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2725 Network Service Mesh

An attempt to re-imagine NFV in a cloud-native way

https://www.networkservicemesh.io Apache-2.0 Nikolay Nikolaev 82% Badge level for project 2725 is 82%
2726 Orekit

Orekit is a low level library written in Java, providing an accurate and efficient core layer for space flight dynamics applications.

https://www.orekit.org Apache-2.0 Sébastien Dinot 2019-05-13 11:05:04 189% Badge level for project 2726 is 189%
2727 go-proton

Entitas Code-Generator written in Go

https://github.com/SirMetathyst/go-proton MIT Alexander Hunt 18% Badge level for project 2727 is 18%
2728 hilight

Hilight will highlight CLI based applications based on regular expressions.

https://github.com/erniebrodeur/hilight Ernie Brodeur 13% Badge level for project 2728 is 13%
2729 simplemonitor

A Python-based network and host monitor

https://jamesoff.github.io/simplemonitor BSD-3-Clause nvnwater 15% Badge level for project 2729 is 15%
2730 teach.php https://teach.rikmeijer.nl Rik Meijer 10% Badge level for project 2730 is 10%
2731 revoke

Automates the download and hosting of CRL data from a remote Certificate Authority.

https://altcipher.github.io GPL-3.0 Tony Cavella 2020-09-08 22:55:58 111% Badge level for project 2731 is 111%
2732 Adélie Linux

Adélie Linux is a Free, Libre operating environment based on the Linux kernel. We aim for standards compliance, compatibility with a wide variety of...

https://www.adelielinux.org NCSA AND (MIT AND GPL-2.0-only) A. Wilcox 93% Badge level for project 2732 is 93%
2733 BSIA

Basic software initialization in ansible

https://github.com/Duchongming/BSIA MIT ChongmingDU 18% Badge level for project 2733 is 18%
2734 ROSS

Rensselaer's Optimistic Simulation System

http://ross-org.github.io BSD-3-Clause Elsa Gonsiorowski 18% Badge level for project 2734 is 18%
2735 pki-lint

Bash wrapper for X.509 certificate linting and PKI validation.

https://github.com/rwbaumg/pki-lint MIT Robert W. Baumgartner 2019-05-14 20:34:09 104% Badge level for project 2735 is 104%
2736 app

Central application of locha mesh network

https://gitlab.com/btcven/locha/app MIT Jesus Zuleta 84% Badge level for project 2736 is 84%
2737 zlibutil.git ehcostream 3% Badge level for project 2737 is 3%
2738 istgt

CAS Data Engine - iSCSI Target for OpenEBS cStor

https://docs.openebs.io Apache-2.0 Kiran Mova 16% Badge level for project 2738 is 16%
2739 cstor

CAS Data Engine - User Space implementation of a popular COW Data Engine - ZFS

https://docs.openebs.io OTHER Kiran Mova 12% Badge level for project 2739 is 12%
2740 mcdnt2-cleancode

Clean Code

https://github.com/astonecole/mcdnt2-cleancode MIT nanoninja 19% Badge level for project 2740 is 19%
2741 bulma

Basic authentication implementation for Go

https://github.com/nanoninja/bulma BSD-3-Clause nanoninja 15% Badge level for project 2741 is 15%
2742 Medi-Core https://github.com/Wathsara/Medi-Core GPL-3.0 Shehan Dhaleesha 15% Badge level for project 2742 is 15%
2743 FlowAPI https://github.com/shehand/FlowAPI Shehan Dhaleesha 10% Badge level for project 2743 is 10%
2744 wikitrends


https://github.com/Lahw/wikitrends Yann Carbonne 10% Badge level for project 2744 is 10%
2745 ejdb

EJDB 2.0 — Embeddable JSON Database engine

https://github.com/Softmotions/ejdb MIT Adamansky Anton 19% Badge level for project 2745 is 19%
2746 rakkess

Review Access - kubectl plugin to show an access matrix for all available resources

https://github.com/corneliusweig/rakkess Apache-2.0 Cornelius Weig 78% Badge level for project 2746 is 78%
2747 deckofcards

A library to handle all the logic of a playing card deck.

https://github.com/heindrichpaul/deckofcards MIT Heindrich Paul 15% Badge level for project 2747 is 15%
2749 stackerr

An golang error implementation with StatusCode and Function trace

https://godoc.org/github.com/efimovalex/stackerr MIT Efimov Ioan-Alexandru 15% Badge level for project 2749 is 15%
2750 react-kentico-blog

A React library that makes it easy to create a blog using Kentico Cloud

https://github.com/softwarehutpl/react-kentico-blog MIT Maciej Sopyło 2019-04-25 14:46:02 175% Badge level for project 2750 is 175%
2751 DiscordBot https://github.com/ElektroPrinz/DiscordBot OTHER ElektroPrinz 13% Badge level for project 2751 is 13%
2752 tomato

A library to calculate parametric maps in MRI. It contains ShMOLLI implementation as in https://jcmr-online.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1532-429X-12-69

https://github.com/MRKonrad/tomato MIT Konrad Werys 27% Badge level for project 2752 is 27%
2753 BacDiveR

R client for the DSMZ's Bacterial Diversity Metadatabase

https://tibhannover.github.io/BacDiveR MIT Katrin Leinweber 91% Badge level for project 2753 is 91%
2754 docascode mtusseau 3% Badge level for project 2754 is 3%
2755 vrlfp https://vrlfp.net Kyle Farwell 3% Badge level for project 2755 is 3%

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