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544 Python bindings to the Compact Language Detector https://github.com/GregBowyer/cld2-cffi Apache-2.0 Greg Bowyer 14% Badge level for project 544 is 14%
545 Amity Room Allocation System

This is a room allocation system for one of Andela’s facilities called Amity.

https://github.com/andela-akhenda/cp1a MIT Joseph Akhenda 18% Badge level for project 545 is 18%
546 laravel-google-custom-search-engine

Laravel package to get Google Custom Search results from Google Custom Search Engine API for both free and paid versions.

https://github.com/jdrda/laravel-google-custom-search-engine MIT Jan Drda 14% Badge level for project 546 is 14%
549 httpie

Modern command line HTTP client — user-friendly curl alternative with intuitive UI, JSON support, syntax highlighting, wget-like downloads, extensions, etc....

https://httpie.org BSD-3-Clause Jakub Roztocil 26% Badge level for project 549 is 26%
554 security-employee-tracker

Tracking tool used by DoD FSO and other security officers to manage and handle required training, duties, clearance and many other things.

https://github.com/scci/security-employee-tracker MIT Shawn Dibble 2016-12-13 14:54:46 100% Badge level for project 554 is 100%
555 Fuzzy Inference System in julia https://github.com/phelipe/Fuzzy.jl OTHER Phelipe Wesley 12% Badge level for project 555 is 12%
556 Omegle-Client https://gitlab.com/tfSheol/Omegle-Client Sheol 14% Badge level for project 556 is 14%
557 willgo Yuri V 2% Badge level for project 557 is 2%
558 l3.io https://github.com/laithshadeed/l3.io MIT Laith Shadeed 14% Badge level for project 558 is 14%
559 Joseph

Joseph is an event driven home automation project with framework aspirations

https://github.com/NiekKeijzer/Joseph MIT Niek Keijzer 14% Badge level for project 559 is 14%
560 The server side of the Karma mobile app.

An online service to save and serve items and pictures users located on a map.

The project features are described in plain english and are ran against our...

https://g2p.give2peer.org GPL-3.0+ Antoine Goutenoir 9% Badge level for project 560 is 9%
265 madrid.air

R package to parse air quality data published by http://datos.madrid.es/.

https://github.com/nramon/madrid.air GPL-3.0 Ramón Novoa 2016-12-15 09:02:21 100% Badge level for project 265 is 100%
562 Waarp R66 File Transfer Monitor https://github.com/fjudith/WaarpR66 Florian JUDITH 14% Badge level for project 562 is 14%
564 Network recon framework. https://ivre.rocks GPL-3.0+ Pierre Lalet 77% Badge level for project 564 is 77%
565 Pulp

Repository for Pulp platform code, including the server and base admin and consumer clients

http://pulpproject.org GPL-2.0 bmbouter 83% Badge level for project 565 is 83%
567 cszcms

Open Source CMS (Content Management System) with Codeigniter and Bootstrap.

https://www.cszcms.com OTHER Cskaza Bassist 12% Badge level for project 567 is 12%
568 SimplaCMS Pro https://github.com/SimplaCMS-PRO/Simpla OTHER Evgen 12% Badge level for project 568 is 12%
571 Taecocc.com https://github.com/pawatzaza5/taecocc pawatzaza5 9% Badge level for project 571 is 9%
570 Crate Robot

Code for the 2014 FRC 4571 Robot. Reimagined.

https://github.com/frc4571/CrateRobot MIT admin4571 24% Badge level for project 570 is 24%
551 The EBA bug finder

EBA is a static bug finder for C that specializes in finding violations of control-dominated API rules (aka "resource manipulation bugs"). EBA is lightweight...

https://github.com/IagoAbal/eba BSD-3-Clause Iago 92% Badge level for project 551 is 92%
574 TV Overlord — Download and manage tv shows: http://www.tvoverlord.com GPL-3.0 Sheldon McGrandle 12% Badge level for project 574 is 12%
575 ElectricalAge

Electrical Age (ELN) is a Minecraft Mod offering the ability to perform large-scale in-game electrical simulations.

https://electrical-age.net OTHER Christopher 14% Badge level for project 575 is 14%
576 master https://gitlab.com/wheely/ember-dialog/tree/master Vladimir Milkov 2% Badge level for project 576 is 2%
577 Programming https://github.com/raju16/Programming GPL-3.0 Aman Datta 14% Badge level for project 577 is 14%
579 ChatOps setup using mattermost, ansible, hubot https://github.com/jgoos/chatops J Goossens 9% Badge level for project 579 is 9%
580 A self-configuring HTTP gateway https://github.com/ChristianWitts/gatewayd MIT Christian Witts 26% Badge level for project 580 is 26%
582 devnet https://devnet.francoisrousselet.fr MIT François Rousselet 35% Badge level for project 582 is 35%
286 Blender

Blender is the free and open source 3D creation software for individual artists and small teams to make animation films, games, visual effects,...

https://www.blender.org GNU GPL 2 and 3, Apache 2.0 Blender Foundation 2016-12-23 16:52:41 100% Badge level for project 286 is 100%
583 julia

The Julia Language: A fresh approach to technical computing.

http://julialang.org OTHER Tony Kelman 15% Badge level for project 583 is 15%
585 Boombox development https://github.com/Huczu/boombox-dev Mateusz Sołtysik 9% Badge level for project 585 is 9%

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