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Id Name Description Website License Owner Last achieved at % Achieved Badge
635 :shell: QtQuick and Wayland shell for convergence https://liri.io GPL-3.0 Pier Luigi Fiorini 15% Badge level for project 635 is 15%
757 Shell scripting to automate all the eZ Platform things! https://github.com/DavidLiedle/ez GPL-2.0 David Christian Liedle 14% Badge level for project 757 is 14%
488 Shipped_Group_project https://github.com/erven1985/Shipped_Group_project Muhamadi (Mike) Ahmedov 12% Badge level for project 488 is 12%
732 Shoppy.io

Ebay template manager

https://github.com/tomsiwik/shoppy.io OTHER Tom Siwik 15% Badge level for project 732 is 15%
260 Shorten URLs using OUO.io and earn money https://github.com/jlobos/ouo Jesús Lobos 12% Badge level for project 260 is 12%
373 Show GitHub matrix of your project dependencis

Show GitHub matrix of your project dependencis

https://minghe.me Minghe 26% Badge level for project 373 is 26%
851 Sick of nova? this is your tool. https://github.com/UpsetPelican/nonova GPL-3.0 Uriel Coria 30% Badge level for project 851 is 30%
696 Siege is an http load tester and benchmarking utility https://github.com/jstarcher/siege Jordan Starcher 14% Badge level for project 696 is 14%
727 SignServer

Server-side application for digital signature creation.

https://www.signserver.org LGPL-2.1+ Markus 86% Badge level for project 727 is 86%
1186 sigul https://pagure.io/sigul Patrick Uiterwijk 2% Badge level for project 1186 is 2%
568 SimplaCMS Pro https://github.com/SimplaCMS-PRO/Simpla OTHER Evgen 12% Badge level for project 568 is 12%
230 simple-compress

Library that makes life easier for creating .tar, .zip, .gzip based on commons-compress

https://github.com/thiaguten/simple-compress BSD-3-Clause Thiago Gutenberg Carvalho da Costa 17% Badge level for project 230 is 17%
402 Simple image rename tool https://github.com/amarinkovic/image-renamer amarinkovic 11% Badge level for project 402 is 11%
117 Simple PDF generation for Python (FPDF PHP port) https://github.com/reingart/pyfpdf LGPL-3.0 Roman Kharin 17% Badge level for project 117 is 17%
1230 SimplePM_Server

Programming solutions checking subsystem for SimplePM.

https://spm.sirkadirov.com Apache-2.0 Kadirov Yurij 2017-11-26 15:13:30 100% Badge level for project 1230 is 100%
644 Simple, powerful JavaScript analytics https://github.com/redtachyons/ahoy.js Aboobacker MK 12% Badge level for project 644 is 12%
1621 simplexml

A standalone Java XML DOM parser and serializer

https://github.com/JurgenNED/simplexml MIT JurgenNED 95% Badge level for project 1621 is 95%
601 Simple XNB parse library https://github.com/leha-bot/libxnb MIT Alex 14% Badge level for project 601 is 14%
1478 simplFT

A simple client-server implementation in Go for transferring files from a server to multiple connections

https://github.com/metonimie/simplFT GPL-3.0 Denis 14% Badge level for project 1478 is 14%
831 Simply Done

Helping people be more productive by helping you manage your tasks and meet deadlines.

https://github.com/DMeechan/Simply-Done Apache-2.0 Daniel Meechan 17% Badge level for project 831 is 17%
700 Site Pessoal do desenvolvedor MarcPires https://github.com/marcpiresrj/site Marc Pires 9% Badge level for project 700 is 9%
935 Slack API in Go https://github.com/davidgreens/TrelloSlack </ref>David 11% Badge level for project 935 is 11%
1054 slackemon

Inspired by Pokémon Go, now you can catch and battle Pokémon with your teammates on Slack!

https://github.com/tdmalone/slackemon GPL-3.0 Tim Malone 15% Badge level for project 1054 is 15%
1433 Slacker

Simple Slack client for the CLI

https://github.com/MySolace/Slacker GPL-3.0+ Casker 41% Badge level for project 1433 is 41%
688 SLC-Day-2 https://github.com/ajudensi/SLC-Day-2 AJUdensi 9% Badge level for project 688 is 9%
1162 Slicer

Multi-platform, free open source software for visualization and image computing.

http://www.slicer.org OTHER Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin 88% Badge level for project 1162 is 88%
410 sloccount

SLOCCount is an easy-to-use tool that counts Source Lines of Code (SLOC). It auto-determines the language(s) (inc. C, C++, Ada, Assembly, shell, COBOL, C#,...

https://sourceforge.net/projects/sloccount GPL-2.0+ David A. Wheeler 27% Badge level for project 410 is 27%
466 smartcar_shield

The software and hardware repository for the Smartcar platform, created by Dimitris Platis

https://github.com/platisd/smartcar_shield GPL-3.0 Dimitris Platis 15% Badge level for project 466 is 15%
1589 smart-core

This Repository represents the software which can runs a magic mirror on a Raspberry Pi

https://github.com/smartwebtools/smart-core Freddy 9% Badge level for project 1589 is 9%
682 SMSC

Open Source SMSC solution with monitoring, billing, SMPP, SS7 and REST API support.

http://smsc.io Apache-2.0 Sergej Kunz 15% Badge level for project 682 is 15%

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