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1485 Brayns

Interactive raytracing of neuroscience data

https://github.com/BlueBrain/Brayns OTHER Daniel Nachbaur 17% Badge level for project 1485 is 17%
1459 Node-Data

Node-Data is a Node.js javascript framework for fast and reliable development of next generation apps and micro services targeting scale.

https://ratneshsinghparihar.github.io/Node-Data MIT ratnesh singh 2017-12-20 13:04:47 100% Badge level for project 1459 is 100%
1412 crypto-tk

Cryptographic toolkit for searchable encryption.

https://opensse.github.io AGPL-3.0 Raphael Bost 2017-12-21 12:29:21 100% Badge level for project 1412 is 100%
1487 AzureFunctionsNodeLeaderboards-Cosmos

A simple solution for a game Leaderboards API hosted on Azure Functions and backed by Azure CosmosDB with Mongo API

https://github.com/dgkanatsios/AzureFunctionsNodeLeaderboards-Cosmos MIT Dimitris-Ilias Gkanatsios 14% Badge level for project 1487 is 14%
1488 go-common

ArxanChain SDK Common code and Utilities for golang

https://github.com/arxanchain/go-common Apache-2.0 David Geng 21% Badge level for project 1488 is 21%
1227 red-squirrel-web

A responsive web app for tracking what food you have, how much, and where it is.

https://github.com/Feasoron/red-squirrel-web Chris Belanger 80% Badge level for project 1227 is 80%
1486 TensorFlow

Computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning

https://tensorflow.org Apache-2.0 Martin Wicke 94% Badge level for project 1486 is 94%
1489 generic-api

Criação de API genérica no ecossistema JavaScript para aprendizado

MIT Johnson Mauro 15% Badge level for project 1489 is 15%
1490 docs-appcloud-service-offerings

The documentation to the services in the Swisscom Application Cloud marketplace

https://docs.developer.swisscom.com/service-offerings OTHER Kargins Rem 12% Badge level for project 1490 is 12%
1491 test-noxys https://github.com/oxyno-zeta/test-noxys MIT Havrileck Alexandre 14% Badge level for project 1491 is 14%
1492 framework_core https://github.com/amarteleto/framework_core Anderson A. Marteleto 12% Badge level for project 1492 is 12%
1493 framework_persistence https://github.com/amarteleto/framework_persistence Anderson A. Marteleto 12% Badge level for project 1493 is 12%
1494 framework_persistence_hibernate https://github.com/amarteleto/framework_persistence_hibernate Anderson A. Marteleto 12% Badge level for project 1494 is 12%
1495 framework_service https://github.com/amarteleto/framework_service Anderson A. Marteleto 12% Badge level for project 1495 is 12%
1496 framework_web https://github.com/amarteleto/framework_web Anderson A. Marteleto 12% Badge level for project 1496 is 12%
1497 framework_web_primefaces https://github.com/amarteleto/framework_web_primefaces Anderson A. Marteleto 12% Badge level for project 1497 is 12%
1498 kumuluzee_locadora_cliente https://github.com/amarteleto/kumuluzee_locadora_cliente Anderson A. Marteleto 12% Badge level for project 1498 is 12%
1499 primefaces_locadora https://github.com/amarteleto/primefaces_locadora Anderson A. Marteleto 12% Badge level for project 1499 is 12%
1500 springboot_locadora_filme https://github.com/amarteleto/springboot_locadora_filme Anderson A. Marteleto 12% Badge level for project 1500 is 12%
1315 Structure

A STL-like graph library written in Modern C++

https://github.com/Terae/Structure MIT License Benjamin BIGEY 77% Badge level for project 1315 is 77%
1501 dangerAreaService https://github.com/dcorteztec/dangerAreaService David de Amorim Cortez 12% Badge level for project 1501 is 12%
1502 beacon-platform

Code samples for Google's beacon platform

https://github.com/Noemandn/beacon-platform Norman Nylund 11% Badge level for project 1502 is 11%
1503 java-design-patterns

Design patterns implemented in Java

https://github.com/iluwatar/java-design-patterns MIT Zafar Khaydarov 62% Badge level for project 1503 is 62%
1504 openrw

OpenRW "Open ReWrite" is an un-official open source recreation of the classic Grand Theft Auto III game executable

http://openrw.org GPL-3.0 Filip 15% Badge level for project 1504 is 15%
1505 yajcms

Yet another java CMS

http://www.yajcms.org GPL-3.0 Anton V Chunikhin 15% Badge level for project 1505 is 15%
1506 builder

Package creation utility

https://github.com/waghanza/builder MIT Marwan Rabbâa 92% Badge level for project 1506 is 92%
1507 getMyIP

python 3 script witch get ip address and notify by email.

https://github.com/massinissa-boutrig/getMyIP massinissa-boutrig 9% Badge level for project 1507 is 9%
1040 Fruit

Fruit is a dependency injection framework for C++, loosely inspired by the Guice framework for Java. It...

https://github.com/google/fruit/wiki Apache-2.0 Marco Poletti 2017-12-27 10:41:24 100% Badge level for project 1040 is 100%
1084 umoci

umoci is a tool for modifying Open Container images

https://umo.ci Apache-2.0 Aleksa Sarai 2017-07-02 13:10:18 100% Badge level for project 1084 is 100%
1510 minesweeper

API for setting up a Minesweeper game environment in its simplicity and robustness

https://github.com/rrborja/minesweeper GPL-2.0+ Ritchie Borja 18% Badge level for project 1510 is 18%

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