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6130 jigsaw https://github.com/lalmei/jigsaw Apache-2.0 Leandro G. Almeida 21% Badge level for project 6130 is 21%
6131 tcping

Ping TCP ports. Inspired by Linux's ping utility. Written in Go

https://github.com/pouriyajamshidi/tcping MIT Pouriya Jamshidi 27% Badge level for project 6131 is 27%
6132 PhotoPrism

AI-Powered Photos App for the Decentralized Web 🌈💎✨

https://photoprism.app AGPL-3.0-only Michael Mayer 2022-06-16 01:04:55 140% Badge level for project 6132 is 140%
6133 android_kernel_samsung_exynos9611 https://github.com/Harper9/android_kernel_samsung_exynos9611 OTHER Harper9 18% Badge level for project 6133 is 18%
6134 player-homework http://player-homework.vercel.app Apache-2.0 Jung Dániel 18% Badge level for project 6134 is 18%
6135 minentropy-tools

A set of tools, based on NIST SP800-90B, to measure min-entropy of a data source

https://nvlpubs.nist.gov/nistpubs/SpecialPublications/NIST.SP.800-90B.pdf raghavkaul 12% Badge level for project 6135 is 12%
6136 curve

Curve is a better-used cloud-native SDS storage system, featured with high performance, easy operation, cloud native. Curve is composed with CurveBS and...

https://www.opencurve.io Apache-2.0 curve 2022-06-17 09:43:45 115% Badge level for project 6136 is 115%
6137 aeraki

Manage any layer-7 protocols in a Service Mesh.

https://www.aeraki.net Apache-2.0 zhaohuabing 51% Badge level for project 6137 is 51%
6138 Graviton Editor

🚀 A modern-looking Code Editor

https://graviton.netlify.app MIT Marc Espín 21% Badge level for project 6138 is 21%
6139 argocd-lovely-plugin

A plugin to make Argo CD behave like we'd like.

https://github.com/crumbhole/argocd-lovely-plugin BSD-3-Clause Alan Clucas 18% Badge level for project 6139 is 18%
6140 prozor

Determine minimal Protein set given list of peptide protein mappings and various weighting functions

https://github.com/protViz/prozor Witold Wolski 12% Badge level for project 6140 is 12%
6141 sigora

Pathway Analysis is statistically linking observations on the molecular level to biological processes or pathways on the systems(i.e., organism, organ,...

https://github.com/wolski/sigora GPL-3.0 Witold Wolski 16% Badge level for project 6141 is 16%
6175 xoney

The powerful python trading framework

https://github.com/quick-trade/xoney Apache-2.0 VladKochetov007 15% Badge level for project 6175 is 15%
6176 discord_feedbot

A Discord bot that reads RSS/Atom feeds and repeats them into a channel. Most feeds available for your server by Following channels here:...

https://gitlab.com/discord_feedbot/discord_feedbot MIT Eric (freiheit) 87% Badge level for project 6176 is 87%
6177 cprox

CProX is an easy to configure static serve, redirect, reverse proxy and load balancing web server.

https://github.com/majo418/cprox MIT Majo418 28% Badge level for project 6177 is 28%
6178 Astro

Build fast websites, faster. 🚀🧑‍🚀✨

https://astro.build MIT Randall 2022-08-08 17:11:47 105% Badge level for project 6178 is 105%
6179 TinyVFS

The virtual file system embeds (js, css, html, cshtml) and other files into the dll, so that it can be used like a physical file during operation.

https://github.com/hueifeng/TinyVFS Apache-2.0 Huei Feng 15% Badge level for project 6179 is 15%
6180 sbom-operator

Catalogue all images of a Kubernetes cluster to multiple targets with Syft

https://github.com/ckotzbauer/sbom-operator MIT Christian Kotzbauer 19% Badge level for project 6180 is 19%
6181 docs

The open-source repo for docs.github.com

https://docs.github.com CC-BY-4.0 Cmiheine 13% Badge level for project 6181 is 13%
6183 envd

🏕️ Development environment for machine learning

Apache-2.0 Ce Gao 19% Badge level for project 6183 is 19%
6185 The ForML Framework

Lifecycle management framework for Data science projects

https://docs.forml.io Apache-2.0 The ForML Project 54% Badge level for project 6185 is 54%
6187 Open Enclave SDK

SDK for developing enclaves

https://openenclave.io MIT Dave Thaler 49% Badge level for project 6187 is 49%
6188 Chat_app_Flutter

A Chat App built in flutter

https://github.com/abinvs-2019/Chat_app_Flutter Abin v s 13% Badge level for project 6188 is 13%
6189 payroll https://github.com/jpbeltran187/payroll John Paul C. Beltran 13% Badge level for project 6189 is 13%
6190 BeyondML

BeyondML is a Python package which contains logic and utilities for creating sparse, multitask neural networks capable of running in resource-constrained...

https://github.com/Beyond-ML-Labs/BeyondML Apache-2.0 Jacob Renn 2022-07-07 23:06:18 109% Badge level for project 6190 is 109%
6191 elephant

Elephant is the Electrophysiology Analysis Toolkit

https://neuralensemble.org/elephant BSD-3-Clause Elephant 2022-06-22 09:44:09 109% Badge level for project 6191 is 109%
6192 multiarch-ibm-dbb-webserver https://github.com/zOS-Application-RI/multiarch-ibm-dbb-webserver Ashish K Sahoo 3% Badge level for project 6192 is 3%
6193 elevation-of-privilege

An online multiplayer version of the Elevation of Privilege (EoP) threat modeling card game

https://github.com/TNG/elevation-of-privilege MIT Johann Felix Soden 15% Badge level for project 6193 is 15%
6194 projecteuler-go

Project Euler algorithms exercises solved in Go

https://github.com/sir-gon/projecteuler-go MIT Gonzalo Diaz 93% Badge level for project 6194 is 93%
6195 EFI Boot Guard

A bootloader based on UEFI.

Provides the following functionality: Arm a hardware watchdog prior to loading an OS. Provide a simple update mechanism with...

https://github.com/siemens/efibootguard GPL-2.0-only Jan Kiszka 2022-06-26 15:16:28 120% Badge level for project 6195 is 120%

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