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Id Name Description Website License Owner Last achieved at % Achieved Badge
447 boringssl https://github.com/Vesnica/boringssl OTHER Vesnica 15% Badge level for project 447 is 15%
450 biboumi

XMPP to IRC gateway.

https://biboumi.louiz.org zlib louiz 2017-03-28 23:31:58 100% Badge level for project 450 is 100%
453 Fast fixed-memory hash table. https://github.com/sprowell/he4 BSD-2-Clause Stacy Prowell 85% Badge level for project 453 is 85%
1318 Pico library in rust. https://github.com/mons-pico/rpico BSD-2-Clause Stacy Prowell 14% Badge level for project 1318 is 14%
454 python-daemon

Python library to implement a well-behaved Unix daemon process.

https://pagure.io/python-daemon Apache-2.0 GPL-3+ Ben Finney 98% Badge level for project 454 is 98%
455 Tool to install pre-selected bower dependencies https://github.com/ofrogon/cleanBowerInstaller MIT Alexandre Beaudoin 17% Badge level for project 455 is 17%
458 OSX-RAMDisk

RAM Disk creator in OS-X for IntelliJ, Google Chrome and other apps cache to make them fly.

http://zafarella.github.io/OSX-RAMDisk GPL-2.0 Zafar Khaydarov 53% Badge level for project 458 is 53%
1503 java-design-patterns

Design patterns implemented in Java

https://github.com/iluwatar/java-design-patterns MIT Zafar Khaydarov 62% Badge level for project 1503 is 62%
459 public_html http://www.anzumana.com BSD-3-Clause Anzumana 12% Badge level for project 459 is 12%
460 sovereign

A set of Ansible playbooks to build and maintain your own private cloud: email, calendar, contacts, file sync, IRC bouncer, VPN, and more.

https://github.com/sovereign/sovereign GPL-3.0+ Sven Neuhaus 38% Badge level for project 460 is 38%
461 A simple, clean and cross-platform music player http://museeks.io Charles Follet 11% Badge level for project 461 is 11%
462 Stackoverflow https://github.com/HamzaGhazouani/Stackoverflow Hamza Ghazouani 11% Badge level for project 462 is 11%
521 HGCircularSlider

A custom reusable circular slider control for iOS application.

https://github.com/HamzaGhazouani/HGCircularSlider MIT Hamza Ghazouani 15% Badge level for project 521 is 15%
463 Acl

A lightweight and flexible access control list for privileges and permission management

https://github.com/Samshal/Acl MIT Samuel Adeshina 15% Badge level for project 463 is 15%
464 Arduino generic menu/interactivity system

Full automated or user code driven navigation system.

https://github.com/neu-rah/ArduinoMenu OTHER Rui Azevedo 15% Badge level for project 464 is 15%
465 IPFS C++ API client library

A library that allows C++ applications to communicate with IPFS (https://ipfs.io). It implements IPFS API bindings...

https://github.com/vasild/cpp-ipfs-api MIT Vasil Dimov 91% Badge level for project 465 is 91%
466 smartcar_shield

The software and hardware repository for the Smartcar platform, created by Dimitris Platis

https://github.com/platisd/smartcar_shield GPL-3.0 Dimitris Platis 15% Badge level for project 466 is 15%
1418 indoor-navigation-system

[WIP] An indoor navigation system to guide users towards their colleagues' desks

https://github.com/platisd/indoor-navigation-system Apache-2.0 Dimitris Platis 14% Badge level for project 1418 is 14%
467 USGS Earthquake Hazards Program Website http://earthquake.usgs.gov Eric Martinez 9% Badge level for project 467 is 9%
468 Currently not standalone working php rest-api. https://github.com/n86io/rest GPL-3.0 Viktor 15% Badge level for project 468 is 15%
469 gena-render https://gena-render.net Jordan Kniest 0% Badge level for project 469 is 0%
721 node-compiler

Compiling your Node.js application into a single executable.

http://enclose.io MIT Minqi Pan 14% Badge level for project 721 is 14%
470 darktable

darktable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer

https://www.darktable.org GPL-3.0 houz 94% Badge level for project 470 is 94%
471 Actually usable implementation of NEAT https://github.com/SirRade/Hippocrates OTHER Jan Nils Ferner 15% Badge level for project 471 is 15%
472 lnks

List / Save / Instapaper your Google Chrome links from the terminal

https://github.com/unforswearing/lnks Alvin C 12% Badge level for project 472 is 12%
473 passgen

Password generator using a library of three letter words - written in Go

https://github.com/wiremoons/passgen MIT Simon Rowe 17% Badge level for project 473 is 17%
474 advanced-ssh-config

:computer: assh: ssh wrapper using ProxyCommand that adds regex, aliases, gateways, includes, dynamic hostnames to SSH and ssh-config

https://github.com/moul/advanced-ssh-config MIT Manfred Touron 17% Badge level for project 474 is 17%
475 scaleway-cli

:computer: Manage BareMetal Servers from Command Line (as easily as with Docker)

https://github.com/scaleway/scaleway-cli MIT Manfred Touron 17% Badge level for project 475 is 17%
476 MongooseIM platform

MongooseIM is a mobile messaging platform, using XMPP/Jabber and REST API, with focus on performance and scalability, by Erlang Solutions

https://github.com/esl/MongooseIM GPL-2.0 Nÿco 45% Badge level for project 476 is 45%
481 ACP3 CMS

ACP3 is a highly customizable and easy to use web content management system based on PHP5 and MySQL.

https://www.acp3-cms.net GPL-2.0+ Tino Goratsch 97% Badge level for project 481 is 97%

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