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281 Network Block Device

This project contains the reference implementation as well as the protocol specification for the Network Block Device (NBD) protocol, first added to Linux in...

https://nbd.sourceforge.io GPL-2.0 Wouter Verhelst 95% Badge level for project 281 is 95%
663 Download apks from Google Play Store https://github.com/yeriomin/YalpStore GPL-2.0 Sergey Yeriomin 44% Badge level for project 663 is 44%
1398 play-store-api

Google Play Store protobuf API wrapper in java

https://github.com/yeriomin/play-store-api GPL-3.0 Sergey Yeriomin 45% Badge level for project 1398 is 45%
1617 CollectionViewSlantedLayout

UICollectionViewLayout subclass to display slanted content

https://github.com/yacir/CollectionViewSlantedLayout MIT Yassir Barchi 67% Badge level for project 1617 is 67%
1231 A React+Redux component to work easily with REST states https://www.npmjs.com/package/redux-api-react-switch MIT Olivier Bourdoux 15% Badge level for project 1231 is 15%
1116 unburden-home-dir

Automatically unburden $HOME from caches, etc. Useful for $HOME on SSDs, small disks or slow NFS homes. Can be triggered via an hook in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/.

https://unburden-home-dir.readthedocs.io GPL-2.0 Axel Beckert 86% Badge level for project 1116 is 86%
772 lolbot

A simple, functional and unique 1 file Discord bot

https://lolbot.banne.club MIT S Stewart 86% Badge level for project 772 is 86%
719 urlshortener https://github.com/xlk3099/urlshortener xlk3099 9% Badge level for project 719 is 9%
949 xephon-k

[WIP] A time series database using Cassandra as backend, modeled after KairosDB

MIT Pinglei Guo 15% Badge level for project 949 is 15%
857 keygraph-rs https://github.com/xd009642/keygraph-rs Apache-2.0 xd009642 12% Badge level for project 857 is 12%
278 ovirt-engine-disaster-recovery https://github.com/xandradx/ovirt-engine-disaster-recovery Apache-2.0 Luis Perez 15% Badge level for project 278 is 15%
159 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/xaionaro/gograndstream OTHER Okunev Yu Dmitry 14% Badge level for project 159 is 14%
1144 wulkanowy

Wulkanowy to projekt aplikacji na androida ułatwiającej używanie dziennika VULCANa

https://www.bitrise.io/artifact/2163950/p/3b1099d50eb7f3f632ca2f6b2b58bd77 Mikołaj Pich 9% Badge level for project 1144 is 9%
333 Testing Various Repo Badges https://github.com/wulas/BadgesTests Wojtek Ulas 11% Badge level for project 333 is 11%
1534 bootCI

Scripts for installing software tools in the project directory without root and with minimal prerequisites

https://wtanaka.com/node/8268 Wesley Tanaka 9% Badge level for project 1534 is 9%
645 Sabato Luca Guadagno's resume https://github.com/wskn/resume Sabato Luca Guadagno 9% Badge level for project 645 is 9%
680 A realtime collaborative writing game

write.io (codename) is a collaborative writing game. You connect to the server (via browser, no install needed). The server then quickly matches you with a...

https://github.com/write-io/write.io UNLICENSE Ron Gross 70% Badge level for project 680 is 70%
107 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/wondenge/docker William Ondenge 14% Badge level for project 107 is 14%
1664 gwvp

[WIP] Currently not working

https://gwvp.glvp.de GPL-3.0 Wlad K. 14% Badge level for project 1664 is 14%
473 passgen

Password generator using a library of three letter words - written in Go

https://github.com/wiremoons/passgen MIT Simon Rowe 17% Badge level for project 473 is 17%
385 Linux distribution for embedded devices https://openwrt.org WillenDuan 14% Badge level for project 385 is 14%
1480 WeRoBot

WeRoBot 是一个微信公众号开发框架

https://werobot.readthedocs.io/zh_CN/latest Wu Haotian 12% Badge level for project 1480 is 12%
1151 HTML to PDF converter via Chrome/Chromium https://github.com/westy92/html-pdf-chrome MIT Seth Westphal 14% Badge level for project 1151 is 14%
285 A model abstraction library https://werehamster.github.io/avers MIT Tomas Carnecky 15% Badge level for project 285 is 15%
1550 USBasp

USBasp originally from http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/

https://github.com/wenhuizhang/USBasp Wenhui Zhang 11% Badge level for project 1550 is 11%
353 hello-world https://github.com/wengchunwang/hello-world wengchunwang 14% Badge level for project 353 is 14%
349 protobuf-decoder

Tool to convert google protocol buffers between human readable and encoded binary formats

https://github.com/weierstrass/protobuf-decoder Andreas Bülling 12% Badge level for project 349 is 12%
1613 WeDeploy CLI tool

Command-Line Interface tool for the WeDeploy cloud computing platform.

https://github.com/wedeploy/cli Henrique Vicente 2% Badge level for project 1613 is 2%
552 Weblate

Web based translation tool with tight version control integration.

https://weblate.org GPL-3.0 Michal Čihař 2016-12-12 11:30:50 100% Badge level for project 552 is 100%
1481 leave-tracking

Leave management app

https://leave-tracking.herokuapp.com MIT Bogdan Livadariu 23% Badge level for project 1481 is 23%

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