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Id Name Description Website License Owner Last achieved at % Achieved Badge
93 RSpec Best Practices http://betterspecs.org Dan Kohn 9% Badge level for project 93 is 9%
975 benifeter-rongsenk

Foto-foto dan video

http://benifeter-rongsenk.com AGPL-3.0+ beni feter 98% Badge level for project 975 is 98%
637 babel

Babel is a community-driven tool that helps you when your supported environments don't support certain JavaScript features natively by compiling it down to a...

http://babeljs.io MIT Henry Zhu 26% Badge level for project 637 is 26%

Cszcms is a content manager and web application builder or web services. It is developed in PHP based on the CodeIgniter framework and other useful libraries.

http://astian.org ADPL-1.0 Astian Foundation 98% Badge level for project 566 is 98%
69 The Assimilation Project

The Assimilation Project discovers and keeps updated deep-dive information about your infrastructure then drives various actions directly from discovery....

http://AssimProj.org GPL-3.0+ Alan Robertson 95% Badge level for project 69 is 95%
189 :iphone: Automation for iOS and Android Apps. http://appium.io OTHER Isaac Murchie 14% Badge level for project 189 is 14%
1437 ant-design

🐜 A UI Design Language

http://ant.design MIT 偏右 12% Badge level for project 1437 is 12%
328 alasql

AlaSQL.js - JavaScript SQL database for browser and Node.js. Handles both traditional relational tables and nested JSON data (NoSQL). Export, store, and...

http://alasql.org MIT Mathias Rangel Wulff 89% Badge level for project 328 is 89%
873 activitywatch

Log what you do on your computer. Simple yet powerful, extensible, no third parties.

http://activitywatch.github.io MPL-2.0 Erik Bjäreholt 41% Badge level for project 873 is 41%
520 kalium

Java binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library with the awesomeness of libsodium

http://abstractj.github.com/kalium Apache-2.0 Bruno Oliveira 15% Badge level for project 520 is 15%
1545 web

Badamer, badminton manager

MIT Marwan Rabbâa 73% Badge level for project 1545 is 73%
1489 generic-api

Criação de API genérica no ecossistema JavaScript para aprendizado

MIT Johnson Mauro 15% Badge level for project 1489 is 15%
1313 cmd Harsh Vardhan 9% Badge level for project 1313 is 9%
1057 docker-php

🐳 Docker For PHP Developers - Docker images with PHP, Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed, Apache, Alpine and Debian Slim

MIT Peter Kokot 20% Badge level for project 1057 is 20%
949 xephon-k

[WIP] A time series database using Cassandra as backend, modeled after KairosDB

MIT Pinglei Guo 15% Badge level for project 949 is 15%
793 default Andrew 2% Badge level for project 793 is 2%
788 jekyll-html5-youtube

Jekyll plugin to generate html5 snippets for embedding YouTube videos, without iframes.

MIT Lorenzo Sapora 17% Badge level for project 788 is 17%
633 eda.git AlexeyRudkovskiy 2% Badge level for project 633 is 2%
557 willgo Yuri V 2% Badge level for project 557 is 2%
440 coursenta Andrew Dabich 2% Badge level for project 440 is 2%
386 PuzzlerGame.git Peter Taylor 2% Badge level for project 386 is 2%
275 jsonapi implementation for phramework Apache-2.0 Xenofon Spafaridis 15% Badge level for project 275 is 15%
257 go-optikon

Manipulating deep Go structures using simple relative path selectors. Useful for REST-ful services, where you want to select/update/delete internal...

MIT David Bolshoy 15% Badge level for project 257 is 15%

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