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Id Name Description Website License Owner Last achieved at % Achieved Badge
107 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/wondenge/docker William Ondenge 14% Badge level for project 107 is 14%
159 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/xaionaro/gograndstream OTHER Okunev Yu Dmitry 14% Badge level for project 159 is 14%
165 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/machaiol/minotcheckpoint machaiol 11% Badge level for project 165 is 11%
172 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/abaghel/pmta GPL-2.0 Aditya 15% Badge level for project 172 is 15%
206 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/agrare/ipc GPL-3.0 Adam Grare 15% Badge level for project 206 is 15%
319 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/fundor333/RUSLECalculator GPL-2.0 Matteo 14% Badge level for project 319 is 14%
329 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/intercity/intercity-next MIT Jeroen van Baarsen 18% Badge level for project 329 is 18%
332 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/avakar/cpp-libawait Martin Vejnár 12% Badge level for project 332 is 12%
350 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/stujo/javascript-mvc-octocat Stujo 11% Badge level for project 350 is 11%
416 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/vikpande/mobile-data Vikas Pandey 9% Badge level for project 416 is 9%
418 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/Connexions/cnx-easybake AGPL-3.0 Ross Reedstrom 15% Badge level for project 418 is 15%
422 (Name Unknown) https://github.com/msdjl/ifree msdjl 11% Badge level for project 422 is 11%
1263 - https://github.com/hanawa-suzuki/- Hanawa.suzuki 9% Badge level for project 1263 is 9%
1170 101SContent

101SContent is a Repository Log Project 101Scratch, a gathering place for log content used 101SProject

http://www.101scratch.net/ MIT Ahmad NurHadi Rama 17% Badge level for project 1170 is 17%
819 3D-Bitcoin


https://github.com/biesmard/3D-Bitcoin GPL-2.0 biesmard 14% Badge level for project 819 is 14%
655 A better way to use HTML.

A simple HTML framework.

https://custommarkup.ml MIT Talon Bragg 23% Badge level for project 655 is 23%
1036 abilian-sbe

Abilian Social Business Engine - an enterprise social networking / collaboration platform.

http://www.abilian.com/ LGPL-2.1 Stefane Fermigier 59% Badge level for project 1036 is 59%
463 Acl

A lightweight and flexible access control list for privileges and permission management

https://github.com/Samshal/Acl MIT Samuel Adeshina 15% Badge level for project 463 is 15%
966 acme

Your Linux-based data center in a box

https://github.com/infrascloudy/acme MIT Allan 26% Badge level for project 966 is 26%
945 A collection of class cipher cracking methods https://github.com/kp96/CryptographySuite Krishna Kalubandi 9% Badge level for project 945 is 9%
169 A collection of handy AppleScripts. https://github.com/dankeller/AppleScript MIT Dan Keller 15% Badge level for project 169 is 15%
510 A complete replacement for i3status -- written in Go https://github.com/rumpelsepp/i3gostatus MIT Stefan Tatschner 14% Badge level for project 510 is 14%
481 ACP3 CMS

ACP3 is a highly customizable and easy to use web content management system based on PHP5 and MySQL.

https://www.acp3-cms.net GPL-2.0+ Tino Goratsch 97% Badge level for project 481 is 97%
873 activitywatch

Log what you do on your computer. Simple yet powerful, extensible, no third parties.

http://activitywatch.github.io/ MPL-2.0 Erik Bjäreholt 41% Badge level for project 873 is 41%
471 Actually usable implementation of NEAT https://github.com/SirRade/Hippocrates OTHER Jan Nils Ferner 15% Badge level for project 471 is 15%
1156 Adaptive Optics Control Computation Engine (AOCCE)

Adaptive Optics Wavefront control tools for high contrast imaging Uses shared memory for fast low-latency communication to hardware Includes a simulator of...

https://github.com/oguyon/AdaptiveOpticsControl GPL-3.0 Olivier Guyon 76% Badge level for project 1156 is 76%
1119 addon-lxdone

This add-on gives OpenNebula the possibility to manage LXD containers.

https://opennebula.org/lxdone-lightweight-virtualization-for-opennebula/ Apache-2.0 Daniel Clavijo Coca 14% Badge level for project 1119 is 14%
844 A decentralized video hosting platform. https://github.com/pwed/DistTube MIT Freddie 21% Badge level for project 844 is 21%
474 advanced-ssh-config

:computer: assh: ssh wrapper using ProxyCommand that adds regex, aliases, gateways, includes, dynamic hostnames to SSH and ssh-config

https://github.com/moul/advanced-ssh-config MIT Manfred Touron 17% Badge level for project 474 is 17%
335 A experimental memory pool based on C++11 https://github.com/abc612008/MemoryPool MIT Null 15% Badge level for project 335 is 15%

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