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237 DebOps

Your Debian-based data center in a box

A collection of Ansible playbooks, scalable from one container to an entire data center.

https://debops.org GPL-3.0 Robin Schneider 77% Badge level for project 237 is 77%
1414 star.js

A node library to automatically correct typos in messages based on the next message you send.

https://decagon.github.io/star.js MIT Decagon 33% Badge level for project 1414 is 33%
485 Deis Workflow Controller (API) https://deis.com OTHER Matt Boersma 15% Badge level for project 485 is 15%
116 hello-world-repository https://github.com/DejavuDmitry/hello-world Dmitry 11% Badge level for project 116 is 11%
599 Peer to peer democracy. http://sovereign.software MIT Santiago Siri 12% Badge level for project 599 is 12%
1461 DEMOCRACY App Client


https://www.democracy-deutschland.de Ulf Gebhardt 30% Badge level for project 1461 is 30%
1356 acebot-discord

Bot for Discord Server

https://github.com/derek-palmer/acebot-discord Derek Palmer 9% Badge level for project 1356 is 9%
439 webdav-client-cpp

:cloud: WebDAV Client provides easy and convenient to work with WebDAV-servers.

http://designerror.github.io/webdav-client-cpp MIT designerror 24% Badge level for project 439 is 24%
886 Validates Zip / Postal type codes by country https://github.com/detain/zip-zapper MIT Joe Huss 14% Badge level for project 886 is 14%
1256 KTX: a QuakeWorld server modification https://github.com/deurk/ktx GPL-2.0 Alexandre Nizoux 17% Badge level for project 1256 is 17%
434 A microservices framework for Node.js https://github.com/Devisjs/devis Ismail Reida 11% Badge level for project 434 is 11%
1438 snekfetch

fast, efficient, and user-friendly http requests

https://snekfetch.js.org MIT Gus Caplan 14% Badge level for project 1438 is 14%
487 amua https://github.com/deweerdt/amua Frederik Deweerdt 12% Badge level for project 487 is 12%
445 Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/dlock https://github.com/deweerdt/dlock GPL-2.0 Frederik Deweerdt 17% Badge level for project 445 is 17%
78 Puppet module for the OpenDaylight SDN controller. https://github.com/dfarrell07/puppet-opendaylight BSD-2-Clause Daniel Farrell 18% Badge level for project 78 is 18%
1487 AzureFunctionsNodeLeaderboards-Cosmos

A simple solution for a game Leaderboards API hosted on Azure Functions and backed by Azure CosmosDB with Mongo API

https://github.com/dgkanatsios/AzureFunctionsNodeLeaderboards-Cosmos MIT Dimitris-Ilias Gkanatsios 14% Badge level for project 1487 is 14%
791 dhis2-core

DHIS 2 Core. Written in Java. Contains the service layer and Web API.

https://github.com/dhis2/dhis2-core BSD-3-Clause Jason Pickering 14% Badge level for project 791 is 14%
596 Puppet Module to install and manage autofs https://github.com/dhollinger/autofs-puppet OTHER David 17% Badge level for project 596 is 17%
1556 cdzz


https://github.com/DiamondYuan/cdzz DiamondYuan 9% Badge level for project 1556 is 9%
1307 Koa library for deploying RESTful APIs easily https://github.com/dicearr/koa-rester MIT Diego Ceresuela 14% Badge level for project 1307 is 14%
932 Personal site, proyects and certifications https://github.com/diemedina/personal-site Diego Ezequiel Medina 9% Badge level for project 932 is 9%
889 A yeoman generator for Java projects.

java-bones is a yeoman-generator for Java-projects using maven. java-bones creates a project that uses - a GPL3 license, - static code analysis and...

https://github.com/dirmeier/java-bones GPL-3.0 Simon Dirmeier 26% Badge level for project 889 is 26%
1403 netReg

Network-penalized generalized linear models in R and C++.

https://dirmeier.github.io/netReg GPL-3.0 Simon Dirmeier 91% Badge level for project 1403 is 91%
1146 An unofficial plugin API for Discord. https://github.com/DiscordForge/DiscordForge GPL-3.0 Lewis Crichton 14% Badge level for project 1146 is 14%
1435 cvelist

Pilot program for CVE submission through GitHub

https://github.com/distributedweaknessfiling/cvelist Kurt Seifried 9% Badge level for project 1435 is 9%
667 monica https://github.com/djaiss/monica MIT Régis 14% Badge level for project 667 is 14%
493 grad https://github.com/djinafton/grad djinafton 9% Badge level for project 493 is 9%
233 eXtended Template Library https://github.com/djmott/xtl OTHER David Mott 15% Badge level for project 233 is 15%
331 usbguard

USBGuard is a software framework for implementing USB device authorization policies (what kind of USB devices are authorized) as well as method of use...

https://dkopecek.github.io/usbguard GPL-2.0 Daniel Kopeček 59% Badge level for project 331 is 59%
1252 node-apac

node-apac - Node.js client for the Amazon Product Advertising API, including support of Request Signatures

https://www.npmjs.com/package/apac MIT Dustin McQuay 15% Badge level for project 1252 is 15%

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