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444 *ring*

Safe, fast, small crypto using Rust

https://github.com/briansmith/ring OTHER Brian Smith 82% Badge level for project 444 is 82%
702 Data Transformation Tool https://github.com/brunorrr/data_trans brunorrr 9% Badge level for project 702 is 9%
1052 container https://github.com/burraq/container MIT Javed Ahmadzai 14% Badge level for project 1052 is 14%
502 Config files (bash, vim..) https://github.com/bymathias/dotfiles MIT Mathias Brouilly 14% Badge level for project 502 is 14%
215 options-pixie

A WordPress plugin to list, sort, search and view your WordPress site's options records with style.

https://github.com/bytepixie/options-pixie Ian M. Jones 11% Badge level for project 215 is 11%
875 cacao-accounting https://github.com/cacao-accounting/cacao-accounting MIT William Moreno 14% Badge level for project 875 is 14%
876 cacao-accounting-commons https://github.com/cacao-accounting/cacao-accounting-commons William Moreno 12% Badge level for project 876 is 12%
724 traph

Transformation graph for JS Objects, a powerful and declarative way to remap one Object in another.

https://github.com/caesarsol/traph GPL-3.0 cesare soldini 14% Badge level for project 724 is 14%
376 YoupornVirus

It's a virus (that doesn't reproduce itself) that display windows with the youporn logo.

https://github.com/camilleeyries/YoupornVirus Camille Eyriès 12% Badge level for project 376 is 12%
787 React, gulp and webpack simple and working. https://github.com/cesargdm/react-boilerplate César Guadarrama Cantú 9% Badge level for project 787 is 9%
1342 Asciidoctor Builder

Asciidoctor Builder docker images based on Alpine

https://github.com/Cethy/alpine-asciidoctor-builder Cethy 9% Badge level for project 1342 is 9%
199 Extended verification for git tags https://github.com/cgwalters/git-evtag LGPL-2.1 Colin Walters 15% Badge level for project 199 is 15%
1202 readme-edits https://github.com/chainoy/hello-world chainoy 20% Badge level for project 1202 is 20%
1217 ConnectFour a simple board game https://github.com/chandanch/ConnectFour GPL-2.0 Chandan CH 14% Badge level for project 1217 is 14%
1218 Notes mobile app - Create notes easily https://github.com/chandanch/notes Chandan CH 9% Badge level for project 1218 is 9%
1233 Grizzly Roguelike Library

A roguelike library in C++ using BearLibTerminal.

https://github.com/chaos-dev/grizzly MIT chaos-dev 95% Badge level for project 1233 is 95%
1573 magicbus

The Process Bus is a publish/subscribe architecture that loosely connects components with services.

https://github.com/cherrypy/magicbus BSD-3-Clause Sviatoslav Sydorenko 15% Badge level for project 1573 is 15%
652 A systems language implemented in a flow graph using LLVM

A beginner's programming language that is an intuitive flow graph. It's fast, easy, safe, and even fun!

It's developed in modern C++ and uses LLVM for...

https://github.com/chigraph/chigraph Apache-2.0 Russell Greene 38% Badge level for project 652 is 38%
1479 libcluon

libcluon is a small and efficient library written in modern C++ library to glue distributed software components together - in a clever way - simply: cluon.

https://github.com/chrberger/libcluon GPL-3.0 Christian Berger 95% Badge level for project 1479 is 95%
896 An ExtraTorrent wrapper for NodeJS. https://github.com/ChrisAlderson/extratorrent-api Chris Alderson 9% Badge level for project 896 is 9%
1598 abydos

Abydos NLP/IR library for Python

https://github.com/chrislit/abydos GPL-3.0 Chris Little 15% Badge level for project 1598 is 15%
1655 Heroic

Website and Software

https://github.com/chrismpettyjohn/Heroic Chris Pettyjohn 67% Badge level for project 1655 is 67%
580 A self-configuring HTTP gateway https://github.com/ChristianWitts/gatewayd MIT Christian Witts 26% Badge level for project 580 is 26%
948 sample Contributing.md


https://github.com/christo4ferris/Contributing MIT Christopher Ferris 71% Badge level for project 948 is 71%
382 Telegram bot for playing Russian Trivia game over Telegram https://github.com/chrl/buktopuha Kirill Kholodilin 11% Badge level for project 382 is 11%
40 API Client for Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed Restaurant API Client is a gem for interacting with Lightspeed Restaurant API. Lightspeed Restaurant is point of sale that helps bars,...

https://github.com/chronogolf/lightspeed_restaurant MIT Olivier Buffon 15% Badge level for project 40 is 15%
1347 CLI for auto deploying kubernetes apps https://github.com/chukaofili/olympus MIT Chuka Ofili 14% Badge level for project 1347 is 14%
961 API to convert Cello UCF to SBOL https://github.com/CIDARLAB/CelloUCF2SBOL BSD-2-Clause Prashant Vaidyanathan 14% Badge level for project 961 is 14%
1269 cilium

Linux Native, HTTP Aware Networking and Security for Containers

https://github.com/cilium/cilium Apache-2.0 Thomas Graf 77% Badge level for project 1269 is 77%
387 cjdns

Cjdns implements an encrypted IPv6 network using public-key cryptography for address allocation and a distributed hash table for routing. This provides...

https://github.com/cjdelisle/cjdns.git GPL-3.0+ Caleb James DeLisle 2016-09-21 22:54:34 100% Badge level for project 387 is 100%

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