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489 debmans

debmans is a tool to extract documentation (currently manpages) from Debian packages and transform them into HTML for viewing with a normal web browser.

https://debmans.readthedocs.io AGPL-3.0+ anarcat 94% Badge level for project 489 is 94%
723 cimogsys

Portal Web de Centro de Investigación en Modelos de Gestión y Sistemas Informáticos

http://cimogsys.com Fausto Cevallos 0% Badge level for project 723 is 0%

Cszcms is a content manager and web application builder or web services. It is developed in PHP based on the CodeIgniter framework and other useful libraries.

http://astian.org ADPL-1.0 Astian Foundation 98% Badge level for project 566 is 98%
622 frontend.git https://gitlab.com/despotovska/frontend.git Aleksandra Despotovska 2% Badge level for project 622 is 2%
440 coursenta Andrew Dabich 2% Badge level for project 440 is 2%
1176 Legado Educativo

Open Educational Resources.

https://www.legadoeducativo.org Sergio Alonso 2% Badge level for project 1176 is 2%
386 PuzzlerGame.git Peter Taylor 2% Badge level for project 386 is 2%
1610 gpxedit-oc https://gitlab.com/eneiluj/gpxedit-oc Julien Veyssier 44% Badge level for project 1610 is 44%
42 GitLab

GitLab is version control for your server. It also includes an issue tracker, CI/CD and a wiki.

https://about.gitlab.com MIT Sytse Sijbrandij 2016-01-30 22:49:00 100% Badge level for project 42 is 100%
621 gitlab-ce.git https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce.git Aleksandra Despotovska 2% Badge level for project 621 is 2%
1178 pluto-react

React enviorment

https://gitlab.com/gmde/pluto-react Apache-2.0 Miiitch 6% Badge level for project 1178 is 6%
330 gnutls

GnuTLS is a secure communications library implementing the SSL, TLS and DTLS protocols and technologies around them. It provides a simple C language API to...

https://www.gnutls.org LGPL-2.1+ Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos 2017-02-24 08:50:06 100% Badge level for project 330 is 100%
676 man2be-front-end https://gitlab.com/kieronqtran/man2be-front-end Trần Hữu Quang 2% Badge level for project 676 is 2%
820 dungeonita

Bukkit (Minecraft) plugin for generating dungeons from blueprint rooms.

https://gitlab.com/Linear/dungeonita Apache-2.0 Aleksey Okoneshnikov 71% Badge level for project 820 is 71%
1108 Lorenz

Another open source social network.

https://gitlab.com/lorenzproject/lorenz AGPL-3.0 Javier E. 6% Badge level for project 1108 is 6%
847 nucleus

atomic library for C applications

https://gitlab.com/m1ke.v4n.dyke/nucleus m1ke-van-dyke 2% Badge level for project 847 is 2%
1242 material-myth https://gitlab.com/MajorAchilles/material-myth MajorAchilles 2% Badge level for project 1242 is 2%
1167 samba-through-stunnel https://misacek.gitlab.io/samba-through-stunnel misacek 2% Badge level for project 1167 is 2%
630 Sportiic https://sportiic.com MuyBien 67% Badge level for project 630 is 67%
1328 Jamineh

The system to handle automation in a clothing company.

http://www.nikmodern.com BSD-3-Clause Mohammad Javad 44% Badge level for project 1328 is 44%
79 NTPsec

The Network Time Protocol Reference Implementation, refactored

https://ntpsec.org (BSD-2-Clause AND NTP) Mark Atwood 2016-08-22 22:24:01 100% Badge level for project 79 is 100%
739 rili

Rili is future oriented C++ library for rapid and prototype programming, which provide tools and constructions based on design patterns and most useful...

https://gitlab.com/rili/rili MIT Tomasz Frydrych 2017-05-16 09:45:16 100% Badge level for project 739 is 100%
423 legadoeducativo

Open Educational Resources

http://www.legadoeducativo.com GPL-3.0 Sergio Alonso 20% Badge level for project 423 is 20%
556 Omegle-Client https://gitlab.com/tfSheol/Omegle-Client Sheol 14% Badge level for project 556 is 14%
494 trustable

We are aiming to identify|provoke|create viable processes|methods|tools for secure|high-integrity|safety-critical|deterministic software engineering

https://trustable.io CC0-1.0 Paul Sherwood 76% Badge level for project 494 is 76%
381 libkaze

Kaze is a scientific image processing library written in C.

The official Git repository can be found...

https://www.libkaze.org MIT James A. Shackleford 2016-09-21 17:05:05 100% Badge level for project 381 is 100%
793 default Andrew 2% Badge level for project 793 is 2%
557 willgo Yuri V 2% Badge level for project 557 is 2%
744 hc

Holiday converter tool which supports: http://www.schulferien.org/ (input); opening_hours.js (input and...

https://gitlab.com/ypid/hc AGPL-3.0 Robin Schneider 2017-02-27 23:53:35 100% Badge level for project 744 is 100%
392 Polr-Mobile

A mobile Polr client app built with Ionic.

https://polr-mobile.filiosoft.net MIT Noah Prail 71% Badge level for project 392 is 71%

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