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1070 :tada: Convention Control Framework for hapi :tada: https://www.npmjs.com/package/hapi-arch MIT Ahmed Ali 91% Badge level for project 1070 is 91%
174 Tabulae

android app to show various vector and raster based maps, record, show, edit and exchange tracks, pois and own position and more.

https://pyneo.org/Tabulae GPL-3.0 M. Dietrich 26% Badge level for project 174 is 26%
1287 System-usage-monitor

System usage monitoring app using influxdb, kapacitor, grafana

https://github.com/naren-m/System-usage-monitor Naren Mudivarthy 9% Badge level for project 1287 is 9%
1369 systemd

systemd System and Service Manager

https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd LGPL-2.1+ Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek 2017-11-04 19:48:26 100% Badge level for project 1369 is 100%
1587 synse-cli

Unified CLI for synse-server

https://github.com/vapor-ware/synse-cli GPL-2.0 Tim 92% Badge level for project 1587 is 92%
88 Syncthing

Open Source Continuous File Synchronization

https://syncthing.net MPL-2.0 Jakob Borg 2016-04-09 07:18:00 100% Badge level for project 88 is 100%
1245 SyncApi

a nuget portable library to sync models in a very convenient way

https://github.com/famoser/SyncApi MIT Florian Moser 14% Badge level for project 1245 is 14%
990 Symphony Java sample bots

A set of simple bots for Symphony, implemented in Java.

https://github.com/symphonyoss/symphony-java-sample-bots Apache-2.0 Maurizio Pillitu 89% Badge level for project 990 is 89%
1056 Symfony Project for LiBio

LISem is an ERP specialized for seeds producers and craftsmen.

https://github.com/BlastCI/LISemSymfonyProject GPL-3.0 BlastCI 38% Badge level for project 1056 is 38%
1133 Symfony KronhyxSessionBundle https://github.com/Kronhyx/SessionBundle OTHER Randy Tellez Galán 11% Badge level for project 1133 is 11%
1122 Swift SDK for the Dropbox API v2. https://github.com/toppole69/SwiftyDropbox Mr Adrian Imach 11% Badge level for project 1122 is 11%
1072 suman

Advanced, user-friendly, language-agnostic, super-high-performance test runner.

https://github.com/sumanjs/suman ISC Operations Research Engineering Software+ 86% Badge level for project 1072 is 86%
647 SudokuGroup2 https://github.com/J4BB3R/SudokuGroup2 J4BB3R 12% Badge level for project 647 is 12%
983 subscription https://subscription.overview Myrstproject 2% Badge level for project 983 is 2%
1315 Structure

A STL-like graph library written in Modern C++

https://github.com/Terae/Structure MIT License Benjamin BIGEY 77% Badge level for project 1315 is 77%
162 StringObject

A PHP library enabling object-oriented usage of strings and their relevant functions.

https://github.com/garrettw/stringobject ISC Garrett W. 15% Badge level for project 162 is 15%
1030 Street light monitoring and diagnostics tool https://github.com/qiubit/luminis MIT Dominik Murzynowski 14% Badge level for project 1030 is 14%
827 Storgman - Student Organizations Management https://github.com/angelov/storgman GPL-3.0 Dejan Angelov 14% Badge level for project 827 is 14%
1536 steamcommunity http://steamcommunity.com Pro-GSG 0% Badge level for project 1536 is 0%
1465 StateOS https://github.com/stateos/StateOS Rajmund Szymański 2% Badge level for project 1465 is 2%
1414 star.js

A node library to automatically correct typos in messages based on the next message you send.

https://decagon.github.io/star.js MIT Decagon 33% Badge level for project 1414 is 33%
462 Stackoverflow https://github.com/HamzaGhazouani/Stackoverflow Hamza Ghazouani 11% Badge level for project 462 is 11%
1555 SSO https://github.com/NvdLaan/SSO Oscar Wieman 9% Badge level for project 1555 is 9%
1382 sreview

sreview review system

https://github.com/yoe/sreview AGPL-3.0 Wouter Verhelst 94% Badge level for project 1382 is 94%
204 sqrl-server-base

Java SQRL authentication libary that implements the server side portions of the SQRL protocol.

https://github.com/dbadia/sqrl-server-base Apache-2.0 dbadia 2016-12-02 10:55:44 100% Badge level for project 204 is 100%
273 sqlite

Embedded SQL database engine

https://www.sqlite.org Public domain Richard Hipp 95% Badge level for project 273 is 95%
1400 spring-rest-commons-options

Libreria utilitaria para utilizar el verbo options con Spring

https://github.com/damianwajser/spring-rest-commons-options Apache-2.0 Damian Ariel Wajser 35% Badge level for project 1400 is 35%
950 spring-grow

Maven Archetype which can generate a secured Spring MVC Web Application (XML Configuration)

https://github.com/alexander-perucci/spring-grow Apache-2.0 Alexander Perucci 17% Badge level for project 950 is 17%
1500 springboot_locadora_filme https://github.com/amarteleto/springboot_locadora_filme Anderson A. Marteleto 12% Badge level for project 1500 is 12%
630 Sportiic https://sportiic.com MuyBien 67% Badge level for project 630 is 67%

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