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1637 herocalf

This project was created as an amateur idea, a group of friends willing to gather information from their HeroQuest games on an non-official, non-profit web.

http://heroquest.herokuapp.com MIT Borja Martín Fernández 85% Badge level for project 1637 is 85%
84 Bart

Bart is a PHP project. It originally began its life as a collection of Build and Release Tools used internally at Box. Over time, it's grown into a...

https://github.com/box/bart Apache-2.0 Benjamin VanEvery 39% Badge level for project 84 is 39%
1643 boxrec

retrieve information from Boxrec

https://github.com/boxing/boxrec MIT Mike DiDomizio 26% Badge level for project 1643 is 26%
1222 hapi-route-logging

A simple plugin to print on screen the routes consulted, ideal during development.

https://github.com/box-maker/hapi-route-logging MPL-2.0 Alejandro Alvarez 36% Badge level for project 1222 is 36%
290 crucible

AWS CloudFormation templates built with Clojure

https://github.com/brabster/crucible EPL-1.0 Paul Brabban 70% Badge level for project 290 is 70%
1659 Component-3

Happy and Joyful? Yes very

https://github.com/BrandonBirchallUK/Component-3-New Brandon Birchall 9% Badge level for project 1659 is 9%
1174 Javascript library for the Bands in Town API https://github.com/breadadams/bit_js Brad Adams 9% Badge level for project 1174 is 9%
207 Breaking_Pitt Dockerfile learning repository. https://github.com/BreakingPitt/dockerfiles Pedro Garcia Rodriguez 11% Badge level for project 207 is 11%
444 *ring*

Safe, fast, small crypto using Rust

https://github.com/briansmith/ring OTHER Brian Smith 82% Badge level for project 444 is 82%
801 bro

Bro is a powerful network analysis framework that is much different from the typical IDS you may know. Official mirror of git.bro.org/bro.git .

http://www.bro.org OTHER Seth Hall 17% Badge level for project 801 is 17%
702 Data Transformation Tool https://github.com/brunorrr/data_trans brunorrr 9% Badge level for project 702 is 9%
883 Nevergreen

Nevergreen is a build monitor with attitude. It has two distinct features that set it apart:

1) Your builds should always be green. Nevergreen understands...

https://build-canaries.github.io EPL-1.0 Christopher Martin 53% Badge level for project 883 is 53%
682 SMSC

Open Source SMSC solution with monitoring, billing, SMPP, SS7 and REST API support.

http://smsc.io Apache-2.0 Sergej Kunz 15% Badge level for project 682 is 15%
1052 container https://github.com/burraq/container MIT Javed Ahmadzai 14% Badge level for project 1052 is 14%
502 Config files (bash, vim..) https://github.com/bymathias/dotfiles MIT Mathias Brouilly 14% Badge level for project 502 is 14%
215 options-pixie

A WordPress plugin to list, sort, search and view your WordPress site's options records with style.

https://github.com/bytepixie/options-pixie Ian M. Jones 11% Badge level for project 215 is 11%
875 cacao-accounting https://github.com/cacao-accounting/cacao-accounting MIT William Moreno 14% Badge level for project 875 is 14%
876 cacao-accounting-commons https://github.com/cacao-accounting/cacao-accounting-commons William Moreno 12% Badge level for project 876 is 12%
724 traph

Transformation graph for JS Objects, a powerful and declarative way to remap one Object in another.

https://github.com/caesarsol/traph GPL-3.0 cesare soldini 14% Badge level for project 724 is 14%
1320 Material-UI

React Components that Implement Google's Material Design.

https://material-ui-next.com MIT Olivier Tassinari 2017-10-17 18:47:47 100% Badge level for project 1320 is 100%
376 YoupornVirus

It's a virus (that doesn't reproduce itself) that display windows with the youporn logo.

https://github.com/camilleeyries/YoupornVirus Camille Eyriès 12% Badge level for project 376 is 12%
291 c-ares

c-ares is a C library for asynchronous DNS requests (including name resolves)

https://c-ares.haxx.se MIT Daniel Stenberg 2016-08-20 15:28:37 100% Badge level for project 291 is 100%
222 Rensselaer's Optimistic Simulation System http://carothersc.github.io/ROSS BSD-3-Clause Elsa Gonsiorowski 15% Badge level for project 222 is 15%
564 Network recon framework. https://ivre.rocks GPL-3.0+ Pierre Lalet 77% Badge level for project 564 is 77%
787 React, gulp and webpack simple and working. https://github.com/cesargdm/react-boilerplate César Guadarrama Cantú 9% Badge level for project 787 is 9%
1342 Asciidoctor Builder

Asciidoctor Builder docker images based on Alpine

https://github.com/Cethy/alpine-asciidoctor-builder Cethy 9% Badge level for project 1342 is 9%
461 A simple, clean and cross-platform music player http://museeks.io Charles Follet 11% Badge level for project 461 is 11%
202 TestDisk & PhotoRec

TestDisk is a tool to check and undelete partitions. PhotoRec is a signature based file recovery utility.

http://www.cgsecurity.org GPL-2.0+ Christophe GRENIER 77% Badge level for project 202 is 77%
199 Extended verification for git tags https://github.com/cgwalters/git-evtag LGPL-2.1 Colin Walters 15% Badge level for project 199 is 15%
1202 readme-edits https://github.com/chainoy/hello-world chainoy 20% Badge level for project 1202 is 20%

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