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315 create-tx-configuration https://pagure.io/create-tx-configuration AGPL-3.0 Eric Christensen 56% Badge level for project 315 is 56%
316 C++ Command-line Redis UI in terminal https://github.com/rikvdh/redisui MIT Rik van der Heijden 17% Badge level for project 316 is 17%
317 connect-ready

express middleware that indicates whether a service is ready or not

https://github.com/dcolens/connect-ready MIT Did 23% Badge level for project 317 is 23%
299 BIND9

BIND is open source software that implements the Domain Name System (DNS) protocols for the Internet.

https://www.isc.org MPL-2.0 (version 9.11.0 and later) and ISC license (versions prior to 9.11.0) Vicky Risk 98% Badge level for project 299 is 98%
319 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/fundor333/RUSLECalculator GPL-2.0 Matteo 14% Badge level for project 319 is 14%
291 c-ares

c-ares is a C library for asynchronous DNS requests (including name resolves)

https://c-ares.haxx.se MIT Daniel Stenberg 2016-08-20 15:28:37 100% Badge level for project 291 is 100%
320 nghttp2 - HTTP/2 C Library and tools

nghttp2 is an implementation of HTTP/2 and its header compression algorithm HPACK in C.

The framing layer of HTTP/2 is implemented as a form of reusable C...

https://nghttp2.org MIT Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa 95% Badge level for project 320 is 95%
321 Open source note-taking application for Android http://federicoiosue.github.io/Omni-Notes GPL-3.0 Federico Iosue 14% Badge level for project 321 is 14%

OSSEC is an Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System that performs log analysis, file integrity checking, policy monitoring, rootkit detection,...

http://ossec.github.io GPL-2.0 Scott R. Shinn 98% Badge level for project 31 is 98%
326 Monkey HTTP Server http://monkey-project.com Apache-2.0 Eduardo Silva 17% Badge level for project 326 is 17%
327 Service container and dependency injector for iOS and OS X http://www.victorberga.com MIT Víctor Berga 14% Badge level for project 327 is 14%
329 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/intercity/intercity-next MIT Jeroen van Baarsen 18% Badge level for project 329 is 18%
79 NTPsec

The Network Time Protocol Reference Implementation, refactored

https://ntpsec.org (BSD-2-Clause AND NTP) Mark Atwood 2016-08-22 22:24:01 100% Badge level for project 79 is 100%
313 Rakudo Perl -- Perl 6 on MoarVM and the JVM

A Compiler for the Perl 6 language

http://rakudo.org/about Artistic-2.0 Moritz Lenz 55% Badge level for project 313 is 55%
331 usbguard

USBGuard is a software framework for implementing USB device authorization policies (what kind of USB devices are authorized) as well as method of use...

https://dkopecek.github.io/usbguard GPL-2.0 Daniel Kopeček 59% Badge level for project 331 is 59%
332 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/avakar/cpp-libawait Martin Vejnár 12% Badge level for project 332 is 12%
333 Testing Various Repo Badges https://github.com/wulas/BadgesTests Wojtek Ulas 11% Badge level for project 333 is 11%
334 lazy-linked-lists

Lazy and infinite linked lists for JavaScript. An open source npm package written in ES2015 and transpiled with Babel.

https://github.com/sjsyrek/lazy-linked-lists ISC Steven Syrek 94% Badge level for project 334 is 94%

BRL-CAD is an open source solid modeling system with interactive 3D geometry editing, high-performance ray tracing for rendering, hybrid representation...

http://brlcad.org LGPL-2.1 Christopher Sean Morrison 2016-08-22 03:14:40 100% Badge level for project 66 is 100%
335 A experimental memory pool based on C++11 https://github.com/abc612008/MemoryPool MIT Null 15% Badge level for project 335 is 15%
340 The webui for the Gecos Control Center http://gecos-team.github.io OTHER Alfonso E.M. 11% Badge level for project 340 is 11%
341 CoreFramework

PHP framework based on plugin system.

The CoreFramework is built around a 300 lines single file that architect all other components as independent...

https://cf.nfet.net LGPL-2.1 David PHAM-VAN 71% Badge level for project 341 is 71%
325 Bareflank hypervisor

Bareflank aims to provide all of the scaffolding needed to rapidly prototype new hypervisors.

https://bareflank.github.io/hypervisor LGPL-2.1 Rian Quinn 2016-08-30 13:31:42 100% Badge level for project 325 is 100%
342 Write your project from frontend. https://github.com/tdoee/Appbase CC-BY-4.0 Jon Dotsoy 15% Badge level for project 342 is 15%
343 learning-node https://github.com/zcong1993/learning-node MIT zcong1993 15% Badge level for project 343 is 15%
344 canvasdemo https://github.com/zcong1993/canvasdemo MIT zcong1993 18% Badge level for project 344 is 18%
346 reveille https://github.com/klauern/reveille Nick Klauer 11% Badge level for project 346 is 11%
347 MagicMirror²

The open source modular smart mirror platform.

https://github.com/MichMich/MagicMirror MIT Nicholas Hubbard 2016-09-03 01:56:26 100% Badge level for project 347 is 100%
349 protobuf-decoder

Tool to convert google protocol buffers between human readable and encoded binary formats

https://github.com/weierstrass/protobuf-decoder Andreas Bülling 12% Badge level for project 349 is 12%
350 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/stujo/javascript-mvc-octocat Stujo 11% Badge level for project 350 is 11%

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