 cubicle https://github.com/kane-thornwyrd/cubicle GPL-3.0 Jean-cédric THÉROND 11% Badge level for project 687 is 11%
704 cubieboard-monitor

Monitor basado en AngularJs y NodeJs para la Cubietruck (Cubieboard 3)

https://github.com/juaalta/cubieboard-monitor MIT Juan Salvador Aleixandre 41% Badge level for project 704 is 41%
63 curl

curl is a command line tool and library for internet transfers

https://curl.haxx.se MIT Daniel Stenberg 2016-03-24 20:14:00 100% Badge level for project 63 is 100%
468 Currently not standalone working php rest-api. https://github.com/n86io/rest GPL-3.0 Viktor 15% Badge level for project 468 is 15%
822 Custom personalized CV generator https://goblinlordx.github.com/cv-gen MIT Ben 14% Badge level for project 822 is 14%
1435 cvelist

Pilot program for CVE submission through GitHub

https://github.com/distributedweaknessfiling/cvelist Kurt Seifried 9% Badge level for project 1435 is 9%

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