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586 lila

lichess.org: the forever free, adless and open source chess server.

https://lichess.org AGPL-3.0 Thibault Duplessis 14% Badge level for project 586 is 14%
587 A highly efficient, multipurpose Discord bot written in Go. https://meetkaren.xyz AGPL-3.0 Lukas 14% Badge level for project 587 is 14%
589 A phaser remake of flappy bird https://github.com/dolanmiu/flappy-bird-client MIT Dolan 18% Badge level for project 589 is 18%
590 crc-js https://github.com/PowerPan/crc-js MIT Johannes Rudolph 14% Badge level for project 590 is 14%
591 amazon-cleanup

A personal Chrome extension for cleaning up Amazon's desktop website.

https://github.com/alexwhin/amazon-cleanup Alex Whinfield 9% Badge level for project 591 is 9%
592 fastlane

🚀 The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps

https://fastlane.tools MIT Show Me 17% Badge level for project 592 is 17%
593 Træfɪk, a modern reverse proxy https://traefik.io MIT Emile Vauge 18% Badge level for project 593 is 18%
595 Passman

🔑 Passman is a password manager for Nextcloud. Demo: https://demo.passman.cc

https://github.com/nextcloud/passman AGPL-3.0 Sander 64% Badge level for project 595 is 64%
596 Puppet Module to install and manage autofs https://github.com/dhollinger/autofs-puppet OTHER David 17% Badge level for project 596 is 17%
597 Render Attract Screen Video for New Retro Arcade: Neon https://github.com/SavageCore/new-retro-arcade-neon-attract-screen-tool MIT SavageCore 14% Badge level for project 597 is 14%
598 Duo Authentication Proxy in a docker container

Duo Authentication Proxy provides a local proxy service to enable on-premise integrations between VPNs, devices, applications, and hosted Duo or Trustwave...

https://github.com/jumanjihouse/docker-duoauthproxy MIT Paul Morgan 2017-01-05 21:44:27 100% Badge level for project 598 is 100%
599 Peer to peer democracy. http://sovereign.software MIT Santiago Siri 12% Badge level for project 599 is 12%
114 container-tools

system integration for managing containers using systemd-nspawn.

https://open-infrastructure.net/software/container-tools GPL-3.0 Daniel Baumann 97% Badge level for project 114 is 97%
279 FrogPw

This is a Password Generator that will generate the same Password when the MasterPasword, the Website and the ServiceType is the same.

https://github.com/Serverfrog/FrogPw GPL-3.0 Bastian Venz 2016-08-11 09:40:00 98% Badge level for project 279 is 98%
601 Simple XNB parse library https://github.com/leha-bot/libxnb MIT Alex 14% Badge level for project 601 is 14%
603 plex-elastic-transcoder

Dispatch Plex New Transcoder jobs to a Kubernetes cluster for scalable Plex transcoding!

https://github.com/munnerz/plex-elastic-transcoder James Munnelly 9% Badge level for project 603 is 9%
224 herosinatra v.2.0

Main repository for the herosheet project in ruby on sinatra

https://github.com/borja/herobravo MIT Borja Martín Fernández 56% Badge level for project 224 is 56%
606 RCON Service for ARMA II https://github.com/AudunWA/AWARcon Audun Wigum Arbo 9% Badge level for project 606 is 9%
607 The Final Cut

The Final Cut is a class library and widget toolkit with full mouse support for creating a text-based user interface. The library supports the programmer to...

https://github.com/gansm/finalcut GPL-3.0 Markus Gans 70% Badge level for project 607 is 70%
609 Chat-Android https://github.com/Infuzion/Chat-Android Infuzion 9% Badge level for project 609 is 9%
611 ISO::62106

This is a library to decode Radio Data Streams (RDS) standardized in ISO62106.

http://www.tomilo.org/iso_62106.html GPL-3.0+ Tobias Lorenz 2017-01-14 13:10:52 98% Badge level for project 611 is 98%
612 balanceic

This will be an Android App that I have modified from a much older version from a user 2 years ago with Japanese-->English translation for the world...

https://github.com/AbeHaruhiko/SuicaPasmoReader MIT Mr. Taniguchi (Wiegman) 2017-01-15 03:23:17 100% Badge level for project 612 is 100%
613 JSONParser

A JSON Parser that maintains whitespace to allow for syntax highlighting and error locating

https://github.com/jrtapsell/JSONParser jrtapsell 9% Badge level for project 613 is 9%
553 mutator

A C code mutator,Misra-C checker and when possible, a Misra-C implementer using the Clang frontend written mostly in C++ and some bash.

https://github.com/bloodstalker/mutator LGPL-3.0 Farzad Sadeghi 2017-01-15 14:47:57 100% Badge level for project 553 is 100%
80 OpenBlox

OpenBlox is a game engine providing a Lua API to enable developers to create games easily and with few restrictions.

https://wiki.openblox.org LGPL-3.0+ John M. Harris, Jr. 2016-04-04 15:07:00 100% Badge level for project 80 is 100%
614 Gibot https://github.com/guiconti/Gibot Guilherme Conti Teixeira 9% Badge level for project 614 is 9%
615 PyCompatLayer - Compatibility layer for Python https://github.com/ale5000-git/pycompatlayer LGPL-3.0+ ale5000 24% Badge level for project 615 is 24%
616 AnsiBot

IRC AnswerBot for #ansible on freenode

https://github.com/infrascloudy/AnsiBot GPL-3.0+ Allan 44% Badge level for project 616 is 44%
618 UnitatoBot

Private chat bot with abstraction layer, currently for Discord

https://github.com/Filipsi/UnitatoBot GPL-2.0 Fil̛͝i҉͡͞p̴̨ ͝Ş̌͘i̶k͢u̶͡l͘͢͞a̕͠ 14% Badge level for project 618 is 14%
617 opendaylight

OpenDaylight is a highly available, modular, extensible, scalable and multi-protocol controller infrastructure built for SDN deployments on modern...

https://www.opendaylight.org EPL-1.0 wrathwolf 67% Badge level for project 617 is 67%

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