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519 heapsort_openmp

OpenMP example of heap sort algorithm(with performance comparison)

https://github.com/ToxikCoder/heapsort_openmp whyami 9% Badge level for project 519 is 9%
1122 Swift SDK for the Dropbox API v2. https://github.com/toppole69/SwiftyDropbox Mr Adrian Imach 11% Badge level for project 1122 is 11%
115 vFeed - The Correlated Vulnerability And Threat Database

vFeed Framework is a CVE, CWE and OVAL Compatible naming scheme concept that provides extra structured detailed third-party references and technical...

https://github.com/toolswatch/vFeed OTHER NJ. Ouchn 23% Badge level for project 115 is 23%
814 Moe is a C++14 Generic Implementation of Genetic Algorithm https://github.com/tonykero/Moe MIT Antoine Karcher 20% Badge level for project 814 is 20%
732 Shoppy.io

Ebay template manager

https://github.com/tomsiwik/shoppy.io OTHER Tom Siwik 15% Badge level for project 732 is 15%
64 checker

Checker is a monitoring service that is designed to alert you when things are going wrong with the various things you care about. It has sample jobs that can...

https://github.com/tomrittervg/checker Tom Ritter 3% Badge level for project 64 is 3%
1359 The Tizonia Project

Cloud music player for the Linux console that supports Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Dirble.

http://www.tizonia.org LGPL-3.0 Tizonia 47% Badge level for project 1359 is 47%
683 modular-css

A streamlined reinterpretation of CSS Modules via CLI, API, Browserify, Rollup, Webpack, or PostCSS

https://github.com/tivac/modular-css MIT Pat Cavit 15% Badge level for project 683 is 15%
155 ConnId

ConnId (Connectors for Identity Management) is built to help drive development of Connectors.

http://connid.tirasa.net CDDL 1.0 Francesco Chicchiriccò 65% Badge level for project 155 is 65%
705 tiny-dnn

header only, dependency-free deep learning framework in C++11

https://github.com/tiny-dnn/tiny-dnn BSD-3-Clause nyanp 97% Badge level for project 705 is 97%
171 issAboveSkopje

Python script that tweets every time the ISS is above Skopje.

https://github.com/TinnoTL/issAboveSkopje MIT Tino Lubeski 11% Badge level for project 171 is 11%
1570 haproxy-auth-request

auth-request allows you to add access control to your HTTP services based on a subrequest to a configured haproxy backend.

https://github.com/TimWolla/haproxy-auth-request MIT Tim Düsterhus 17% Badge level for project 1570 is 17%
310 timber

Plugin to write WordPress themes w Object-Oriented Code and the Twig Template Engine

http://timber.github.io/timber MIT Jared Novack 14% Badge level for project 310 is 14%
1654 xsrf-middleware

Csrf protection based on double submit pattern, cookie - JWT alternative

https://github.com/tigerwill90/xsrf-middleware MIT Sylvain Muller 15% Badge level for project 1654 is 15%
1577 tigefa

:construction::penguin: WIP Ruby On Rails App.

https://tigefa.github.io MIT sugeng tigefa 89% Badge level for project 1577 is 89%
1363 coo-homeless-api

Coo Homeless API - The API Server for the mobile app Coo Homeless

https://github.com/tiaghoalves/coo-homeless-api Tiago Alves 9% Badge level for project 1363 is 9%
845 Wake up your network devices with Pimatic https://github.com/thost96/pimatic-wakeonlan GPL-2.0 thost96 14% Badge level for project 845 is 14%
933 A simple markdown to html parser

This is a small sample project with node.js, ts and mongodb. The problem domain is a simple markdown parser.

https://github.com/thimmy687/Simple-MD2HTML Unlicense Ricardo K. 86% Badge level for project 933 is 86%
230 simple-compress

Library that makes life easier for creating .tar, .zip, .gzip based on commons-compress

https://github.com/thiaguten/simple-compress BSD-3-Clause Thiago Gutenberg Carvalho da Costa 17% Badge level for project 230 is 17%
881 The site repository from Sociopata band http://sociopata.org Thiago Braga 8% Badge level for project 881 is 8%
1537 jamesmcdermott.tech

Static site written with Node.js. Hosted at jamesmcdermott.tech.

http://jamesmcdermott.tech GPL-3.0 James Mc Dermott 12% Badge level for project 1537 is 12%
1539 dcurooms

A command line tool used to display room information and book and request rooms.

https://github.com/theycallmemac/dcurooms GPL-3.0 James Mc Dermott 30% Badge level for project 1539 is 30%
1351 tuf

A framework for securing software update systems.

https://www.theupdateframework.com Apache-2.0 and MIT Vladimir Diaz 2017-11-20 19:26:07 100% Badge level for project 1351 is 100%
1354 notary

Notary is a project that allows anyone to have trust over arbitrary collections of data

https://github.com/theupdateframework/notary Apache-2.0 David Lawrence 77% Badge level for project 1354 is 77%
126 league/commonmark

Markdown parser for PHP based on the CommonMark spec.

https://github.com/thephpleague/commonmark BSD-3-Clause Colin O'Dell 2017-12-13 15:32:16 100% Badge level for project 126 is 100%
124 The Kabal Invasion

A web based space exploration (4x) game based on the old BBS door games that went by many names (Tradewars, Galactic Warzone, Ultimate Universe, and many...

https://github.com/thekabal/tki AGPL-3.0 thekabal 94% Badge level for project 124 is 94%
963 Ui Component for the criteria_operator gem. https://github.com/TheFlow0360/criteria_operator-ui_component MIT Florian Koch 68% Badge level for project 963 is 68%
958 criteria_operator

This gem provides classes to create arbitrary complex conditions, by building an expression tree.

https://github.com/TheFlow0360/criteria_operator MIT Florian Koch 73% Badge level for project 958 is 73%
1389 cryptor

Privacy, Anonymity, Freedom

https://github.com/thee-engineer/cryptor GPL-3.0 Alexandru-Paul Copil 73% Badge level for project 1389 is 73%
406 webpack-glob-entry

simple function to transform glob patterns in webpack entry object

https://github.com/thecotne/webpack-glob-entry MIT cotne nazarashvili 15% Badge level for project 406 is 15%

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