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1256 KTX: a QuakeWorld server modification https://github.com/deurk/ktx GPL-2.0 Alexandre Nizoux 17% Badge level for project 1256 is 17%
1257 In-memory Fake Database. Made specially for Unit Tests. https://github.com/Sejoslaw/KD.FakeDb OTHER Krzysztof Dobrzyński 12% Badge level for project 1257 is 12%
1258 Various collections remade by me in C. https://github.com/Sejoslaw/CCollections OTHER Krzysztof Dobrzyński 12% Badge level for project 1258 is 12%
1259 Roguelike-Game

Classic Roguelike game made in pure C with only basic C libraries. Should be OS-independent.

https://github.com/Sejoslaw/Roguelike-Game OTHER Krzysztof Dobrzyński 12% Badge level for project 1259 is 12%
1260 Gemnasium toolbelt is a CLI for the Gemnasium API. https://gemnasium.com Hanawa.suzuki 15% Badge level for project 1260 is 15%
1261 The Travis CI Documentation http://docs.travis-ci.com Hanawa.suzuki 11% Badge level for project 1261 is 11%
1262 linguist

Language Savant. If your repository's language is being reported incorrectly, send us a pull request!

https://github.com/hanawa-suzuki/linguist Hanawa.suzuki 14% Badge level for project 1262 is 14%
1263 - https://github.com/hanawa-suzuki/- Hanawa.suzuki 9% Badge level for project 1263 is 9%
1264 Tendermint

Tendermint Core (BFT Consensus) in Go

https://tendermint.com/ Apache-2.0 Zach 48% Badge level for project 1264 is 48%
1265 Redmine plugin to print issue https://github.com/tacid/redmine_print_issue BSD-3-Clause Paul 14% Badge level for project 1265 is 14%
1266 C++ front/service proxy https://envoyproxy.github.io/ Apache-2.0 Matt Klein 2017-09-19 22:51:05 100% Badge level for project 1266 is 100%
1267 Security module for php7

Suhosin is a great PHP module, but unfortunately, it’s getting old, new ways have been found to compromise PHP applications, and some aren’t working anymore;...

https://github.com/nbs-system/snuffleupagus LGPL-3.0 jvoisin 89% Badge level for project 1267 is 89%
1268 Resilient service mesh for cloud native apps

linker∙d is a transparent proxy that adds service discovery, routing, failure handling, and visibility to modern software applications

https://linkerd.io/ Apache-2.0 Phil Calçado 14% Badge level for project 1268 is 14%
1269 cilium

Linux Native, HTTP Aware Networking and Security for Containers

https://github.com/cilium/cilium Apache-2.0 Thomas Graf 77% Badge level for project 1269 is 77%
1270 Jaeger - Uber's Distributed Tracing System http://uber.github.io/jaeger/ Juraci Paixão Kröhling 15% Badge level for project 1270 is 15%
1271 An open and reliable container runtime

containerd provides primitives for building container platforms. It provides runtime, storage, distribution, and monitoring of containers and images so...

https://containerd.io Apache-2.0 Michael Crosby 85% Badge level for project 1271 is 85%
1272 containerd https://github.com/containerd/containerd Stephen Day 2% Badge level for project 1272 is 2%

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