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158 vagrant-nginx-coldfusion11

This is a Vagrant project for creating a CF11 dev box running on ubuntu with nginx

https://github.com/howellcc/vagrant-nginx-coldfusion11 Clint 11% Badge level for project 158 is 11%
159 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/xaionaro/gograndstream OTHER Okunev Yu Dmitry 14% Badge level for project 159 is 14%
160 The Intrig Message Decoder https://github.com/intrig/xenon GPL-2.0 Mark Beckwith 17% Badge level for project 160 is 17%
161 Rename images based on EXIF information https://github.com/ottlinger/fotorenamer Apache-2.0 P. Ottlinger 24% Badge level for project 161 is 24%
162 StringObject

A PHP library enabling object-oriented usage of strings and their relevant functions.

https://github.com/garrettw/stringobject ISC Garrett W. 15% Badge level for project 162 is 15%
163 pierce

Pierce is an IRC bot framework written for PHP 5.5+, built around a dependency injector and an event pipeline.

https://github.com/garrettw/pierce LGPL-2.1 Garrett W. 15% Badge level for project 163 is 15%
165 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/machaiol/minotcheckpoint machaiol 11% Badge level for project 165 is 11%
168 Various tests and graphs on logistic series https://github.com/frague59/logistic_series CC0-1.0 François GUÉRIN 14% Badge level for project 168 is 14%
169 A collection of handy AppleScripts. https://github.com/dankeller/AppleScript MIT Dan Keller 15% Badge level for project 169 is 15%
171 issAboveSkopje

Python script that tweets every time the ISS is above Skopje.

https://github.com/TinnoTL/issAboveSkopje MIT Tino Lubeski 11% Badge level for project 171 is 11%
172 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/abaghel/pmta GPL-2.0 Aditya 15% Badge level for project 172 is 15%
174 Tabulae

android app to show various vector and raster based maps, record, show, edit and exchange tracks, pois and own position and more.

https://pyneo.org/Tabulae GPL-3.0 M. Dietrich 26% Badge level for project 174 is 26%
175 Certificates, tests, exams. https://github.com/lordoptical/Certificates Constantin 11% Badge level for project 175 is 11%
178 PHP IRC bot https://github.com/tronsha/cerberus GPL-3.0 Stefan Hüsges 17% Badge level for project 178 is 17%
180 ODPi specifications

ODPi is an effort led by Apache Hadoop distros, application vendors, and end users in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem for building a standard specification for...

https://github.com/odpi/specs CC-BY-4.0 John Mertic 97% Badge level for project 180 is 97%
183 gsequencer

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer is a tree based audio processing engine released under the terms of the GNU GPLv3+. It uses extensively threads, supporting LADSPA,...

http://www.nongnu.org/gsequencer GPL-3.0+ Joël Krähemann 52% Badge level for project 183 is 52%
184 OWASP OWTF (Offensive Web Testing Framework)

OWASP OWTF, the Offensive (Web) Testing Framework, is an OWASP+PTES-focused try to unite great tools and make pen testing more efficient, written mostly in...

https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_OWTF BSD-3-Clause Viyat Bhalodia 26% Badge level for project 184 is 26%
185 Generate preview for all your html/css/js snippets https://github.com/goliney/coderoom Sergey Goliney 11% Badge level for project 185 is 11%
186 Dynamic image server for web and print https://quru.com/qis AGPL-3.0 Roland Whitehead 21% Badge level for project 186 is 21%
187 Collection of scripts I created and used at least once. https://github.com/elacheche/myScripts El Acheche ANIS 11% Badge level for project 187 is 11%
188 Icinga2 checks using the by_ssh plugin https://github.com/elacheche/icinga2_by_ssh OTHER El Acheche ANIS 12% Badge level for project 188 is 12%
189 :iphone: Automation for iOS and Android Apps. http://appium.io OTHER Isaac Murchie 14% Badge level for project 189 is 14%
190 TicTacToe

TicTactoe in Ruby

https://github.com/robbyoconnor/tictactoe MIT Robert (Robby) O'Connor 15% Badge level for project 190 is 15%
192 bibletime

:book: BibleTime is a powerful cross platform Bible study tool.

http://bibletime.info GPL-2.0 gholmlund 17% Badge level for project 192 is 17%
194 Security Technical Implementation Guide for Debian https://github.com/hardenedlinux/STIG-4-Debian citypw 11% Badge level for project 194 is 11%
195 docsmith

Only documentation for now about a reference implementation for Content as Code

http://iilab.github.io/contentascode AGPL-3.0 Jun Matsushita 14% Badge level for project 195 is 14%
198 paraGSEA https://github.com/pittacus/paraGSEA pittacus 14% Badge level for project 198 is 14%
199 Extended verification for git tags https://github.com/cgwalters/git-evtag LGPL-2.1 Colin Walters 15% Badge level for project 199 is 15%
200 Samba

Samba is the File, Print and Active Directory Server for Unix

https://samba.org GPL-3.0 Andrew Bartlett 92% Badge level for project 200 is 92%
201 MediaWiki

MediaWiki is a free software open source wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is now also used by several other projects of the...

https://mediawiki.org GPL-2.0+ nemobis 95% Badge level for project 201 is 95%

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