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886 Validates Zip / Postal type codes by country https://github.com/detain/zip-zapper MIT Joe Huss 14% Badge level for project 886 is 14%
1562 ValidationFramework

A small, beauty and testable validation framework

https://github.com/andrekirst/ValidationFramework MIT andrekirst 15% Badge level for project 1562 is 15%
1258 Various collections remade by me in C. https://github.com/Sejoslaw/CCollections OTHER Krzysztof Dobrzyński 12% Badge level for project 1258 is 12%
168 Various tests and graphs on logistic series https://github.com/frague59/logistic_series CC0-1.0 François GUÉRIN 14% Badge level for project 168 is 14%
986 Varuna – Programming Language https://github.com/varuna-lang/varuna OTHER Elias Kosunen 17% Badge level for project 986 is 17%
144 Vector::ASC

This is a library to access ASCII Log File (ASC) files from Vector Informatik.

http://www.tomilo.org/vector_asc.html GPL-3.0+ Tobias Lorenz 2016-06-17 21:36:00 100% Badge level for project 144 is 100%
145 Vector::BLF

This is a library to access Binary Log File (BLF) files from Vector Informatik.

http://www.tomilo.org/vector_blf.html GPL-3.0+ Tobias Lorenz 2016-06-17 21:36:00 100% Badge level for project 145 is 100%
146 Vector::DBC

This is a library to access CAN Databases (aka CANdb, aka DBC files) from Vector Informatik. It's optimized towards fast access on loaded data, not on load...

http://www.tomilo.org/vector_dbc.html GPL-3.0+ Tobias Lorenz 2016-06-17 21:36:00 100% Badge level for project 146 is 100%
1027 Very basic mems engine written in PHP https://github.com/axotion/memsengine MIT me 17% Badge level for project 1027 is 17%
1608 VF-C (Virtual Function Controller Project)

Virtual Function Controller Project leverages ETSI NFV MANO architecture and information model as a reference, and implements full life cycle management and...

https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Virtual+Function+Controller+Project Apache-2.0 Yog Vashishth 2018-02-05 08:13:27 100% Badge level for project 1608 is 100%
115 vFeed - The Correlated Vulnerability And Threat Database

vFeed Framework is a CVE, CWE and OVAL Compatible naming scheme concept that provides extra structured detailed third-party references and technical...

https://github.com/toolswatch/vFeed OTHER NJ. Ouchn 23% Badge level for project 115 is 23%
1047 View Admin As

View the WordPress admin as a different role, switch between users, temporarily change your capabilities, set default screen settings for roles, manage your...

https://wordpress.org/plugins/view-admin-as GPL-2.0 Jory Hogeveen 95% Badge level for project 1047 is 95%
240 vim-metamath

Vim-metamath is a vim mode for editing metamath files. Metamath is a language that can express...

https://github.com/david-a-wheeler/vim-metamath MIT David A. Wheeler 2016-07-09 20:05:00 100% Badge level for project 240 is 100%
1553 visor-android

visor - low vision magnifier

https://github.com/kloener/visor-android Apache-2.0 Christian Illies 14% Badge level for project 1553 is 14%
1012 Vita Genetic Programming Framework

Vita is a scalable, high performance genetic programming / algorithms framework.

It's suitable for classification, symbolic regression, content base image...

https://github.com/morinim/vita MPL-2.0 Manlio Morini 2017-12-12 16:24:14 100% Badge level for project 1012 is 100%
581 Viua Virtual Machine

Virtual machine designed for reliability, concurrency, and background software.

https://viuavm.org GPL-3.0 Marek Marecki 2017-07-08 19:09:29 100% Badge level for project 581 is 100%
509 vivarium http://vivarium.j-boisson.fr JBoisson 0% Badge level for project 509 is 0%
234 vlc

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various...

https://www.videolan.org/vlc GPL-2.0+ Jean-Baptiste Kempf 97% Badge level for project 234 is 97%
1427 voc-demo

voc demo

https://github.com/hanjianqiao/voc-demo MIT Lanchitour 21% Badge level for project 1427 is 21%
533 Vox Pupuli's Corosync puppet module

This project is a Puppet module to setup a corosync/pacemaker stack in an automated way.

https://github.com/voxpupuli/puppet-corosync Apache-2.0 Julien Pivotto 2016-12-05 07:15:21 100% Badge level for project 533 is 100%
1515 vscode-docs

Public documentation for Visual Studio Code

http://code.visualstudio.com/docs andrew 9% Badge level for project 1515 is 9%
934 vui-ad-hoc-alexa-recognizer

npm module that provides 'recognizer' functionality for parsing user spoken text and maps it to Alexa intents. Can be used by itself or included into other...

https://github.com/RationalAnimal/vui-ad-hoc-alexa-recognizer MIT RationalAnimal 14% Badge level for project 934 is 14%
1015 Vulkalc

GPU calculations library based on Vulkan

https://github.com/ToxikCoder/vulkalc MIT whyami 65% Badge level for project 1015 is 65%
562 Waarp R66 File Transfer Monitor https://github.com/fjudith/WaarpR66 Florian JUDITH 14% Badge level for project 562 is 14%
845 Wake up your network devices with Pimatic https://github.com/thost96/pimatic-wakeonlan GPL-2.0 thost96 14% Badge level for project 845 is 14%
1190 Waldur MasterMind is a hybrid cloud orchestrator. https://waldur.com MIT Ilja Livenson 17% Badge level for project 1190 is 17%
1392 watchdog-api https://github.com/gyKa/watchdog-api Gytis Karčiauskas 12% Badge level for project 1392 is 12%
1569 weacast

Web app and services to expose weather forecast data

https://github.com/weacast/weacast MIT Luc Claustres 15% Badge level for project 1569 is 15%
1456 web

Web front-end project for the open source "Wikipedia for Debates" known as Gruff

https://github.com/GruffDebate/web MIT Bruno Sato 14% Badge level for project 1456 is 14%
1545 web

Badamer, badminton manager

MIT Marwan Rabbâa 73% Badge level for project 1545 is 73%

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