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3914 may

CLI tool to easily list and manage git repositories all across your system.

https://github.com/robin-mbg/may GPL-3.0 Robin M 45% Badge level for project 3914 is 45%
3915 disjoint-set

header-only, generic and dependency-free C++17 implementation of Disjoint Sets

https://github.com/jkomyno/disjoint-set MIT Alberto Schiabel 14% Badge level for project 3915 is 14%
3916 MetaStalk https://gitlab.com/Cyb3r-Jak3/MetaStalk MPL-2.0 Cyb3r Jak3 86% Badge level for project 3916 is 86%
3917 comichub https://github.com/sagrath23/comichub MIT Steven Augusto Villegas 14% Badge level for project 3917 is 14%
3918 doppel-cli

Test framework for comparing the consistency of library APIs

https://doppel-cli.readthedocs.io/en/latest BSD-3-Clause James Lamb 94% Badge level for project 3918 is 94%
3919 BA https://github.com/yadavdeepak95/hbbft_go/tree/develop/honeybadgerbft/BA Deepak Yadav 2% Badge level for project 3919 is 2%
3920 cli

A CLI for interacting with the Fastly platform

https://github.com/fastly/cli Apache-2.0 Patrick Hamann 18% Badge level for project 3920 is 18%
3921 symmetrical-happiness https://github.com/danghh-1998/symmetrical-happiness Hoàng Hải Đăng 9% Badge level for project 3921 is 9%
3922 spamassassin-parser

Spamassassin-parser is a service that parses spam filter reports into json.

https://github.com/oleg-balunenko/spamassassin-parser MIT Oleg Balunenko 50% Badge level for project 3922 is 50%
3924 ommpfritt

semantic, procedural, non-destructive vector modelling

https://github.com/pasbi/ommpfritt GPL-3.0 pasbi 94% Badge level for project 3924 is 94%
3925 Garden Linux

Garden Linux is a Debian Linux derivative specifically designed for Gardener managed Kubernetes clusters.

https://gardenlinux.io MIT Frederik Thormaehlen 76% Badge level for project 3925 is 76%
3926 Karydia

Karydia is a security add-on for Kubernetes, which helps you follow good security practices by inverting insecure default settings in Kubernetes. Kubernetes...

https://github.com/karydia Christian 6% Badge level for project 3926 is 6%
3928 api-mock

A software to mock third-party responses (Mostly used for automated testing).

https://github.com/surplex/api-mock Apache-2.0 Daniel Schischkin 38% Badge level for project 3928 is 38%

Más que nada es contribución acerca de los usuarios y sus repositorios más que nada el cómo conectar con ellos

https://curl.haxx.se/dev/contribute.html AGPL-3.0-only Victor Hugo Sánchez Gracida 18% Badge level for project 3929 is 18%
3930 https-accounts.mobisystems.com-es-redirect-https-3A-2F-2Faccounts.mobisystems.com-2Fen-2F-return


https://github.com/tecnoorganico/https-accounts.mobisystems.com-es-redirect-https-3A-2F-2Faccounts.mobisystems.com-2Fen-2F-return Victor Hugo Sánchez Gracida 9% Badge level for project 3930 is 9%
3931 emptypage

an empty page

https://github.com/hairmare/emptypage AGPL-3.0 Lucas Bickel 33% Badge level for project 3931 is 33%
3932 go-client-mongodb-ops-manager

An HTTP client for Ops Manager and Cloud Manager Public API endpoints.

https://godoc.org/github.com/mongodb/go-client-mongodb-ops-manager/opsmngr Apache-2.0 Gustavo Bazan 17% Badge level for project 3932 is 17%
3933 sonic-mgmt

Test repo for SONiC project

https://github.com/Azure/sonic-mgmt Apache-2.0 Xin Liu 2020-05-01 23:55:10 138% Badge level for project 3933 is 138%
3934 SORT

Simple Open-source Ray Tracer

http://sort-renderer.com GPL-3.0 Jiayin Cao 15% Badge level for project 3934 is 15%
3935 tt

A init/rc manager inspired by 66 and based on s6 suite

GPL-3.0 Danilo Spinella 83% Badge level for project 3935 is 83%
3936 go-bin-generic

A template repository for building go binaries

https://github.com/Benbentwo/go-bin-generic Benjamin Smith 12% Badge level for project 3936 is 12%
3937 stk

The STK is a (not so) Small Toolbox for Kriging. Its primary focus is on the interpolation/regression technique known as kriging, which is very closely...

https://github.com/stk-kriging/stk GPL-3.0 jbect 33% Badge level for project 3937 is 33%
3941 spinnaker

Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence.

https://github.com/spinnaker/spinnaker Apache-2.0 Michael Galloway 35% Badge level for project 3941 is 35%
3943 psi-cardinality

Private Set Intersection Cardinality protocol based on ECDH and Bloom Filters

https://github.com/bcebere/psi-cardinality Apache-2.0 Bogdan Cebere 14% Badge level for project 3943 is 14%
3944 psi-cardinality https://github.com/bcebere/psi-cardinality Bogdan Cebere 2% Badge level for project 3944 is 2%
3945 SPDX Online Tools

Source for the website providing online SPDX tools

https://spdxtools.sourceauditor.com Apache-2.0 Gary O'Neall 83% Badge level for project 3945 is 83%
3946 pyDistrib

PyDistrib is a python library to speed up computations by leveraging distributed computing

https://github.com/rayanht/pyDistrib GPL-3.0 Rayan Hatout 15% Badge level for project 3946 is 15%
3947 b0mb3r

Открытый и бесплатный СМС бомбер 💣

https://t.me/b0mb3rch MPL-2.0 Nikita 14% Badge level for project 3947 is 14%
3948 go-credentials

This project was built out of a need for a library to manage credentials files (similar to AWS credentials), their attributes, sessions, and environment...

https://go-credentials.engi.fyi MIT Adam Hammond 2020-05-15 02:32:49 113% Badge level for project 3948 is 113%
3949 emacs.d

My personal emacs config

https://github.com/41tair/emacs.d LGPL-3.0 Byron.wang 14% Badge level for project 3949 is 14%

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